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Barbara Todaro raised an interesting question in her recently featured post "Does a seller get direction from the listing agent, or buyer's agent?"  Barbara has that ability...she often raises interesting questions.As part of her question, I replied that I like to hear feedback from buyer's agent...
I had a conversation, recently, with a lovely young lass... well, really not that young, as she was my age.  We talked about quite a number of things, and we at some point came around to literature, as she asked me what I've read recently...I told her about my current reading of the Explorer's Gu...
In a recent post, Bill Spear discussed a question that we often hear: "How much will your seller take?" It's often asked innocently, but often with a hope that we'll give them an answer they can really use.Of course, as the seller's representative, we're not typically authorized to give out any a...
... or is it?This week, I sold two sold two properties...One for my seller, while he and his wife were away in Thailand, and the other to my buyer who's in Beijing, China.International real estate can have its complexities, especially when time zones are that far off. Replies take overnight... ea...
I didn't win the lottery... I'm sure you saw that on all the networks... "Alan May did not win the lottery... tune in later for details..."So, all of those charities that would have benefited from my charitable donations... well, they're suffering."Daughters of small-breasted Mothers", I was goin...
Unless you've been living under a rock... you've heard about the latest powerball lottery.As of this writing, the powerball was up to one-point-five-BEEEELYON-dollars!To most of us, that's more money than we can imagine.Let's just say it's one heap of a lot of money.Most of the time, like many, ...
You helped a buyer write an offer on a sweeet little house.  The offer is accepted, and then during the inspection, the buyer gets disenchanted with the home and cancels the contract.Bummer.So, you continue to send out listings from the MLS of homes that might suit them... you leave messages on t...
I think that everyone recognizes that they probably need to conduct some kind of "interview" with agents to determine if they should hire one... but they're kind of stymied, 'cause they have no idea what kind of questions to ask... Finding agents at an open house is an excellent way to meet a few...
I had an interesting conversation with a "newish" agent this morning.We were discussing earnest money, and he was under the (in my opinion, mistaken) impression that if the earnest money check was due today (Jan. 6th) that it was allowed for him to tell me that the check was in the mail.I told hi...
I'm a huge fan of the personalized handwritten thank-you note.Having taken my share of Brian Buffini workshops, where on the things they stress is personalized handwritten contact.  Today, a small thank-you note in the mail is such a novelty that it has a strong chance of actually getting read.So...

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