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I manage the monthly Oakland Real Estate Investment Meetings on the second Tuesday of every month at my office. We discuss current market issues and exchange real estate experiences. You can join at
As all of you who have been looking at buying investment property, and maybe more specific, residential income property, may have seen that many listing agents use a second set of numbers, on top of the "current income", called pro forma.This is not only done by famous large brokerages (like Marc...
I am sure you know we have a bad reputation with consumers, and I personally believe we deserve some of that. But today I would like to give you the other side  of the coin (perspective) by telling you a story that just happened to a colleague of mine. This agent had been working with a buyer for...
Tonight, in my meet-up meeting I will present and discuss the bottom line risk for a buyer in  today's market. Too often ( in my perspective), will buyers tell me the price is too high in the current market, and although very often they cannot "explain" what/why that is and based on what, it is a...
When I bought real estate in 2000, the interest rate was 9.5%. Yet, I bought at the time because the numbers worked.  Today the interest rate is 3.89%, and the numbers work now too. Many buyers are looking at price and do not want to pay the asking price because it is seemingly too high (their im...
I "analyze" the market at least on a monthly basis, as a preparation for my meetup meetings I hold in my office for consumers and investors. I think we can safely say that Oakland CA is a very good market at this time. The inventory is still low, in my opinion. Then why are there 51 properties (r...
Then you are welcome at my Oakland real estate and investment meeting tonight at 7 pm sharp. I will explore with you the difference between the stock market 20 years and real estate investment . The forecast is a 9% value increase in Oakland. I will explore w...
As I am sure you all discover at some point in time, there is often something "new" you have not seen or heard of before. Well, here is my last one: I am selling a condo (short sale), and the buyer's lender is verifying the HOA. There is an HOA, but there is no budget, no bylaws and no liability ...
Hello All: Many of you I hope follow the real estate market regularly. I, of course, do it on a daily basis. And here is what I noticed from all the different market segments that influence real estate and prices (values).   1. Mortgage rates: I am sure you know the influence of interest rates on...
Just as I wrote this I am wondering what changes you think we should implement to "improve" the industry, when you read that title. Here is my suggestion: APPRAISALS NEED TO BE PAID BY THE LENDER / MORTGAGE BROKER. Let's analyze this a little further so you can see where I come from. We all work ...
I have in the past written about the fact that lenders actually are "unwilling" to lend and are using every excuse in the book not to lend. It is still happening today, and if it is not the lender that rpevents a deal from closing it is the appraiser. So what can be done about it? Here is perhaps...

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