nebraska farm land: Daddy...Do Cameras Lie? Yes, Sweetie, But it's Not Their Fault! - 01/16/18 07:01 AM
My new definition of the word “Photo”: A deceptive way to record something that may or may not be an accurate portrayal.
I wrote the  response below to a blog written by Sharon Tara regarding photos that may be a bit deceptive. It is a great blog…read it here: At What Point Would You Consider Real Estate Listing Photos Deceptive?
By deceptive, I mean…deceptively accurate…you know…”yes, that is true, but there is more to the story” deceptive.
 In other words, portraying the property in a way that makes it seem nicer than it actually is.
It is kind of funny how we have to tap dance … (6 comments)

nebraska farm land: Ice is Only Dangerous for Some of Us!! It is a Mind Game!! - 12/22/17 08:44 AM
Yesterday the roads were treacherous in our neck of the woods.
All the stations were saying stay off the roads.
I had an appointment with a client 35 miles away and slipped and slid in my Suburban the whole way.  I had to cancel two days ago and was not going to cancel twice.
My wife called me while I was on the way and said...turn around...yeah sure honey.
I had the photos with me of the ranch this client owns and he is thinking about selling.
I told him I would have them to him by Christmas.   (Sostad Forest Ranch)
So neither rain...nor sleet...nor other vehicles … (34 comments)

nebraska farm land: Words of Encouragement - They Aren’t Much...or Are They? - 12/11/17 02:56 PM
We will never know who we make a difference for...but I know we will make a difference. The question is…will we make a positive difference or a negative one?
Here is a short message about a 5 minute conversation at our local Ace Hardware on December 9th.
First though…you need to know the background story from a long time ago.
10 years ago I watched a high school sophomore teammate on my son's high school wrestling team get whupped up on pretty bad in a wrestling match. It was his first year wrestling and he was a strong, young athlete...just not experienced.
 I talked to … (22 comments)

nebraska farm land: Going Down to See 'ol Dale - But Don't Tell Anyone!! - 12/06/17 07:21 AM
"Don't tell anyone", he said. "It is none of their business."
My first deal over a million dollars and he says don't tell anyone.
For years the largest commission I ever received...even though I only got half because of the agency I worked with got stole the other half...and he doesn't want anyone to know?
"That's part of the deal", he said in his gravely voice back then.
I wanted to shout it from the rooftops...Mike McCann got Dale $374,000 more than the other company was going to list at...and yet zip...nada...keep quiet...nobody's business...not any thank you cards or  thank you using him as a … (3 comments)

nebraska farm land: Some AR Groups Are Better Than Others - Aren't They? - 12/05/17 07:21 AM
I have wondered for years which Active Rain groups a person should belong to.
There are like 7,431 various AR groups. I realize that the vast majority of those groups are small, to a targeted individual, or have little to no activity. 
But are there some of the groups that are better than others? Number of members in a group does not make it a great or active group in my opinion. 
Now, don't take this the wrong way, If I belong to your group or a group you are in, I am not saying I want to leave it...but you can only post to … (24 comments)

nebraska farm land: What is the Value of a Point? My Trip to 500,000 ...1 Point at a Time! - 04/17/17 10:31 AM
I Made it! One Point after the other has finally added up to 500,000 points.
Wait did I make it...or did we?   I would have to say "we"!
 A few years ago, 500k was a huge accomplishment in ActiveRain.  Nowadays... 500,000 is not fact I am the 588th or 589th person to earn that many points on ActiveRain.
Still...I am proud to be in the top 590 on AR and I know my blogs have been visited by almost every single page 1 points leader person or team as well as hundreds of other folks.  That makes me feel good... Really good.
I was thinking … (99 comments)

nebraska farm land: I Found My Niche Market and You Can Find Yours - It Is Out There!! - 04/11/17 03:08 PM
I am proud to say it. I am a Niche Marketer! I am no longer like a kid in a candy store! I do not need to look at rows upon rows of candy. Never thought I would ever see the day that I specialized. But I do and am dang glad I am!
I market FARMLAND.  I auction farm land.  And that is all I auction. I specialize!!
Crop ground...cornfields...wheat fields...bean fields...tillable farm land acres or pasture.   Not 10 acre houses with a patch of tomatoes. 
Preferably without any house on it. In fact, if it has a house and less than 50 … (58 comments)

nebraska farm land: SOLD! 320 Acres Irrigated Farm in Gosper County, NE $1,650,000 - 03/19/17 10:45 AM
It is Sold and Closed!  The Denny Pouk farm in Gosper County, Nebraska has sold to Bryan Nelson.
It was a pleasure to work with both the Buyer and the Seller on this project.
This farm was going to be auctioned and in early February I had called the area Banker to see if he would be interested in providing cookies and coffee at the auction.  He asked for a flyer to be sent to him.
He then said he might know someone who is interested in buying this top producing farm.
So I sent him all the info via email and text.
Turns out it was … (6 comments)

nebraska farm land: 20 Reasons Selling Farm Land in Nebraska is My Passion! - 01/26/17 08:14 PM
Selling farmland in central Nebraska is my is what I love to do and it is how I make a living.  What it isn't, is work. That old saying, “when you love what you are doing, it isn’t work” rings true for me.
A long time ago I thought I would never hear myself saying that. "Right", I said. (Or something like that laced with extra special words.) But I do believe it is true.
I began to focus on selling farmland in Nebraska.  Central Nebraska farm land primarily. Even today, many years later, people still ask me why and how and … (28 comments)

nebraska farm land: Hey Farmers and Ranchers...Bale Twine or Wrap...Leave On or Take Off? - 12/27/16 07:19 AM
This blog is a shout out to most of my farming contacts and others in the cattle or cow/calf industry.
I am looking for your thoughts and or input on what you do with bale twine and wrap?  Do you remove it prior to grinding or feeding?
DTN asks: Remove Twine and Bale Wrap When Feeding Hay
This article appears to be on the fence as whether it is better to remove the twine and bale wrap from the bales before feeding. I am sure that is, or would be, a major hassle...but is it a worthwhile duty?
I am not qualified to answer … (2 comments)

nebraska farm land: Blogging as We Know It is Changing Forever on AR. That is good, right? - 09/20/16 12:17 AM
I am excited about the changes that will be happening today on AR.
Of course...I will have to teach my fingers and mind to go a new direction once they are in effect.  I can see me now... going "huh?" and that is okay because change is good. (although Dollar Bills are Better)...
This will be me I suspect:
  or this  
and then I will contemplate my first blog under the new system...
  so hang on for the ride!!
"With bated breath and whispering humbleness..." I shall wait 'til the sun is high...knowing full well a new beginning... loved or not is nigh...
And if perchance … (27 comments)

nebraska farm land: Real Estate Is a Team Game...But It Is About More Than Just Agents!! - 05/05/16 01:18 AM
What is the definition of a Real Estate Team and is a "Team" better or worse than an "Individual" agent?
I made a comment on a blog by Kenneth J Jones talking about Teams and (from my perception of the blog) and the disdain for Teams in general. You can see it here: Are Real Estate Teams More Hype than Help?
I decided to just throw out my comments on this blog here in a blog of my own.
For years I had a team... The McCann Team.  My definition of a team is entirely different than yours (Kenneth's).
We were a great team and it … (10 comments)

nebraska farm land: This Is Our Home! Love Will Save The Day! - 04/22/16 12:51 AM
This is our Home…
It may be more than you have…it may be Less…
But without Love…it is Nothing…
Love knows not size… nor value…nor social status…
Love knows happiness, tenderness, caring, and committment.
              Love will have a past full of lifelong memories
           and a future that will burst with additional ones.
               Love is not forced or purchased from a catalog...
Indeed, it is nurtured day in and day out.
Sometimes Love means getting your hands dirty
            while keeping your heart and mind clean!
Love is doing the mundane as well as the exciting.
            Love is weathering the storms of life
while keeping your head above water.
Some may be jealous of our home
       while … (7 comments)

nebraska farm land: Remember When I Wanted It To Rain? 7 Inches is More Than I Ordered! - 04/17/16 01:48 PM
Well...the weatherman was right in Central Nebraska.
They said we were going to have a lot of rain this weekend.
As of 8 pm tonight...April 17, 2016...the rain gauge on our patio registered 7" and it was still raining.
It has been mostly a slow and steady rain since Friday night and a lot of it has soaked in.
However, we now are saturated and there are concerns for flooding in the low areas near the   creeks and rivers.
The forecast is for more chances of rain this week. 
One thing is for certain...
There will be ZERO farmers planting crops                   on Monday in Central Nebraska...
unless they are planting via dredge or … (5 comments)

nebraska farm land: It is Time for the Rains to Fall Mainly on the Plains of Nebraska - 04/14/16 01:57 AM
Is it me...or does it seem a tad bit dry in the central Nebraska farm land? The farmers are working the fields preparing for planting and many have started dropping seed into the ground this week.
Some are going to wait until next week to plant. Might be a good idea in my is only mid-April and the chances of a hard frost are near 100% if you look at historical data.
We had a couple of nice snows earlier but a lot of that moisture was lost due to wind either blowing snow off the fields or the high winds drying … (3 comments)

nebraska farm land: Don't Forget to Switch the Utilities!! - 04/05/16 06:09 AM
Congrats!!  You just bought or sold:
A. Home  
B. Building   
C. Business  
D. Farm
E. moved out of a rental
F. moved into a rental
and I am sure there is a G, H, and an I out there as well!!
Congrats to all of you!! You are now the proud owner of... Insert the correct letter here:             .
Did you switch the utilities yet?  If so can quit reading now if you like or come along for the ride!!
Here is the deal Buyer (or tenant): It is Your Responsibility to switch the Utilities into your name according to the customary procedures of … (5 comments)

nebraska farm land: Attention Investors: Buy Land They Ain't Making Anymore of It! - 03/18/16 12:14 AM
If you are an Investor in the Stock Market or Commercial should look at buying tillable Nebraska farm land as an investment. Way less volatility than the Stock Market... guaranteed income each year...and if you are borrowing money...the Tenant makes your payment!!  That looks like a WIN to me.
Will Rogers once said: "Buy Land. They ain't making anymore of it!" I agree with him completely.
Here is a great example:
Nebraska Farm land For Sale! 
Great Irrigated Farm in Dawson County, Nebraska near Overton Golf Course.
True pride of ownership on this farmland.
284.87 acres with 239.01 acres Certified Irrigated.
3 - Excellent Zimmatic Center … (5 comments)

nebraska farm land: 221 Acre Farm Land AUCTION- 2 Pivots- 1/21/16 St. Paul, NE - 12/27/15 03:11 AM
Excellent Howard County, NE  Pivot Irrigated farm ground SELLING @AUCTION on Jan. 21, 2016 at 10 AM at the American Legion Club in St Paul, NE. 
The farm is located 1.5 miles west of St. Paul on Westridge Lane (Howard Avenue) on the south side of the road.  The 3 older buildings west of the driveway do go with the Auction.
The small farmstead that is located east of the driveway is NOT included.
FSA shows 192.33 acres irrigated.  Farwell Irrigation provides 187.3 acres of Surface water.  Balance of acres that are not irrigated are dryland and alfalfa plus 1.9 acre pit lake.
A 2011 Valley 8000  … (2 comments)

nebraska farm land: Gosper County, Nebraska Irrigated Farmland For Sale - 320 Acres - 11/11/15 02:43 AM
Gosper County, Nebraska Farm Land For Sale!      
320 Acres               
Make an offer!!
E 1/2 of 4-5-22  with 11" of carryover water!!
320 Acres with 270 Certified irrigated and balance dryland.
Located 11 south of Elwood, NE and 4 miles east on Road 731.
Includes near new Reinke 18 tower 1/2 mile pivot in excellent. All Electric.
Electric well in great condition that produces 1,225 GPM.
Well #G-127083 drilled in April, 2004 120 ft deep with 65 ft static water level. 84 ft pumping level with an 8" casing. 
Tri-Basin Water District with 11" of carryover water into the next 3 year Contract period.
Excellent soils, great roads and access! 
Full buyer … (0 comments)

nebraska farm land: Harvest in Nebraska - What it Looks Like in Pictures! - 10/28/15 12:49 AM
The Beans are in the Bin...almost time for the Corn harvest to end!
From the field to the combine which is where the crop is separated from the stalks...then on to the grain cart!!
It appears that it is another bumper crop here in Nebraska!
The weather has been cooperating with the harvest and the combines are in full steam ahead.
Most farmers will be done with the harvest by the first weekend in November if the weather holds out and that is great news.
The prices offered for the crops are way too soft, however, and that could severely harm next years planting as some farmers … (35 comments)

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