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In case you were wondering, today is National Puppy Day.  So this is the day that you want/need to find a puppy and give it some love.It's not hard to do... they are so darn cute, you have to remind yourself they don't stay that size (most of the time), and they don't always smell that good.But ...
The other day I wrote about a vacant townhome listing I have that's been giving me bleepity, bleepin trouble.  An alarm has gone off a couple of times in the last 30 days, or so... and I've had to go to the property, once in the very wee hours of the morning, and the second time during the day th...
Those vacant listings.  A constant source of amusement.Single family has one set of issues, and 'attached homes', those that share at least one wall with someone else's home have their own.For the second time, since I've been in charge of this vacant townhome listing, I've received a notification...
That's how the owner views it, if you use the combination lockbox, and enter their home without a preapproved appointment.Calling to make the appointment, and going to the house without waiting for approval is a big no-no.And if the seller wanted to make a big deal about it... well, bigger than c...
I know it's a brave new world, and I'm quickly being left behind in the dust... And maybe I'm starting to sound like my own father... but I object to this kind of marketing.I just received this text on my cell phone... I don't know about you, but I think this is sleazy advertising, and I would ne...
Craig Daniels is a bit of an Active Rain demi-god.  He has a firm understanding of blogging, and the knowledge of how to make your blog look great... and more importantly he has the elusive ability to pass that knowledge on to others, through his posts. Craig Daniels is a bit of an Active Rain de...
Chicago turns the Chicago river green for St. Patrick's Day, and the start of the St. Patrick's Day parade (using a secret formula that's natural and non-toxic.  And for all of you naysayers, "no, the river is not normally that colour!".  The colour will remain a few days.This seems to be a uniqu...
The wonderful world of a real estate agent.Each day is different, we never repeat the very same day.  New clients, new situations. A different house, sometimes we're the seller, sometimes we're the buyer... occasionally we're both.Nice clients, nice houses, bad clients worse houses... rain, sun, ...
My mother's Alzheimer's causes her to have a very short attention span.  I'd say that she behaves like a child, but it's really more like a puppy, distracted by every sound, every leaf and every shiny thing. One of the things she seems obsessed with lately is reading everything.  Not books or new...
My clients were having a difficult time finding a property that suited them.We'd looked at most of the listings that were popping up on the MLS, and went out viewing some of them.. and nothing was hitting us just right.I knew about a For-Sale-by-Owner that had recently come on the market.  It was...

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