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I was watching the Cubs fight off extinction, last night when the call came in with an offer on one of my properties.  I was excited and yet anxious... interrupting my viewing of the fourth game in the World Series.  The Cubs do-or-die game?We went back and forth several times, only to end up in ...
I vaguely remember seeing this youtube video (To life: Vanessa's wedding surprise) a while back.  It was posted as one of those rehearsed wedding numbers... and I remember viewing it a couple of times thinking that this random groom, and his entourage, had done a pretty remarkable job for non-pro...
I spent the better part of a day, recently, in my car... with my mother.While I was with mom, I had several calls with clients and other Realtors... I took the calls on my Bluetooth.  For most of the calls, mom was pretty well-behaved (she often interrupts the calls)...As the day came to an end, ...
The agent said "she's my client... I showed her the house at my open house, so I'm procuring cause!"The client had attended her open house, and yes, the agent had walked her through the house.  But that does not, in and of itself, create a Realtor/Client relationship... and it certainly does not ...
There's an active discussion on a Realtor associated thread on Facebook, about exclusive buyer's agency.The storyline is that a Realtor received an online lead who wants to view a property.  The agent who received that lead has asked the lead to sign an exclusive buyer's agreement.  The lead is r...
The other day, I was one of the recipients of a group email from Noah Seidenberg, another agent in our office.  The subject matter of the email told us that he had a client who was interested in a very inexpensive property in a far-off suburb.The buyer was a cash buyer, seriously interested in th...
there'll be one child born, in this world to carry on... to carry on.There have been a couple of recent conversations going on, here in the rain, about what happens to your Active Rain blog, posts, account in general, if you should shift your mortal coil.Does someone have access to your account t...
Nothing's gonna harm you,not while I'm aroundNothing's gonna harm you, no sir, not while I'm aroundDemons are prowling everywhere nowadaysI'll send them howling, I don't care, I got waysNo one's gonna hurt you,No one's gonna dareOthers can desert you,Not to worry, whistle, I'll be there!Demons'll...
Tesla. It seems to be the car of the 'moment", and has been in the news lately talking about their auto-pilot-ed cars.They seem to be on the edge of figuring this all out, in fact there are currently Tesla self-driving vehicles on the road (granted, these are "manned" cars... just in case), perha...
As Realtors, we work with many people.  Some of them we enjoy, others, not so much.  But regardless, they tend to drift in and out of our lives with some frequency.Colleagues, who work alongside us, for days, weeks and certainly years.  Some of those colleagues we thoroughly enjoy, lunching, part...

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