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Home Stager - Vaughan and Toronto GTA
Home staging tips and advice. Home staging before and after photos. Home staging marketing ideas. Marketing with Realtors to sell houses.
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we come across our fair share of homes that need to declutter and pack up quite a bit to prepare their property for listing photos.Buyers are moving as they need more space or they are downsizing and are trying to figure out where they will put all their stuff w...
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA area we don't typically stage dining tables with complete table settings as most people never use their dining room except at holiday time.We will stage with a simple table decor like these table settings to create a warm and inviting ambiance in a room...Wh...
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we come across our fair share of homes that have an old piano where  the sellers don't know what to do with it.Either the piano hasn't been played in years and is there for sentimental reasons only or it is played but it really could use a style update to fi...
We are so lucky to work from downtown Toronto in modern condos to the small towns like Alliston and Thornton with beautiful character Victorian homes. We provided a staging consultation at 10 Robert Street in Thornton and the home owner carried out the suggestions perfectly.Staging is about evoki...
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto we create rooms that look like a magazine shot to attract our ideal target buyers.Quite frequently the buyers love the look of the house so much they purchase the furniture we stage with as well. This is niche marketing at its best.In this home all we did was mix wo...
Staging in the Vaughan and Toronto GTA area we come across the issue of scratched wood floors quite frequently.  Wood floors are the most popular flooring choice with home owners and they are hard to keep looking in good condition with daily living.We have found the pack of 3 furniture markets fr...
Staging in the Vaughan and GTA area we know the value of staging closets to attract your ideal buyers online.Very few people keep their closets in an organized way.We motivate sellers to stage their closets as it is an important marketing tool that gets buyers to say "this is the home for me" and...
Staging in the Vaughan area we stage many homes with a balcony on the second floor looking down to the living or dining room below.There are few things to remember to allow the room to show well in listing photos and to attract your ideal buyers online to put this listing on their must see list.F...
Staging in Vaughan and the Toronto GTA we are asked by agents how to introduce a staging consult to their clients selling a vacant property.The property may be a brand new vacant condo or single dwelling or it may be a home a few years old.In each instance we suggest the agent explain the motivat...
Staging in Vaughan and Toronto GTA we are asked by agents how to introduce staging to their occupied listing clients and how to incorporate it into their listing presentations.We ask the agent to explain to the seller that most people are unable to "see" their own home as others view it.Buyers wa...

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