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 BUYING STRATEGIES... #1 THE OPPORTUNITY BUY: You may not be in the market to buy but you have some cash on the side for investment. The opportunity buy is the rare gem that presents itself to the market and is available for quick turn around. Some characteristics of an opportunity buy are: Selle...
 A gruesome part of Texas History.  Josefa “Chipita” Rodriguez (1799-1863) was the first and only woman ever legally hung in Texas. She was executed on a Friday the 13th at the age of 63, and her ghost is said to haunt the place where she died. Her last words were “No soy culpable” (I am not guil...
 Aaron Farmer, 2016 President of the Austin Board of REALTORS®, explained, “Demand for Austin-area real estate was stronger than ever in 2015, primarily due to our region’s job and ongoing population growth. However, low housing inventory levels, rising home prices and high housing development co...
 What does your Monday stand for? How about turning it all around and making it a Monday that will make a lifetime difference! M: NO MOUNTAIN TOO BIG!O:  NO OBSTACLE TOO GREAT!N:  NO NEGATIVE THOU HTS CAN OVERCOME!D:  NO OTHER DAY LIKE TODAY!A:  NO ADVERSARY WILL PREVAILY:  NO LOOKING BACK AT YES...
 I remember when I was 17 working at a job I really did not like very much. The manager was about 28 years old, a big know it all kind of guy. Each night when we would close the store he would light up a cigarette and give us commands as to what to do. As we worked he liked to talk about how we w...
02/07/2016  Helping some clients move in today to their apartment in Austin. The Uhaul trailer and tucks lots are almost empty. Lot's of people moving here few people moving away. If you need more information on the Ausitn Texas and surrounding area contact me at:
  Another favorite TV show from my childhood. Ray Walston (the Martian) and Bill Bixby were the key Characters. Pretty cool effects for back int he 60's. If you remember the show even in re-runs share you thoughts. We will never lose our interest in Mars and probably always wonder if there are Ma...
 This word reminds me of my first trip to Romania. We were cooped up in a small car on a long drive across the country. The driver was playing traditional Romanian music a kind of oompa oompa music. The same CD for literally hours. Most of us were napping on and off. My father in law finally awok...
 Congratulations to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas for a big win in Iowa! We are proud of you and of what you stand for "American Values". Since it is Texas Tuesday it would not be right if I didn't pay tribute to Senator Ted Cruz. No matter who you are pulling for in the great political race you have...
 What does opportunity look like today? In an ever changing market we need to be able to adjust our focus. One of the interesting new trends across America is downsizing in living. Part of the trend is due to the Baby boomers retiring but many who were burned by the housing bubble or watched othe...

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