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By Melissa Birdsong RISMEDIA, Nov. 17, 2008-As the weather turns cooler, creating a warm and inviting kitchen can make a big difference in a home's overall appeal. With a few well-chosen finish updates, you can shift tone and mood and purchase interest. Fifty years ago, the American kitchen was p...
RISMEDIA, Nov. 17, 2008-You know the saying, "There's no place like home for the holidays"? Well, this year, it's about to take on a whole new meaning. A whopping 63% of newlyweds on TheNest.com have to change their holiday travel plans because of the economy, meaning that they may not be able to...
Zoning  Procedure that classifies real property for a number of different uses: residential, commercial, industrial, etc. in accordance with a land-use plan.  Yield  What an investment or property will return; the profit or income.  Write-off  Depreciation or amortization an owner takes on a comm...
By Heather Dorsey RISMEDIA, Nov. 10, 2008-(MCT)-The mercury is beginning to dip along with the falling leaves. Soon the same children who are anticipating snowflakes will begin complaining about frozen fingers and toes. As the cold weather in places like southeastern Wisconsin chases kids inside,...
By David Fialk RISMEDIA, Nov. 10, 2008-What is a potential home buyer to do? There is widespread negative publicity about the future of real estate values. There is negative publicity regarding the difficulty in obtaining mortgage financing, the problems with sub prime mortgages, home foreclosure...
Hello, Well I am afraid I am going to have to eat my words!  Everyone thought I would do good on the contest in our office and this is the last week and I am not doing so great!  Everyone is ahead of me!  Come on!  If you are thinking of selling your home, give me a call!  If you are thinking of ...

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