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Another Active Rain success story! Craig referred me to this buyer almost three years ago. Unfortunately for reasons beyond her control she was not able to qualify. She tried again last year. This time there was a minor issue that needed to be addressed. She contacted me again this year and she w...
I just closed on my home in June and secured a 3.375% rate on a 30 year fixed loan with no points.  Since then rates have improved.  Really?  Mortgage rates are getting ridiculous.  Some speculate they can go as low as the mid 2% range.  Not sure how investors would make any money with rates that...
Refinance rates for California home owners has never been this low in American history!  We can try to structure your refinance either with the lowest rate available on our rate sheets or offer you a rate with reduced or no closing costs.  Contact us today and we will provide you a bona fide rate...
San Diego mortgage refinance.  We specialize in financing 1-4 unit residential properties.  Let us help you with your home refinance or home purchase loan. A mortgage checkup allows us to review any changes that would warrant a refinance and also allows us to let you know when you are in the righ...
Mortgage rates for California.  Check with us if you want a comprehensive analysis and rate quote done.  A lot of things will influence the final rate that will be offered.  These rates are not our best rates but rather an average of what many can expect to get without paying a lot of discount po...
An opportunity like this is so rare that I am honored and flattered!  I have been selected to help a fellow US soldier and make a substantial profit in the process.  I'm rich!  I'm rich! Here is the email I received: Hi, I am Sgt.James Cole, a US soldier currently on military assignment here in A...
Attention San Diego loan officers: Looking for a stable company that pays aggressively and offers you the tools needed to grow your business?  Then check this out-   Loan officer jobs in San Diego - Mortgage Broker jobs in San Diego    

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