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I have been fooling with trying to get this sixty page new construction contract to go through to my underwriter for two days now.  Finally, I got it to go through this morning, and I knew I needed to share this discovery with you.  I thought I'd go ahead and throw one more tool you can use in th...
I was surfing the internet this week when I stumbled across a survey conducted by a national lender.  The results of the survey made me laugh so hard that milk came out of my nose - that was crazy considering several hours had passed since my daily intake of dairy, but I digress!  So, the survey ...
I've been gathering my receipts and listing various expenses to make life a little bit easier on my accountant (and make my accountant go a little easier on my wallet). After getting all of my information together, I started thinking about the numerous deductions I'll have on my taxes again this ...

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