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There are some things I'm VERY passionate about: relationship-building, high character values, financial wisdom, photography and of course, real estate! You can expect advice and opinions of a conservative perspective on this blog. This is MY VOICE on Active Rain. Real Estate advice (and more) for real people. If you want no fluff, you are at the real place.



August 1 is rolling around. This is a pretty significant date for me because this is when I had officially open shop for business. Yes, 3:16 team REALTY is 1 year old. I didn't even realize how fast time flies. As I am reviewing my business plan from 2007-08, I thought I share some of my thoughts...
I was one of the people who wrote about my concerns to the New Localism community/ city sponsorship back when I first read about it. But as the dust settles, and so did my thoughts, here's my 2 cents (if you care about it)... I am still considering purchasing my "community". I am not sure if I'd ...
As some of you know, I didn't stay away from Active Rain too long. Yup, 1 week is all I could stand being away. As I try to tie up a few more contracts and closings this month (July), I'm starting to look as if my calendar is beginning to look less full. It very well could be time for me to get r...
Okay, I'm back. One week is all I can stand being away here on Active Rain. I did get all the stuff I wanted to do. So, this past week of being away was really fruitful. I didn't realize that I had not filed away my paperwork since February/ March.... Ouch!!! But I did finally get them all done. ...
I do not believe that I am saying this, but yes, for all of us, Rain Addicts, we need to take sabbatical breaks every once a while. Blogs have been so much my thoughts, and I write about my experiences (on and off my mission field: real estate), my thoughts and my emotions. I'm not having writer'...
This is just my rant to let steam off: Agents: Remember that when you represent your clients, you are suppose to read everything that it says clearly and carefully. Do not NEGOTIATE HALF-HEARTEDLY. It is a pet peeves of mine. Urrgggghhhh!!!!   When we negotiate, we do not only discuss the price. ...
Most real estate professionals will tell you to Ask For Referrals when you meet clients. Apparently, there is a time of when to do it best - for more effective results. I, on the other hand, think that asking for referrals is unnecessarily. Okay - the truth is that it's very UN-classy to me. (If ...
First of all, I must say "Thank You" to the Active Rain contributors who has been so brilliant about launching Active Rain, Localism and the new Localism. It's work of a super genius! I do plan to use my new Localism blog as my main real estate blog and perhaps drop the Blogspot and Wordpress. Th...
The growth of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex suburban cities real estate markets are exploding with new home construction. From Frisco, Prosper, Celina to Southlak, to Euless, Bedford, Mid-cities areas, the new home construction has been growing. It is true that building permits are not requeste...
A rewarding career is one that gives you alot of fulfillment while working at it. Passion for the career is definitely a must-have. A rewarding career must also challenge you to grow. Real estate has provided all these for me in the past few years. In the little downtime that I have, I do reflect...

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