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There are some things I'm VERY passionate about: relationship-building, high character values, financial wisdom, photography and of course, real estate! You can expect advice and opinions of a conservative perspective on this blog. This is MY VOICE on Active Rain. Real Estate advice (and more) for real people. If you want no fluff, you are at the real place.
1st QUARTER REFLECTIONS of 2016: Since mid-year in 2015, I've been looking forward towards 2016. Why?Because it's the year I turn 40 and for the first time in almost 40 years, I was actually the most excited. For some reason, I felt that turning 40 is a huge mile marker- a right of passage (so to...
I dont journal much. Only when I have time. But this one - I must. So that, days, months and years from now - when I get discouraged and burnt out from this job (at points in my career), I have this to remind me of Why I do What I do.Two nights (Friday) ago, we invited some new friends over to ha...
I had a lightbulb moment today on my morning run - 2 days into the official work day of #2016! Even though I've always known about goals nd what they need to be made of (specific, measureable, attainable and end-date) and I know about dreams, it was my lightbulb moment personally felt by me! I've...
I've been on Active Rain since its infancy. 2006. Certainly did not know what was blogging, much less SEO and everything. That was also the year I decided to become a full-time realtor. Was doing it part-time for 4.5 years prior to that.I got to know many awesome people during that time.Some of t...
We have 1 more month. The final stretch before #2015 is game over. How did your year go? Did it go as planned, better than planned or not quite as planned?I do hope that you will continue to work on your Seed Planning (most people call it Business Planning). Tweak it. Look back in your #2015. See...
Real estate agent isn't quite always on the list of "When I Grow Up, I want to be a ... ". Typically, it's one a big game careers: Attorney, Doctors, Surgeon, Astronauts. Or one of more noble careers: A policeman, a firefighter, etc.There's this little girl I got to know since she moved to the ar...
Every October, I begin planning for the upcoming year. It's a time to reflect on the year and to look forward for what's to come. I call this activity  Seed Planning rather than Business Planning. I've always considered myself/ my business as casting seeds. 1 Corinthians 3:6: "I planted, Appollos...
It's been a very busy summer along with us buying a "new" house. I havent really officially worked (cultivating new leads for 2+ months now) but I'm finally trying to look up and over the horizon for what's to come in the 4th Quarter.Well, tomorrow is the 4th Quarter and as someone who loves to e...
Listed by3:16 team REALTYYour locally-owned Frisco Texas Real Estate CompanyO F F E R R E D     A T     $ 3 5 9, 9 0 05 bedrooms with 4 full bathrooms and 3 Car rear-entry GARAGEBuilt in 2000Approximately 3,585 square feet (per Appraisal)Formal dining (currently as piano room)Formal livingOpen fl...
One statement that changed a trajectory of my life (after I accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and savior) was, "You were created for a purpose".What? What do you mean by that? You mean my life has a purpose and my goal is to find what it is, and act on it?Up to that point, at 28-year olds, no one ...

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