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I heard on the news today, that a Burger King restaurant in Coon Rapids, Minnesota (I know there's a joke in there somewhere, but I'm going to leave it alone to get to the rest of this post) received a phone call from a fire department official, telling them that there was an explosive gas build-...
So, the model 3 Tesla was announced yesterday, to a lot of fanfare. Apparently even before the car was available for viewing, over 180,000 people plopped down a $1,000 deposit for the new model.Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla motors, says that the new model will retail for $35,000 (about half of the cost...
I'm a bit of a dinosaur.I used to be on the cutting edge of technology, but these days, I seem to be on the bleeding edge, and it's my blood that's dripping out there.I used to be the guy in the office who had a handle on all the new tech that showed up to help us handle real estate better and be...
A good agent, on the listing side...  ME on the buyer's side.   A reasonable buyer, and a reasonable... uh oh.Well, I guess they can't all be easy, can they? Usually, with a buyer, I can predict, within a reasonable margin of error, how a buyer will respond to our original offer, or to our negoti...
My listing... the tenant is out!That should be a good thing, right?  The property never shows as nicely with a tenant in place, as it would when the owner has it. But in this case, the tenant moved out and didn't tell us.  We've had a couple of showings... since the tenant left, and I only learne...
"I don't want to show the property... the seller hates me.... will you show it to my clients for me?"Don't worry... the seller won't be home."I still don't want to show her home... she'll be really upset if she finds out it's me."Fine... I'll show it to them... what's the combo?"I'll meet you the...
I'm in the process of preparing to move.It's something, as Realtors, we should participate in, so that we can identify and understand the angst that our clients go through during this process. Moving is not my favourite thing.One of the dilemmas I've faced is finding boxes.  Everyone has boxes......
The pre-listing home inspection.Is it part of your listing program?  Do you recommend it all the time, or just with a certain type of home?  The items that you uncover at that pre-listing home inspection?  Do you prepare your sellers that they'll need to address those issues... or "disclose" thos...
This week has been a marathon... early mornings, late evenings... meetings with clients... it's been non-stop.  The market is back, and I am not complaining.I find myself, however, on this sunny Saturday morning, with no appointment until early afternoon, and I feel as though I'm playing hookey.T...
I received this contact from Trulia.  Someone asking if I needed more "reviews"... I presume that they're offering to "sell" me reviews for Google, Yelp and presumably Trulia, Zillow and more.By the way... I don't actually have an ad on have my fair share of reviews... none of them ...

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