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Home Stager - Vaughan and Toronto GTA
Home staging tips and advice. Home staging before and after photos. Home staging marketing ideas. Marketing with Realtors to sell houses.
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we are asked by agents how to introduce a staging consult to their clients selling a vacant property.The property may be a brand new vacant condo or single dwelling or it may be a home a few years old.In each instance we suggest the agent explain the motivat...
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we are asked by agents how to introduce staging to their occupied listing clients and how to incorporate it into their listing presentations.We ask the agent to explain to the seller that most people are unable to "see" their own home as others view it.Buyers wa...
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we are asked this question frequently by real estate agents and the children of the estate home in question,Is it really worth it to stage the property or just sell it "as is" for whatever the sellers can get for it.We ask if they want to attract their ideal buy...
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we find that buyers look EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE. You just don't realize how many people look in your personal spaces when your home is for sale.  Buyers want to see if their stuff will fit in so they feel they have every right to check out your cabinet. We sugg...
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we are asked to consult on homes that for the most part are beautifully decorated, have up to date furniture and great floor plans. When we arrive we provide the sellers with the last 10% to make their property stand out from the crowd.Buyers want move in ready ...
Home Staging in Toronto GTA and Vaughan we have many opportunities to market a ravine lot to attract our ideal buyers. We consulted ont the property where the elderly sellers had moved on and the grown son met us at the house to see how we market this simple war time bungalow to attract our ideal...
Staging in the Toronto and Vaughan area we stage in a modern or modern traditional way to attract our ideal buyers.When we stage in the King City and Alliston area it changes as it is more country with city/rural influences.When we arrived at this home the elderly owners had moved out the childre...
Staging in Toronto and Vaughan we take in to account that buyers are looking for that special home with a spot to unwind, nest and relax.All we did in this vignette was create the perfect spot for buyers to envision themselves nesting in a peaceful spot after a stressful day.Target marketing to a...
When we are staging occupied homes in Vaughan and Toronto sometimes we come across interesting things we can use in a new way.In this dining room we used a red locker that would have otherwise been relegated to the rec room in the basement.By being creative we saved the client a bit on the stagin...
We stage many high end properties and see that most start with phrases like beautiful custom kitchen or large living space.Maybe it is a better idea to show buyers the features instead.In this home  we staged at 5400 16 Sideroad in King Township the photography shows exactly what the features of ...

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