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I have a lot of California clients who have chosen to take a new job or retire in the Portland area.  If you are considering buying a home in Lake Oswego then read this informative post by Portlands best exclusive buyers agent.  Looks like Lake Oswego has hit bottom and will be on its way back up...
Wow Drew!  You hit this one right out of the ball park.  Excellent post with important info!  Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.Short Sale Legal Issues Affecting Real Estate Agents Part #2 The previous post in this series was on 04/23/10, click here to read it. MORTGAGE, EXPERT,...
  I hate to have to tell you this, was the first phone call I received on December 14th.  "Since we switched our designation from a broker to a lender we have been unable to secure bonding in North Carolina.  After three weeks of trying unsuccessfully I wanted to let you know as soon as possible....
Excellent information from an excellent source! Great job Melissa!Attention Short Sale Sellers in North San Diego County and Beyond! Have you heard about the government's new short sale program where you may be able to sell your home in a short sale and walk away with a little bit of cash for you...
Drew has written an insightful and informative blog post for both consumers and real estate professionals alike.Homeowners doing a Short Sale or Deed-In-Lieu instead of Walking-Away (Foreclosure) got some great news from FNMA recently as the agency announced shorter waiting periods to qualify for...
    Who am I?   Clues  I was born in Brazil, Indiana 1913   Over one million people loved me   I ran one of the nations most powerful organizations    
The sincerity of this blog inspired me.  It brought me back to my youth and reminded me of some of the issues I had as a child and how money played a part.  This is a great post!My LIFE! By DESIGN - or as I like to think of it as God's design.   Some of my earliest childhood memories... I enjoyed...
If the current opportunities and incentives aren't enough to get you serious about real estate then face reality, you'll always be a renter.  Well, maybe not always but you would've squandered an historical opportunity to make a nice profit from buying a home.  California residents who are in con...
Yes it is true! HUD wants to make it clear that they appreciate the sacrifices and commitment to keeping communities strong throughout the USA. Law enforcement officers, teachers- pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, firefighters & emergency medical technicians can become homeowners through the G...
    Nothing wrong with watching a game and having a Bud in the comfort of your own home. So why not get your own home? North San Diego County real estate is a hot market these days. See for yourself: Real Estate Market Reports: Compliments of Jeff Dowler   Carlsbad    Cardiff-by-the-sea    Del Ma...

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