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Eucalyptus leaves have several useful functions for your home and I always keep some handy. I personally like having it around for the nice clean smell but there are several other uses for it. Eucalyptus is great for aromatherapy which can be a great little touch for those selling there homes. Al...
If your looking for a great place to eat and shop then Pros Ranch Market is a great place for you. Pros Ranch market features a variety of different departments including a hot foods, produce, bakery, meat market, groceries, and a tortilleria. The "Cocina" or "Kitchen" serves delicious ready to e...
I helped a client purchase his first home and delivered keys last week. He was always a little difficult when it came to requests and the way he would speak to me but more so when it came to getting the mortgage broker all the appropriate documents needed to get him to the closing table. We final...
Is that the message we are receiving from our leaders. When we run into financial problems, when companies and consumers are irresponsible, hey, no worries, we'll just print MORE money!!! I really don't like the idea of inflation and I definitely don't believe by producing more money we'll solve ...
Who's been fired from a job? Luckily I haven't... but I ran across this website of plenty of people who did. It's probably just another portal to more time wasted but don't blame me for any addictions. Some scandalous stories sure to keep you interested. Check it and let me know what ya'll think!...
AR, I took so much pride in designing my little blog image Header. It's not all that but hey, I obviously took time to do it. You know what I mean, the image with my company logo on top of this blog with the words "Hola & Bienvenidos".  I even made an nice little spot to showcase your ActiveRain ...
There is a lot that I'm sure I'm missing, and by all means, please let me know. But with all the scares, the news, the hype and fear, where did the responsibility of the homeowners go? I'm sure there are exceptions but ultimately didn't the homeowner agree to buy there home at the terms given by ...
I saw this interesting cover for Esquire Magazine which uses e-ink. Basically it jazzes up the way paper advertisement is by adding some electronics to it. Obviously this is just the beginning of something bigger to come but it is really interesting to see how one piece of technology will trickle...
I was up watching Animal Planet last night and saw an old episode of Animal Cops. They were in a metropolitan area of Detroit and had a few complaints about some bad smells and wild cats around a home. When the Animal Cop went to investigate, they looked around the house and peeked through the wi...
I know it' been a slow market lately and it is such a relief to have someone make an offer let alone show your listings but GEEEEEZ, sometimes I just can't handle some other Realtors. Ok, I'm not trying to be mean because it's sometimes actually funny. I've just noticed an increase in other agent...

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