new braunfels: Sandwich Memories - 04/28/10 01:23 PM
I just read the top blogs on AR when all I can think about is sandwiches. Maybe I'm hungry. Doesn't everyone really LOVE sandwiches? If really good bread is essential, why does that first turkey sandwich after TG dinner HAVE to be on fresh squishy white bread with mayo, dressing and cranberry sauce? Ohhhhhh.......that memory got me
Here comes another - from the back stoop at my Uncle Chuck's house (because we weren't allowed inside - it was daylight, we were supposed to be playing.) One piece of Sunbeam bread smeared with oleo, sprinkled with white sugar and folded in half. … (8 comments)

new braunfels: Mozie on down to Gruene - 10/06/09 01:19 PM
Great day in New Braunfels, ran some errands, went to lunch at Mozies in Gruene. A friend and I dropped in to Mozies on Today a little after noon. Pleasantly busy, but not crowded, we were lucky enough to snag the table near the front door. From there we could watch all the tourista action at Gruene Hall and around the shops. This is a really great location - a sliver of a building, about the width of two bowling lanes but longer. The interior is industrial Loft meets Texas Hill Country. Comfortable chairs, Good old fashioned, full bar and backbar, … (2 comments)

new braunfels: My Day, My Say 3/6/2009 - 03/06/09 01:04 PM
Nothing much to say except that we need to enjoy each and every day as it comes. I took the boys to the park last week, we walked, we sniffed, we got chased by the geese. It was a good day.

I highly reccommend that if you can, take a walk in your park. Wherever it takes you, it's the getting there that's important.

new braunfels: My Day, My Say 2/28/2009 - 02/28/09 03:27 PM

On the way home  from San Antonio today, I took a side trip to look for inspiration at the Antique Rose Emporium. In the early 1980's owner Doug Shoup could be found out in the cow pastures around Independence, TX "RoseRustling" or liberating the old fashioned roses growing around there.His business has thrived and in addition to the absolutely beautiful location in Independence & a large mailorder business, he opened a place between Rolling Oaks Mall and Bracken north of San Antonio.
Since I was looking for inspiration, I expected color but it seems I was a bit early. As … (1 comments)

new braunfels: My Day, My Say 2/22/09 - 02/22/09 08:17 AM

I read a report today from Richard Fillip, RE/MAX of Texas. In it, he stated that 50% of all new jobs created in America in 2008 were in Texas.
Think some of those jobs could be in places like this? As REALTORS we are at the center of a new energy revolution.
There is nothing like being at the right place at the right time!
Now, get to work.

new braunfels: Gruene River Bridge is DOWN and going back up Part Duex - 02/17/08 07:47 AM
Made it by the the lowater yesterday. Looks like the TXDot or whomever is getting busy. There are now 3 stantions up and the Rockin'R side of the river approach seems to be shaping up. Since it was raining yesterday, there was absolutely no one down there - a rarity. No matter the weather, there are usually half a dozen Harley's parked at Bubba's Big Deck. Anyway, I still don't know if they are going to be meeting the target date of Memorial Day weekend. We'll see... The picture is lacking in quality because when I got to the river...I didn't have … (3 comments)

new braunfels: Child Safety??? - 02/15/08 10:03 AM
Here's another blast from the past. While wondering around in Guadalupe county, I found an abandoned building, I spied this inside a broken window. Does anyone remember this type of child "Safety Seat"?
It is a real improvement from the one I was plunked down in, but mine did have a canvas seat and a bright blue steering wheel with a red horn in the center. For some reason the red horn didn't work too long. Do you think it might have been disabled by one of the grownups in the car? Anyway, this appears to be from the late 60's maybe? … (0 comments)

new braunfels: The Starlight - 02/14/08 02:24 PM
I didn't make it down to the lowater bridge this weekend...but I did need to kill some time in the Schertz/Cibolo area today. Found some interesting "artifacts" while I was driving around. The Starlight Theatre is in Schertz on Highway 78. This community was voted one of the top 40 places to live in the US and is the top ranked city in Texas. It lies between our little town of New Braunfels and San Antonio. I know there are old drive-ins everywhere but this one seemed to stand out. I'm amazed that no one has "liberated" the sign itself. It's in … (2 comments)

new braunfels: Gruene River Bridge is DOWN and going back up! - 02/04/08 01:43 PM
The old low-water bridge on Gruene road leading from New Braunfels to Gruene has been torn down and is slowly being rebuilt. If you understand that everyone around here loved the bridge, but realized that it was dangerous, deadly and the time had come for it be replaced. We loved it on lazy hot summer afternoons, even if we weren't in the water, it was always fun to take a slow drive through the shopping tourists, down the big hill and over the bridge. You always had to drive extremely slow and cautiously due to the fact that the toobers exiting the river had … (6 comments)

new braunfels: A Cautionary Tale, Part II - 12/08/07 01:31 PM
Lauren is fighting her way out of the coma! Last night, it was as bad as it could be. The family was told that if she survived, there was no way to determine what her brain function would be. All of this heartache and fear, is because she was either accidentally or was intentionally poisoned with antifreeze in a dorm room at college. Late this morning she began to respond to hand squeezes, the respirator was removed and she began to fight to regain consciousness. There is hope. It is a very very good day to be alive.
It is amazing how an e-community of complete … (6 comments)

new braunfels: Wassailfest Tonight! - 12/06/07 03:59 AM
Busy day ahead, take hubby for a doctor's appointment, an office party, showing property in the late afternoon, then off to pickup my buddy Jerry Lee Lewis (my white trash poodle) and go for a stroll in downtown New Braunfels for Wassailfest. Saying hello to everyone, checking out the store windows and judging the different types of wassail. Each office and company has their own special ingredient. Several years ago, it is rumored that one place, no longer open, used just a touch of bug repellant. So I will be on the  watch for that faint tingle of "RealKill" on the palate;-)
I … (0 comments)

new braunfels: Fairy Godmother for Christmas - 12/04/07 02:07 PM
So much has happened the past couple of weeks. I haven't been able to write any blog entries because my old faithful laptop had a cardiac arrest. For a while, it looked as if there was going to be a family funeral but the computer was revived and I am assured that the newly transplanted hard drive will be as good as new. I find it amazing how this relatively new form of communication has taken over my life.
While real estate work has been slower than normal, I decided to do something entirely for myself - well not completely myself. First, some personal history; my mother … (2 comments)

new braunfels: Free Christmas Celebration in New Braunfels, TX - 11/15/07 02:48 AM
I checked the December Calendar for the New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce, there sure is a lot of stuff to do if you have the time and the money. This weekend the Cowboy Kringle comes to Gruene with the Craft Fair, the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony is tomorrow downtown. There are various dances & symphonies, both a Gala and a Ball, Weihnachtsmarkt, art shows, a family camp out at Cypress Bend Park, a Pony Express Run...There is something for everyone that wants to participate in something.
If, like me, you want something low key, friendly, fun and free, for everyone from toddlers & teen agers to … (1 comments)

new braunfels: Historic Gruene Bridge Bites the Dust - 11/11/07 03:17 PM
Granted, the Guadalupe River low water bridge at Gruene it isn't THAT beautiful. It was built as a utilitarian way to cross an impetuous river. Two narrow lanes more sized for Model T's than SUV's. I'm sure no great architects were ever involved in it's construction. It wasn't a graceful arch or an example of Victorian iron lacework, it was just solid concrete with some exposed re-bar here and there, barely wide enough for two pick-ups to pass slowly while the drivers gawked at the slightly tipsy bikini clad toobers try to exit the river gracefully.  
A couple of years ago, a large section washed down stream … (1 comments)

new braunfels: Why I moved to the Hill Country of Texas - 11/11/07 02:32 PM
We wanted quiet. This is sooooo quiet, that I can actually hear the deer munching on the grass outside my bedroom window at night. I can also smell the skunks, hear the hawks and watch the clouds. I've seen ringtailed cats walking across the pasture & red fox & wild turkey - the kind you eat NOT the kind you drink :) Occasionally, feral hogs rip up what passes for flower beds in my yard. We can hear peacocks yell, roosters crow and donkeys bray. In the spring, the does hesitantly bring out their fawns, occasionally leaving 4 or 5 in … (0 comments)

new braunfels: River Chase - 11/08/07 09:08 AM
River Chase is a wonderful subdivision along the Guadalupe River in Comal County. It is divided by HWY 306 into what is locally called the "Old Part" and the "New Part." The Old Section began development around the turn of the century (2000;-) the other side began about 2003. The lot sizes in Sections 1-3 start at over 3 acres while on the other side, lots can be as small as one acre. This is due to the fact that Sections 4-10 have City of New Braunfels water available. The building restrictions on both sides are all similar 2000+ sq. ft. Masonry construction and there is a Mandatory Property Owners Association.
The wonderful … (0 comments)

new braunfels: Guadalupe River Oaks - 11/08/07 06:11 AM
Guadalupe River Oaks is a relatively small neighborhood on the northern side of New Braunfels & Gruene. It was first began in the late 1970's as what I like to call a "ranchette" Neighborhood. In order for a home to have enough room for a well and a standard septic system, the county regulated the size of the lot to a minimum of 5 acres. The streets were laid in nicely, not too winding but enough to keep it interesting. A lot of the cedar ( a non-native invader) was cleared and the oaks were given enough room to spread and grow like they should. This … (0 comments)

new braunfels: It's Wurstfest Time! - 10/30/07 08:30 AM
Almost anyone who attended college in Texas, knows that one of the first Thursday nights in November is reserved for a quick trip to the New Braunfels Wurstfest and the "Ten Day Salute to the Sausage". As usual, I was a bit late to the party, didn't make until 1972. In the afternoon my husband and I rented a paddle boat in the park, ate sausage, drank beer, listened to Myron Floren, danced a few polkas then OomPah'd our way back to the hotel. As a native Texan I will readily admit that I am of German heritage, but mine is of the Pennsylvania variety. However, the sausage, potato pancakes and … (5 comments)


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