facebook: Facebook Fridays - Gobble Up Leads During Turkey Time! - 11/15/17 04:04 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
This is a great time of year for social media marketing! As consumers travel to see family/friends or prepare their home for an onslaught of visitors, many end up having a lot of downtime. This means they will be grabbing their electronic devices and perusing their favorite social media sites. Savvy marketeres (all ya'll) know this and will be ramping up efforts this next week to put out quality real estate information to catch their attention. I will. Will you Rainers?
Did You Know...according to Nielsen, consumers spend 35 minutes (on average) on Facebook each day. That is plenty … (33 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Proactive or Reactive, Which Are You? - 11/08/17 03:48 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Why so glum chum? Facebook marketing got you down? Not seeing the results you hear others are getting? IF it has not been working for you, the answer is to change up your approach. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is silly. Tweak when you post, change up what you share, add interesting photos, try out a video, ask some questions, try targeted and untargeted ads, engage more, etc. Approach it from a real estate consumers perspective...what would you want to see if you were looking for an agent to help … (31 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Going All-In with FB Marketing! - 11/01/17 03:14 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I can always tell when November arrives without looking at a calendar because I start getting a lot of emails on how to setup a Facebook Biz Page. I get it...agents are wanting to get things in-place for the coming year. I wonder how many actually follow through and keep the momentum going (I suppose the same can be said for videos, consistent blogging, etc.)! If we want sustained success, we have to commit, and that means going "all-in" with whatever marketing we decide to employ. Are you all-in with FB? If not, what's the point? Just … (48 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Using Social Media for Biz is Not a Spectator Sport - 10/25/17 04:10 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Using social media to generate new leads takes time but the rewards when you "get it right" are very rewarding. What I notice from those who are generating biz from their social media efforts is their willingness to engage with their readers. It makes sense. We need to respond, follow-up, then cultivate...all involving some form of communication. That is especially true when using Facebook to generate business opportunities. We must be active, not passive. Are you active? One thing I know for sure...Using social media for biz is not a spectator sport!
Did You Know...according to Statista, the … (26 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - The Power To Change Facebook - 10/18/17 03:33 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I had a chat this week with experienced real estate Facebook marketers and the question came up about what would you change on FB if you had the power to do so. I had to think for a few minutes and eventually said immediate helpdesk access to a live person. Others wanted to change the feed, security was mentioned, and elimination of spammers/trolls also made the list. What one thing would you change about FB if you had the power to do so, Rainers?
Did You Know...according to Facebook, they had 1 million users by the end of … (32 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Making a Positive Impression is an Upload Away! - 10/10/17 03:40 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook will be rolling out a new feature soon that gives you a closer look at your friend's friends...I imagine the intent is to make it easier for them to become your friends too. Add that with their "Discover People" feature that rolled out earlier this year (aimed at events/groups) and it is clear FB is putting a premium on ensuring we get and stay connected with others. They definitely know how to keep the social aspect alive and well!
Did You Know...according to the Zephoria, there are 300 million photo uploads per day on FB. Want to make … (36 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - When In Doubt, Ask An Expert! - 10/04/17 03:26 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I know many of you manage active Facebook community pages and I am curious if you are generating leads that are converting into clients from those pages? How much time do you spend each week providing information, commenting, and generally keeping the flow moving? I was asked but I do not run a community page so thought I would come to the experts. Do tell so we can learn from your experience.
Did You Know...according to the PEW Research Center, 79% of American adult Internet users use Facebook. In second is Instagram at 32% and Pinterest comes in … (23 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - How Does Your FB Garden Grow? - 09/27/17 02:41 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Did you notice Facebook gave its ad manager a facelift? Perhaps you saw that several of the least used boost types were eliminated? Maybe you were sharp enough to see they increased capabilities for branded content managers? What's important about these changes? FB continues to grow and evolve to make the user experience better and the job of marketers simpler. Are you growing with them?
Did You Know...according to OmniCoreAgency, 72% of people who earn more than $75K are on Facebook. Looking for real estate buyers? FB says the majority of them frequent their site! ;-) 
A reminder that you … (29 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Can You Handle The Competition? - 09/18/17 05:25 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I am pretty mellow, really, I am. However, I participated in a social media webinar recently and every couple of minutes 2 agents would take turns bashing Facebook and how it is was not smart to be using it, lack of leads, waste of time, etc. (everyone is entitled to their own opinion). They spouted off some FB "facts" and that is when I chimed in.
I asked for a reference to their claims and they instead tried to bully me. When that did not work one made a snide remark (I won't repeat it). It got me … (36 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Faking It Is Fools Gold - 09/13/17 05:08 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook has really started to step up their game to eliminate fake news stories. In fact, if you are a repeat offender you run the risk of never being able to place ads again. If you have ever seen any of these ridiculous pages you know many want your attention so you will stop and click the ad. I for one am glad this cleanup is in progress! 
Did You Know...according to SproutSocial, Facebook is available in 70 different languages. This is incredibly useful marketing information if you live in a bi/multi-language community. ;-) 
With so many suffering due to Harvey/Irma, … (39 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Is Your Page Active or Stale? - 09/06/17 03:40 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook has slowly been making a new feature called "Explore Feed" available to targeted audiences. It is supposed to help you discover content not available on your friends profiles or pages they follow. If you have the capability already, it can be found in your Menu Navigation (where weather, sports, etc. can be found). Anyone have it yet? Using it if you do? 
Did You Know...according to OmniCore, 79% of U.S. adults aged 30-49 use Facebook. If This is a demographic you want to target, it helps to know where you can periodically find them. ;-) 
Friday nearly snuck … (30 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - The Power of Persistence - 08/30/17 02:03 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Marketing on social media takes a lot of patience, persistence, a firm plan, a small dose of luck, and an understanding that it is important to give (being social) in order to get (prospects/leads/clients). On Facebook, when you put those 5 elements together there is a better than average chance you will find success with your efforts. If you are looking for quick "wins" then using social media may not be for you. Just sayin', Rainers. ;-). 
Did You Know...according to Kentico, 39% of FB users like or follow a page to receive some type of special offer. What … (33 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Become a Groupie! - 08/16/17 03:44 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I have mentioned in the past that joining (and becoming active) in local FB groups is such an easy (and free) way to help us gain brand exposure and establish trust/rapport that can lead to new clients. Did you join any local FB groups this week? Are you consistently active in one or more you do not manage? Or are you skeptical and do not see the point? Do share Rainers...I would love to hear your thoughts. 
Did You Know...according to OmniCore, over 40 million small businesses have created a Facebook Business Page. I wonder how many are … (33 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - FBs Demise Was Grossly Exaggerated! - 08/09/17 03:33 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Do you remember? Way back in 2013, again in 2014, one more time in 2015, and finally in 2016 there was a chorus of "Facebook is dying" splashed across the Web. Remember all the rants about cat meme's and political leanings destroying the site? How about the doom predicted because of fake accounts and security concerns? 
There have been plenty of unpopular changes (newsfeed changes come to mind), a public stock offering, new and existing competitors upping the ante for consumer attention, and lots of other negative press over the last few years. What's the one constant? With … (47 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Personal or Professional? - 07/30/17 11:33 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I have been asked a couple of times offline in the past few weeks by Rainers why I do not share personal FB profiles. Good question. The primary reason is because we should only be promoting business information via a FB business page. Facebook makes this clear in their Terms of Service.
I know many Rainers use their personal profiles to share business information, often times with better success than they see from their FB biz pages. However, there is always the risk that Facebook will begin to crack down on this practice and everything will be lost. … (25 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - New Prospects Are Only An Ad Away! - 07/26/17 12:03 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Another successful week of FB ads for my new listings netted a contract on one already and a future buyer on another. Both came via FB (one is a long-time FB follower and the other found me online and made contact via Messenger). The power of FB ads still amazes me. For the price, they really cannot be beat!
August will be here in a few days which means Facebook will be rolling out a few new changes and updates in the next week or so. I look forward to improvements they make (most of the time) and … (32 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - What Feedback Are You Getting? - 07/12/17 01:49 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Are you having difficulties finding your FB footing? Not getting the quality leads you expected (or any at all). If so, the first place to start is with what you are posting to your FB page. If you are not getting any feedback from local readers you are not providing the real estate content they want to see. What's the easiest way to remedy that issue? Ask your readers what they want...it really is that simple!  ;-)
Did You Know...according to Bit.ly, Facebook engagement is 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays. Try it for yourself and see if … (34 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - What Is Holding Your Marketing Back? - 07/02/17 12:17 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Happy Facebook Friday, Rainers! As we kick off the second half of 2017, I hope you have a specific FB plan to generate new leads. Now is a great time to put your marketing into full motion to keep the pipeline full of consumers for the rest of the year. It can easily turn a mediocre year into a good one and a good one to great. ;-)
Did You Know...according to the PEW Research Center, 79% of American adult Internet users use FB. Instagram is in second at 32%. With roughly 80% of your local market on … (33 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - The Cure For Social Media Bloating - 06/28/17 12:00 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
As we have come to expect from this social media giant, there are a bunch of Facebook updates on the horizon. Improved dynamic ads, snapshot video metrics, instant article updates, and a host of canvas templates (mobile) to name a few of the new/improved features. What does this mean for you? It means you need to stop back in to Facebook Fridays periodically to get an update on these enhancements as well as key information and advice to help you best use these resources. ;-)
Did You Know...according to statista.com, the largest distribution of FB users in the … (31 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - An Honest Assessment Is One Request Away! - 06/21/17 03:54 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Full width mobile FB ads are now here as is tighter scrutiny for click-bait targeting at the post level. Both are changes I have been waiting for as I believe they will improve the Facebook experience for all users. However, I am curious how FB will be able to decipher click-bait posts over regular content...I guess that is why their engineers/code gurus get paid the big bucks!
Did You Know...according to ExpandedRamblings, there will be over 169 million Facebook users in the U.S. by 2018! How much more income can you generate by getting only 6 of them to commit to … (24 comments)

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