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   Requesting Repairs:  Once the inspection is complete there are always things to be repaired. We live in our homes and in a way we become blind to the flaws. The wear and tear of daily living takes a toll over time on door handles, cabinets, electrical switches. As an agent representing buyers ...
  Another great Friday with the Alligator! Today we are going to visit the Disney store. Why? Because we can. Just finished off her first bottle of the day and she is taking a nap in her swing. Arrived with a big smile she loves Grandpa Day. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday as well.  
Do you remember..."I can't believe I ate the Whole thing"  My dad used those bubbly tablets with great regularity. I remember hearing the plop, plop, fizz, fizz of them at work. He used the ones that had a lemon flavor to them. Do you remember them? Did you ever try them. I did as a kid it was aw...
Here is a word you will not use everyday...           Poltophagy    Definition:thorough chewing of food until it becomes like porridgeAbout the Word:Poltophagy was an offshoot of Fletcherism, a health fad of the Victorian era. Nutritionist Horace Fletcher advocated chewing each mouthful 30+ times...
 Austin welcomes nearly 20 million tourists each year, according to the Austin Business Journal. That number exceeds Disneyland, which had 16.2 million visitors in 2013; the Eiffel Tower, which has about 7 million visitors annually, three-quarters of which are foreigners; and Niagara Falls, which...
  The habits of life. We wake up about the same time, eat about the same time, drive to work the same way, go to the same grocery store and on and on and on.  Today let's shake up the habit. Let's get up at a different time, pack up some business cards and get ready to meet different people and s...
 It's heartbreaking to work in an out of control market with first time home buyers. They are limited in what they can do and offer and every property that fits their price range gets multiple offers almost immediately.  Just a few days ago some first time home buyers I am working with made their...
 When I was about 5 or 6 I got my first bicycle for my birthday. We lived in a small community in Wilcox Arizona. I was determined to teach myself to ride this bike.  Both my parents were busy and could not assist me so I took the bike out to the sidewalk I got on the bike rode about 3 feet fell ...
  The Old tale about the crooked man who lived in a crooked house nearly came true for me and my clients today. A home in Round Rock went off the market 6 days ago and appeared back today. It had dropped by nearly 20000 and that put it in my clients target range. The Sellers disclosure showed it ...
 Do you remember Light Bright?? Do you remember Milton Bradley toys? They made some great ones and many of you may have owned a Light Bright set.    My brother got one of these for Christmas one year and we had a lot of fun with it. I made some signs for him that I am glad my mom did not see. lol   

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