hawaii kai lifestyle: Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, HI - Open House in Prestigious Kalele Kai March 27 - 03/23/11 01:13 PM
Kalele Kai is one of the premier complexes in Hawaii Kai, and the homes are always at the top of the list of sales prices.  Kalele Kai AmenitiesThis is a gated luxury community on the marina in the center of Hawaii Kai, built in 1993.  There are 227 deluxe 2- and 3- bedroom apartments in three 6-story towers, and ten 3/2.5 townhouses on the marina, all fee simple. The units have luxury baths, designer kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances, and huge lanais providing grand indoor-outdoor living. Amenities include pool, spa, barbecue area and clubhouse, and many units have a boat dock.  Kalele Kai … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Notes from Hawaii Kai on the Tsunami caused by the recent earthquake in Japan - 03/12/11 01:05 PM
Many of us in the Islands have friends or relatives in the devasted areas of Japan, and our sincere good thoughts are with them and their families.  Here's a little insight into the effect on Hawaii.After tsunami warnings, and evacuations where necessary in low-lying areas throughout the islands, we were thankfully spared any major damage.  Waves tore boats from their moorings and wrecked piers, but the damage was far less than scientists feared.  Water swept over the beach in Waikiki and surged over the break wall, but stopped short of the hotels.  In Keehi Small Boat Harbor, about 200 boats were damaged … (1 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: the Greening of Oahu - 03/12/11 12:38 PM
I now offer a new report on the efforts Hawaii is making toward energy independence.  Request a free copy on my web site.  Along with this, I've rededicated myself to helping others keep our island paradise clean and green, so will be highlighting green issues as well.The February issue of Honolulu Magazine includes a special section on the New Hawaii Home, a very exciting project under construction in Kaimuki.  This is the combined effort of more than 70 professionals in all the building, supply, and design trades, to create a home which - if managed wisely and well - will run off the … (1 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Renting in Paradise - Oahu's Most & Least Expensive Neighborhoods - 01/21/11 12:14 PM
A recent blog post on Honolulu Magazine by Jenny Quill reported on Oahu's most expensive and affordable neighborhoods for renters.  If you are thinking of moving to Oahu and renting while you learn the different communities, this is a good resource.  Quill took numbers from the 2nd half of 2010, which vary by number of bedrooms (and, of course, location).  The further from town, the less expensive, generally (one exception would be our North Shore).
Here are her conclusions:"Two-Bedroom Apartments
Least-Expensive Areas:Waianae Coast                         $898Ewa                                         $900Waipahu                                  $950Wahiawa                                  $1,025Kalihi-Palama                           $1,095
Most-Expensive Areas:Diamond Head                        $3,150Kahala                                   $2,225Hawaii Kai-Portlock                  $2,150St. Louis Heights                     $2,000Downtown Honolulu                  $1,900
Three-Bedroom … (1 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Hawaii Kai Christmas Boat Parade - 01/08/11 08:51 AM

The 14th Annual Festival of Lights Boat Parade was held this past December 18, and included 26 vessels of all sizes richly decorated and entertaining.  The boats tour the marina a couple of times so judges have at least two opportunities to look at the themes on each.The Festival was really wonderful.  The winner, with Avatar as its theme, was magnificent with its blue dancing people and huge flying dragon over the top. "Avatar Christmas" was Best in Show, owned by Tom Hintnaus.All photos are borrowed from the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Assn.  Visit their site to see photos of the … (1 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: New Community Survey Data for Hawaii - 12/17/10 12:17 PM
The average Hawaii household income grew by nearly 30% from 2000 to 2009, according to new Census data released yesterday.  The increase was almost enough to keep up with inflation.  In 2009, median household income in Hawaii was $64,661 a year. According to 2000 U.S. Census Bureau data, it was $49,820 a decade ago.  The annual increase is about 2.64%. However, Honolulu's Consumer Price Index has been increasing at 2.87% a year.
The figures come from the Census Bureau's 2005-2009 American Community Survey estimates, released for the first time this week.  "The ACS (American Community Survey) represents the first time such … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Hawaii Kai Marina Christmas Boat Parade - a Community Holiday Celebration - 11/30/10 11:58 AM

December 18, Saturday, 5:30-8 PM, the annual "Festival of Lights" Christmas Boat Parade will be held for the 14th year, hosted by the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Assn.  There is plenty of free parking and entertainment.  Thousands of people from all around the island gather to watch brilliantly-decorated boats parade along the marina waterways.Boats of all sizes and types compete for prizes by outfitting their crafts with lights, often highlighting specific themes and exhibiting many hours of work.  The boats parade twice around the lower marina, passing the judges.  The holiday themes last year ranged from simple but dazzling Christmas trees adorned with … (3 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Aging in Hawaii, or Graying in Paradise - 11/20/10 04:24 AM
The StarAdvertiser.com has published an excellent series on the "Graying of the Hawaii."  If you have elder loved ones here or are thinking of retiring in the Islands, you will appreciate their in-depth reporting.  Links to each article are listed below, with highlights.1.  Graying of Hawaii: (Michael Tsai) For baby boomers, the spectrum of changes they have shaped and witnessed will be widely eclipsed by the ones still to come."The largest-ever generation of Americans begins an adventure of unimaginable proportion and consequence: old age. The change is perhaps the biggest yet for a generation used to major cultural, technological and political shifts.   The generation that … (1 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Today's Buyers Will Find What They Want in Hawaii Kai - 10/29/10 03:35 PM
RealtorMag reported this week on a study done by American Lives, a research firm in California, on the 5 Main Traits of Today's Home Buyers.  Based on the findings, I can't think of a better place for buyers to look for a home than Hawaii Kai.
Here are the findings:1.  They are Young.  Most are under 45 with household incomes of $75,000 or less.  2/3 are married.2.  They are Frugal.  They want to live a simple lifestyle.3.  They worry about their Financial Future.  About 70% said the economy is "not very good", and 55% were concerned they might lose their jobs.4.  They … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Foster Pet Parents Program in Honolulu Needs You - 10/22/10 10:08 AM
Recently I read an article about Foster Pet Parents, folks who take care of pets while the animals are waiting for permanent homes.  Naturally I checked our Hawaiian Humane Society to see if the program is available here, and the answer is a strong "yes!"
Shelters across the country have been overwhelmed with abandoned animals, during this economic recession.  About half of the 6-8 million animals that go into shelters every year are euthanized.  Older foster owners are ideal, because many shelters can't place pets in homes with small children.
Our Hawaiian Humane Society on the Foster Care page on their … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Aging in Place for Hawaii Kai Seniors is Now a Little Easier - 10/16/10 05:01 AM
A new certification offered by the National Assn of Home Builders (NAHB), the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, will help professional remodelers understand and offer improved services for seniors who need home modifications to "age in place."  CAPS remodelers have received education about aging-in-place home design and partnering with customers to create a more comfortable home.
Our Hawaii seniors are a revered and large segment of our total population.  Multi-family housing is quite common here, but many elders prefer to live independently if they can, which can mean remodeling the home to accommodate their physical needs.  According to AARP, most seniors prefer to stay … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Kalele Kai in Hawaii Kai - Waterfront Townhomes with a Prestigious Address - 09/24/10 02:52 PM

Kalele Kai is a gated luxury community on the marina in the center of Hawaii Kai, built in 1993. 
There are 227 deluxe 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in three 6-story towers and ten 3/2.5 townhouses on the waterfront. All units have luxury baths, designer kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances and huge lanais providing grand indoor-outdoor living.
13 sales in 2007 ranged from $590,000 for a 2-bedroom to $1,400,000 for the largest 3-bedroom home.  Prices dropped substantially in 2008.  9 sales closed, from $615,000 for a 2-bedroom to $855,000 for a 3-bedroom - the only 3 bedroom sold in 2008.  the highest … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Hawaii Kai Condo Buildings - Consider the Heritage House - 09/18/10 10:26 AM
I represented a buyer who closed last month on a unit in the Heritage House, one of the most economical and well-run condo buildings in Hawaii Kai.  While the sale prices of many of our properties run well over a million, you can find homes and condos now for prices well under that.
The Heritage House, like many of the apartment-style condos along Hawaii Kai Drive, was built in 1974.  Many of the units have been remodeled.  There are 1 and 2 bedroom units, and some of the 2-bedroom homes are 2 levels.  All have panoramic views of Hawaii Kai and … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: The Hawaii Kai Lifestyle - 08/27/10 03:25 PM
A recent article on RISMedia.com about selling Lifestyle to a real estate buyer brought home to me again "how lucky we live Hawaii," and specifically "how lucky we live Hawaii Kai."  The article said the Realtor professed to focus on the lifestyle needs of her clients, when her brokerage actually offered no proof that the buyer's lifestyle needs would be considered.  The author, Scott Petronis, makes the point that "Traces of lifestyle search offerings are slowly appearing on real estate websites, but have yet to put broker and consumer needs up front.  Meanwhile, most real estate sites and mobile apps don't even … (1 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Hiking in Hawaii Kai - 08/14/10 07:30 AM
There are several scenic trails in Hawaii Kai, but these two are some of the easiest.  One is a shaded walk through a tropical valley, and the other showcases a panoramic view of the Windward coast.Kuliouou Valley trail runs along Kuliouou stream, and is a 1.4 mile round trip walk.  The trail offers a valley "stroll" and is close and easy to do on an afternoon.  Turn mauka on Kuliouou Road and left on Kala'au Place, where there is a cul-de-sac for parking. (Photo courtesy of Mike Watson's Diary, who makes the note under the photo that this valley is one of the last refuges of … (3 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Bills Passed to Help Multifamily & Single Family FHA Financing - 08/06/10 10:12 AM
The Senate has passed H.R. 5872, a bill to increase the Federal Housing Administration's (FHA) multifamily commitment authority, and H.R. 5981, which would allow FHA to increase its annual premiums for its single family program.  Both bills passed the Senate last night and will now go to the President for his signature.
H.R. 5872, which passed the House last week, increases FHA's commitment authority for its multifamily insurance programs by $5 billion for the remainder of the fiscal year. Without this increase, FHA would have exhausted its current authority sometime in mid-August and would have been forced to stop issuing any commitments … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Hawaii Kai Lifestyle Supports Aging in Place - 07/23/10 11:48 AM
Hawaii has one of the largest senior populations of any state, and no wonder, with its good weather, possibilities for an active lifestyle, and acceptance of multi-generational/supportive housing choices.  Those of us in the real estate field have worked to let seniors "age in place" for years, but the concept is only now becoming mainstream in the rest of the country.  Hawaii Kai, because of the variety of housing offered there, and the proximity of services from the library to Costco, offers a beautiful and comfortable community to age in place.The idea basically means that seniors modify their homes to make them … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Hawaii Kai Green Homes - 07/17/10 11:24 AM
The Green Home Market is getting a lot of publicity, and our Hawaii state government is trying hard to make Hawaii a friendly place to build green and live green. We have pockets of Oahu which are offer more new construction that others, but the trend to make your home Green is island-wide. Here's an update from RISMedia, about the current state of the green housing market.
"Availability of loans, interest rates, tax credits, home affordability, and general economic conditions all influence housing trends. However, the primary factor affecting growth of green homes in any given area depends on where local … (0 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Hawaii Kai 6th Annual Dog Walk a Big Success - 06/25/10 01:20 PM
    The 6th Annual Hawaii Kai Dog Walk, held June 6, 2010, was a great success for furry friends and their owners.  We had a few more participants than last year, and were able to donate a good sum to Hui 'Ilio Hawaii, the group responsible for the creation of the Hawaii Kai Dog Park.
Hui 'Ilio Hawai'i was founded to promote safe and friendly places for dogs and their people to play, and to promote responsible dog ownership.   With the Hawaii Kai Dog Park a reality, the group continues to support the park as the adoptive "park partners" by … (1 comments)

hawaii kai lifestyle: Improving the Outdoor Appeal of your Hawaii Kai Home - 06/13/10 04:11 PM
We are lucky in Hawaii Kai and all the Islands to have the weather to enjoy outdoor living all year.  If you would like to make some minor improvements to your home to add to the value, but aren't sure which will bring the greatest return, consider outside remodeling.
One reason exterior improvements can bring value is their curb appeal.  They also will give you more enjoyment of your home while you wait to sell in the coming years.  The National Assn of Realtors (NAR) recently reported that a wood deck produces the 2nd highest return in home improvement projects, of any investment, … (2 comments)