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There are those we HATE to work with and those we LOVE to work with. Are you able to "kitchen dance" with someone, or are you the one stumbling around in everyone's way? "Kitchen Dance" you say? What the heck is that? You know how there are people you'll let into your kitchen to "help", and those...
Love the Sweeping Hill Country Views of Crystal Falls? We certainly do. The almost-600 homes in the Grand Mesa section of Crystal Falls are situated on large home sites with native trees, and many have sweeping view of the Texas Hill Country. A few the homes in Grand Mesa at Crystal Falls are at ...
A House Appraisal: Find the Value of a Home How do people find the value of a home? Meaning, what a home (usually their home) is worth? Of the most common ways to find the value of a home, a formal house appraisal is the most accurate. If you REALLY want to know what a property is worth, you need...
What is the Difference Between a Certified Appraiser and a Licensed Appraiser in Texas? Short answer: the amount of real estate appraiser education and training, as defined by the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board (TALCB). Also: the types of properties the appraiser can appraise. ...

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