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It was nice to have the opportunity to meet so many of the professionals that keep the Utah Real Estate world turning! I ended up spending $45 dollars but it was a $45 dollars that was well spent. I did terrible in the Texas Hold-um competition as I was eliminated in the first round. I lost it al...
Effective or Not?   Despite their widespread use, numerous studies have called into question the effectiveness and safety of bug zappers. Two of the more pressing issues are the following: Female (biting) mosquitoes and other biting insects are more attracted to the carbon dioxide (CO2) and water...
Salt Lake Home and Garden Festival and Demonstrations of the Amazing Abilities of Infrared Anybody in the Utah area interested in seeing some of the amazing capabilities and benefits provided by FLIR's newest E-60 and FLUKE'S TI-32 Thermal Imaging Cameras should stop by our Booth at the Salt Lake...
Use an Infrared Home Inspector for Your Layton, Utah Home Inspections Needs!   Click on Logo     90% of Homes have issues that cannot or would not be detected without using Infrared Technology It cost the same to hire a Certified Inspector as a Non-Certifed Inspector. It cost the same to hire an ...

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