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Home staging tips and advice. Home staging before and after photos. Home staging marketing ideas. Marketing with Realtors to sell houses.
We stage many high end properties and see that most start with phrases like beautiful custom kitchen or large living space.Maybe it is a better idea to show buyers the features instead.In this home  we staged at 5400 16 Sideroad in King Township the photography shows exactly what the features of ...
Staging over 500 homes per year in Toronto one of my favourite things to do is stage book cases. Here are a few recent homes that allowed for this indulgence.Some say books are a thing of the past. They skip staging them altogether or put so few items in the book case that it emphasizes the empti...
Home staging in the Alliston area we are known to be find economical solutions with our staging suggestions to market a home for sale.In this home the seller thought to attract buyers they might have to replace the dated kitchen cabinets which were a light oak colour.  We suggested that they repl...
Home staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we serve the luxury market by providing high end rental furnishings and original artwork.To capture the best presentation of each listing we stage we work with photographers that know how to capture the details of the finishes in these luxury homes as w...
Home staging in Vaughan we work with many larger, well built homes that have top of the line luxury finishes. From our experience we find that if you show buyers the lifestyle of living in one of these homes you will have a greater chance of getting your listing on the buyers "must see list".This...
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we work with agents that have a unique approach to listing homes.During the listing presentation they outline how the work with sellers in preparing their homes for listing photos and showings. If the seller would like to have that particular agent list their home a...
Home staging in Vaughan and Toronto we are asked whether it is better to show a property vacant to show the space in a home or if there is a return investment to stage a vacant home to show the lifestyle of living there to increase the value of the home in the eye of the buyer.Our answer is alway...
Staging in Toronto with Nick and Hilary from Sage Realty we are part of their marketing team to prepare their listings for sale. They work in the Cabbagetown and Beach area of Toronto, a trendy walking friendly part of the city. Buyers there are looking to connect with their communities and find ...
Staging in Vaughan we have staged some luxurious homes but this condo has it all. Ever wish you could just take a midnight dip without having to go all the way to the pool area? We can say that your wish has come true with this two storey penthouse condo.  Located at 141 Woodbridge Ave. in downto...
Home staging in Toronto and Vaughan we are frequently asked to reno a bathroom for either the seller or the buyer.  This property sat on the market for over a year without an offer. Buyers just couldn't see past the state of the bathrooms. Bathrooms and kitchens are two areas that matter most typ...

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