colorado: Mortgage Update, RC's view - 12/14/09 04:32 AM
Just askin' a simple question of Fed Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke.
"It would be hard to overestimate the damage that has been done to the housing market in recent years, and especially to the millions of families that are suffering the devastating consequences of foreclosure," Duke said. "It would be equally difficult to overestimate the damage that would be done in the future if we must live with a chronically impaired mortgage market."
This is a quote from a speech recently delivered by Fed Governor Elizabeth Duke.  I'll bet that everyone reading that quote agrees with her - … (0 comments)

colorado: Back to Basics - Mortgage 101 - 11/24/09 06:38 AM
In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 18 months, this is my opportunity to share with you what to expect when getting a new mortgage loan. Each loan file is scrutinized by about 10 different people. Don’t let that scare you, just be prepared for it. Make sure you disclose everything to your loan officer. Technology has enabled us to pull complete background checks if necessary. If you don’t disclose upfront, chances are when the “peeling of the onion” progresses, undisclosed issues may arise.
Let me give real life examples:
• A client comes to me, I … (4 comments)

colorado: MBS OP-ED - 04/10/09 09:01 AM
Here's a must-read for any real estate professional - Bringing some sanity to the "who's to blame" game. April 9th, 2009 4:02 PM
Tired of listening to the politicians and b-news reporters march around screaming (with their torches and pitchforks)?  Here's a must-read article written by Bill Berliner and posted to Mortgage News Daily's website yesterday.  Bill is a recognized expert in the world of risk assessment and mortgage-backed securities as well as a prize-winning author.  You can read his profile on MND's website.  Enjoy!
MBS OP-ED: Who's … (0 comments)

colorado: SMS Listing Tour - 01/19/09 06:56 AM
Once a month, my company hosts realtors on a listing tour.  The last one brought about real, live fun.  We started at Legacy Title.  We had a few agents on the tour that hadn't joined us before.  The purpose of the tour is to provide the listing agent and seller with valuable feedback.  The one listing that stood out was built in 1995, although it felt like it was built in 1985.  Popcorn ceilings, blue carpet, outdated furniture and the smell of cigarette smoke.  Needless to say, we had feedback.  We have a stager on board too - before I knew … (5 comments)

colorado: Foreclosure Moratorium written by Roger - 11/06/08 05:36 AM
R C's Blog
Foreclosure Moratorium - good idea? November 5th, 2008 1:36 PM
My wife, Lori, and I were talking this morning . . . you know - the "hey, look, the sun came up this morning even though our guy didn't win the election" conversation.  Anyway, during the conversation I mentioned this article about the last time we tried a foreclosure moratorium just because I found it interesting and she responded immediately, "hey, that's exactly what our new President-elect says he's going to do" . . . and I said "Yikes" or something really cool like that.  She calmed me immediately by … (2 comments)

colorado: Finally some good news! - 10/22/08 08:18 AM
Springs set for economic rebound
Story By: David TauchenSource: KOAA
Colorado Springs Published 21 hour(s) ago
The future of the Colorado Springs economy looks bright, some say, pointing to an influx of soldiers to Ft. Carson and a recovering housing market.
Smart Money Magazine listed Colorado Springs as one of 25 cities in the United States that are set to have a housing rebound. They credit the lack of a substantial housing bubble compared to the rest of the country and home prices remaining relatively unchanged over the past year.
Add roughly 10,000 soldiers to that scenario and the future looks … (4 comments)

colorado: Weekly Newsletter - 10/17/08 06:58 AM
If you can't see the newsletter, or would like to view it online, use this link

colorado: FHA - 10/14/08 05:47 AM
I know there's a lot of confusion and smoke out there regarding this practice, so thought this recent letter from FHA might give you some of the background.  Some brokers "back-door broker" fha loans to approved companies.  That's wrong.  The only crack to legally squeeze through is to act as the borrower's agent and get paid separately by the borrower but not do any of the origination work; which almost always adds to the borrowers' costs since the real fha lender must now pay their loan officer who actually originates the loan.
There's a list of bullet points, about … (1 comments)

colorado: September newsletter - 09/26/08 08:15 AM



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