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It's the same old "unintended consequences" of legislation.  Or was it unintended? In my lending business we lend to real estate investors who are buying properties for a business purpose only:  They buy houses in serious disrepair - the ones the banks won't lend on for a home buyer - and fix the...
I saw a post the other day from an investor who was told he had to get the contract (deal) before he could get funding. Another poster disagreed, and told him that wasn't true. In the interests of not hijacking the thread, I thought I would post some information that might be useful. It is very d...
Part 7 in a series of 7 posts Ok, we're getting down to the last three questions here. Should I form an entity to lend? It is not the same thing to lend as to borrow, so the considerations for lending aren't the same as for borrowing. Even though we can't lend to end homeowners, and lend to comme...
Part 6 of a series I'm continuing a discussion of lending money to real estate investors. My company lends money exclusively to real estate investors in a specific geographic area. This allows us to be local to any property used to collateralize the loan, stay on top of legislative changes throug...
Part 5 of a series First, let's define a real estate investor, for purposes of this series of posts.  Buying real estate to hold for income, or buying real estate to resell - both of these are called real estate investors.  Also, wholesalers, who get properties under contract and then assign the ...
Part 4 in a series Lending money to real estate investors can be a lucrative way to participate in a project without running the project yourself.  It can lessen your risk, because of where you stand in the line of people waiting to get paid. First, lets make it clear we are talking about real es...
Part 3 in a series First, if you are considering investing funds in real estate without doing the actual leg work, there are many ways to consider handling that investment. But here are some things to consider before you take the plunge: Am I comfortable investing in something where I won't be th...
Part 2 in a series If you are starting out in investing, chances are you want to invest hands on. You probably want to either invest full time, or simply add to the family finances with a deal or two a year.  Deciding the type of investing that works for you, and how much time and money you shoul...
Part 1 in a series I come into frequent contact with people wanting to make the jump into real estate investing, but not knowing where to start.  I'm on the Board of several Real Estate Investor Associations, and co-founded one of them, so my network includes many new investors.  Sometimes they a...

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