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There has been a lot of buzz online and on the network news lately, about a new in-ear device that translates languages in real-time. That's right, "real-time".  It comes in the form of an earpiece, that hears the language, and instantly repeats it into your ear in your chosen language.It was app...
Friday the 13th.Terminology that can set fear in the hearts of men.  Do we really want to schedule a closing for Friday the 13th?  Do we even want to show a property, or get in the car?  What is it about Friday the 13th that causes our hearts to beat a little faster, our eyes to search for troubl...
There are lots and lots of advances in the real estate business... and many of them have taken place since I joined, not that long ago...   Okay, okay... it was a long time ago... but still.Computers have replaced those large listing books.  Cell phones have made us dramatically more reachable, f...
Today is one of those days when I'm going 60 miles an hour all day long.And it's a productive day, but right now I'm just sitting in front of my computer, twiddling my thumbs (that's right.. twiddling them digits), cause I have all of my irons in the fire, and am waiting for 'others' to respond.T...
I was approached, the other day, by a relatively new agent in our office, who wanted to know if I needed a paid licensed assistant.Her business wasn't "taking-off" as she'd hoped, and was looking for a way to supplement her lack-of-income while she ramped-up her real-estate business.While I'm hav...
The email came from our attorney.  It asked our buyer if they were prepared to wire the next $50,000 as "commitment" money to the sellers.  And "don't worry", it hastened, "that money is guaranteed, should the deal fall-through."My buyers had enough common sense to send an email back to our attor...
Often, we are called upon, as Realtors, to do other non-real estate related jobs.This morning, I agreed to meet the cleaning crew at a client's property, as we prepare it to be put on the market.  It was in dire need of a deep-cleaning.As I was waiting out in front of the condo building, the clea...
Our area has seen the return of multiple offers with a vengeance.  And while I'm thrilled to see the market is back and we're, once again, able to pay my bills... it makes things very difficult for buyers.This is a tale of one of my buyers...  We've written several offers... and they've followed ...
In an online real estate thread, that I follow, someone said it was time to trade-in their car, and asked the opinions of other agents as to what she should get.The opinions ranged from open-bed trucks, to high-end Mercedes and Teslas..  Lots of Lexi (that is the plural of Lexus, right?)..But one...
So, there was this dude, right?  He was a mean dude, and he made these folks make bricks.  All day long they had to make bricks... and it was hot and sandy... making bricks was no fun.Well, it kinda looked like fun... kinda like building lego stuff, it looks like it's gonna be fun, but after a wh...

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