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There are some things I'm VERY passionate about: relationship-building, high character values, financial wisdom, photography and of course, real estate! You can expect advice and opinions of a conservative perspective on this blog. This is MY VOICE on Active Rain. Real Estate advice (and more) for real people. If you want no fluff, you are at the real place.



2008 has been another great year for me personally. While describing some of my personal achievements, I'd like to share with you some lessons I have learnt along the way and if you wish, you could apply them in your life too. In my business, 2008 is my best year yet, in terms of profits and numb...
When I realized that I made the Lemonade Award on Paula Swayne's list, I was ecstatic. I feel so special because this is indeed a very special award. The word is that there is a Lemonade Award going around. Serious consideration must be given to talents, wisdom and knowledge (I'm still trying) o...
This is a story of a successful real estate agent in Dallas TX which was recently published in the January 2009 issue of the D Magazine. To read the article in its entirety, read The Rise and Fall of Eleanor Mowery Sheets. Here is my summarized version of her on-going story, about her empire and...
First of all, I'm not sure what else I could name this post. So, if I was too blunt, please forgive me. I think, I talk and I type right out of my head. So many times when I write ranting blogs, it was just meant for that. I did that again recently when I felt absolutely overwhelmed and buried w...
Paul Henderson's blog about Only in America inspired this weekend spark of mine. I figured that this is between Christmas and New Year's Day, that I share some of my views on some issues that are dear to my heart. This is one of them: the values of hard-work. (Note: As I write this, I have exper...
This is the last Sunday of 2008 thus, this post marks my last God First message for 2008 also. I have been enjoying sharing these God First posts with you. My hope is that some of them had spoken to your heart. If you have not been following my God First posts, may I encourage you to Subscribe t...
I really wasn't planning on posting a blog on Christmas Day. I really thought I will sincerely take a 3-day Active Rain break. Since this addiction got the better of me, you are reading my blog today. But I have a really good reason. Read on. You see, I just need to show off my Christmas present ...
Wishing you & yours A Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year. I'll be heading to the malls to observe the last-minute shoppers after little Boomer gets up from his morning nap. I just love the looks of frantic shoppers and people hurriedly making their last-minute purchases. It ...
Dallas Fox 4 News reported that Dallas is seeing appreciating real estate housing prices at 2.43% this past October when compared to last October. Great news for Dallas residents and those who are considering relocation to the metropolitan. I am often asked "How the real estate market is doing? T...
2008 will come to an end very soon. If you want to take advantage of some tax benefits for current homeowners, you still have a few more days: 1. Property taxes - If you qualify and can itemize your deductions on Schedule A of your 2008 Income taxes, by paying your property taxes on or before Dec...

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