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This morning I opened my Active Rain home page, to discover that I had a direct contact message.  For those of you unaware, a "direct contact" is kind of AR's version of an "email"... someone wanted to send me a message, but didn't want to post it on my blog. It was a flattering offer from a woma...
Change. The one true constant in the world.  Change is neither good nor bad, it's just "change". Don't be afraid of change, rather learn to embrace it.  It's always a challenge, sometimes more than others. Sometimes change is easy to understand, sometimes it's difficult.  But regardless of whethe...
At a recent closing, of a townhouse, we (the buyers and I) had a question about which parking space belonged to us, and exactly where it was located. When we arrived at the closing we were anxiously going over the survey, and it answered our question about the parking right away.  It was not only...
I spent about 2-2.5 hours yesterday, banging my head against a wall.  Now, most of you don't sound surprised.  You think that's part of my normal day, and explains so much about my personality.  No... no... I don't normally do that.  I was trying, in vain, to write an offer on a homepath property...
A recent "featured" post, (since deleted) took on Zillow and Trulia in a heavy-handed rant essentially about who gets to publish information about your property and its accuracy. Surely, this was not the first person to complain to Zillow or Trulia about inaccurate information on a listing.  The ...
I went and visited Curt's Cafe today, along with several other agents from my office. In conversation with Susie Trieschmann, the executive director, I told her that I would "blog" about the café. A couple of the other agents also said they'd publicize the café as we really would like it to be su...
For those of you, here in Evanston, who have been bemoaning the loss of Casteel Coffee (which closed unceremoniously a couple of months back), you're in luck. Curt's Café, which is in the same location at 2922 Central Street, has been in "testing" mode... they're training their employees and read...
Forgive me father, for I have sinned.  It has been five days since my last blog post. I accuse myself of having entered the doldrums, neigh, the horse latitudes of blogging.  What led you to this sin, my son? Oh, I don't know, I've been guilty of the sin of sloth... laziness... lack-of-motivation...
Allright, Jon Stewart is the brother from another mother that I never had.  He's funny, eloquent, well spoken, smart... and I'm... well, I'm funny.  The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook On one of Jon's recent ep...
There's not much else that could bring me such joy, as my 8-week old grandson, sleeping blissfully on my chest. Ahh the life of a grandparent, listening to the rhythmic breathing of one's own progeny in your arms, sleeping the sleep of the innocent. aaaahhh... little Leo, you're the picture of p...

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