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   Encumbrance: Anything that affects or limits the fee simple title to a property, such as mortgages, leases, easements, or restrictions.    A burden, obstruction, or impediment on property that lessens its value or makes it less marketable. An encumbrance (also spelled incumbrance) is any right...
 The Austin/Round Rock Texas communities are busting at th seams. People are moving here for jobs, the schools, the family friendly environment and no state tax. A bit of a panic is in the air as July arrives. Families with children are looking to get settled before school starts. Limited invento...
 The early Bird gets the worm! Who wants a worm? The other tday I was doing my lawn and this black bird was following my mowing path. He was locating some grubs that were easier to get to when the grass was shorter. He seemed fearless even the presence of the powerful lawn mower. At one point I p...
 Visiting the new home models is very exciting. I enjoy going through models previewing for my clients the floor plans but also getting decorative ideas.   What you need to consider when buying a New Home? -The Builder: I have personally owned 4 New Homes by 4 different builders. Additionally I h...
 Austin Texas is surrounded by some great cities that are growing and have some top schools and Jobs. Round Rock Texas just 20 minutes north of downtown Austin is home of Dell computers, Emmerson, Ikea and the Premimum Outlets. Very nearby is Georgetown, Cedar Park and Leander. On the South Side ...
 THE BIG WHEEL! Do you remember these. I never had one but remember the commercials. They looked really cool. Not sure if Marx is still in business but looks like the Big wheel would still be a big hit today. If you owned one share your memories. Love the little trunk area where the kid puts his ...
     It's a sleepy little town that is getting a huge wake up call. Just 4 miles north of Georgetown and about 15 minutes north of Round Rock this little town is starting to get a lot of peoples attention.  If you are looking for a nice return on investment this may be your ticket. Need a closer ...
 Nearly through College entering her last semester, my daughter Amanda wanted to give real estate a try so she is working with me as an intern over the summer. Looking forward to spending some time together her schedule is usually so busy. If you or someone you know needs help with real estate in...
 Found myself in a bit of a rut recently and decided to do something different. I drove to the other side of Austin to meet a friend for breakfast and to take a tour of his business and listen to what he was doing. It was such a good day. I was inspired and encouraged. My mind begin to burst with...
 At the Grace Place we are celebrating dads the entire weekend. Saturday Night 6pm and Sunday 10:30am. One of our friends brought over this 1965 Cobra for all us Dads to view. I got to sit inside. What a thrill. Join us this weekend at: Grace Place1500 Royston LaneRoudn Rock Texas   

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