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Do you ever wonder what your customers think when they interact with you or your office?  What we don't know about our clients perceptions about our service, the quality of service and the level of services we are offering can hurt us.  I invite you to put yourself or a trusted colleague in char...
Back from my days of training, I was responsible for helping sales managers create their own sales toolbox.  Yes, it was an actual box with some of our collateral and forms but it also contained items that I will share with you that were helpful visuals and reminders on how they could approach c...
In one of my recent posts, I shared the quote from Mary Kate Ash  "Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, "Make Me Feel Important."...
Have you heard about this cool tool/feature that you can use either on it's own or via one of the great social networking sites you may be using already - LinkedIn?  Want a place to: Store files Share files Keep track of your "to do" list The solution is: Huddle.  No, I'm not talking about a foot...
You've heard the phrase "Luck of the Irish."  This saying refers to the fact that the Irish people have come out of much adversity and have come out of it on top.  Some say it's due to luck and others say it's perseverance.  (Knowing my father and many of his friends that came to the U.S. from I...
Here's the scenario: Prospect calls or emails with a request about your services. You prepare information for them. You wait for a response And you wait And you continue to wait You follow-up with an email or call Perhaps you hear they haven't gotten to look at it yet, or you just get their voic...
Did you ever watch the show Frasier and do you remember his famous tag-line from his radio show "This is Dr. Frasier Crane, I'm listening."  I love that line and it got me to thinking about the Art of Listening.  Many of us think about ourselves "I'm a great listener" but are we really?   Do you...
Great news!  You have a listing appointment on the property you have been wanting to represent and you work hard on creating a CMA report that will detail all the comparables for the local area and recommended pricing for this home but are you missing another important piece in this report? I'm ...
I think it's safe to say that we've all learned many hard and valuable lessons throughout our lives.  Have you ever truly reflected on them?  Was there 1 key moment, event or person that truly made a difference in your life and helped shape who you are? Today I'm celebrating the BIG 40, I wanted...
Spring is often a time for cleaning our homes, shedding those heavy coats and the breaking free from the confines of our homes as we prepare for spending more time outside than inside.  I can't wait! With that thought I would like to discuss a problem and offer a solution to an all too common pr...

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