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Our Brokerage, Austin Texas Homes, led by Jason Crouch took a day off to explore TOP GOLF in Austin Texas. Thanks to Holly Schuler of Sales VP at Capitol Title who underwrote the day for us all. Holly and Capitol Title are our go to Closing team. Co-Broker Frank Cavitt had the longest hit of the ...
 This weeks throwback a look at some 80's commercials. Check out the second on it has Joey from Friends before he made it on friends. The last couple of seasons of friends the actors were making an average of 1million dollars an episode. That is some serious cash. He probably never dreamed he wou...
 PETRICHOR: The pleasant earthy smell after the rain (noun) I love that smell. Especially when we lived in the desert of Arizona. A fresh rain i the desert brought forth wonderful smells. There is a bush that grows there that provides an amazing smell that is hard to describe it is fresh and clea...
 Sam Houston (1793-1863) was the first president and first governor of Texas. The Cherokee, with whom he lived in Tennessee, called him “the Raven.” Though one of the most famous Texans, he was actually born in Virginia and served as governor of Tennessee. A statue of Sam Houston called a “Tribut...
 COFFEE... It has been a welcome life habit. I did not start it until late in my 30s but so glad I found it. It works different for me than it does for some. Coffee calms me down. I am able to relax and see a bit clearer. Additionally a cup at night before bed helps me sleep. I know it sounds str...
Grace Place University This summer we have offered a number of classes for growth and development. We are offering one last night of classes July 25th that are built for the whole family. There are 3 being offerend: -Building your Resume Class: In this class you will learn how to put together you...
 A common misconception is that the Christian life is all about staying out of trouble and avoiding messes. But Following Jesus isn’t about avoiding something; it’s about becoming something!     As humans we should understand… NOBODY IS PERFECT We don’t have to look any further than the mirror to...
     The many hats of a real estate agent: Adviser, encourager, motivator, yard maintenance, painter, mover, mediator, negotiator, property staging, property detective, property management expert, accountant, creative marketing designer, sales coordinator, project manager, financial planner, clos...
 This old commercial introduced Band Aids to the public in America. A lot of happy moms I am sure. I never saw the commercial it was before my time but I have used boxes of the product over the years of my life. I wonder how many Band Aids I have used on my kids over the years. lolHappy Throwback...
   Have you ever just had one of those urges to do something no matter what the consequence. If so than you now have a word that describes your urge. Can you find a way to use it this week.  Cacoethes: an urge to do something inadvisable  [kak-oh-ee-theez]    Word Origin  noun irresistible u...

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