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OMG, Bank of America to take over servicing of Taylor Beans 180,000 loan portfolio I think anyone that has dealt with BofA on ANY type of loan servicing situation in 2009 (short sale, loan mod, answering the phone...) knows that BofA does not need any more loans to deal with.   Why would the serv...
The latest in the Countrywide/BofA short sale fiasco... "you've been randomly selected..."   Yep, that's the words still ringing in my ears... We've been working on this file since DECEMBER 2nd!  The home has been vacated for almost a year... this is DEFINITELY a short sale deal... C'wide/BofA ha...
I Can't... Have you ever caught yourself saying those words? I can't make it to your party... I can't find any buyers for this house... I can't finish a half-marathon... I can't... I can't... I can't... Think for a minute what you are telling your subconscious... "you might as well not even try b...
I Got Lucky... Again!  (Don't Tell Tim!)I have a short sale listing in one of those communities that has very strict guidelines on what color/size/etc. your sign panel needs to be, so I had to order a new sign panel.  The sign company took so long getting it ready that I had the house pending al...

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