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Pamela Stangler of Long & Foster Real Estate in Gainesville, VA does a great job of explaining what happens when a short sale contract doesn't get approved in the timeframe written in the contract.  Please leave your comments on her original post. When you are a buyer purchasing a Short Sale pro...
It's hard for Sellers to hear news they just don't want to, especially if there is an agent in the market that is willing to fly in the fact of cold hard facts.  This is a great post on pricing by Bristow Realtor Chris Ann Cleland.  If you are planning to sell your Bristow home, talk to Chris An...
Looks like Bristow and Nokesville will soon be served by a new elementary school  Bristow Realtor® Pamela Stangler is on top of it.  To find out how it will affect you, read her post. There are two new elementary schools that will open in September 2011 in the Bristow/Nokesville area. One is T. ...
Every day shots of your surroundings can be very pleasing.  Pam Stangler caught some great every day shots of our Northern Virginia area.  I enjoyed them enough to want to share them. There are so many interesting things to see around Northern Virginia and I like capturing those things on camera...
If you are involved in a short sale, directions must be followed to a "T".  And that means having properly notarized documents.  Chris Ann Cleland, Short Sale Specialist in the Bristow-Gainesville-Haymarket area ran into a first hand issue of improper notarization of documents.  Do it right the ...
How many times have you heard someone say something to the effect that if their short sale didn't work out as they wanted, that they would just let their home go to foreclosure.  By saying that, the implication is that the is no repercussion in allowing a home to go foreclosure.  How did that eve...
Does your dog need a bath as bad as your car?  Well, take them both to the same place.  Manassas Park has a new car wash where you can wash your car, your motorcycle or even your dog.Speedy Green is the first of it's kind in the United States according to the Thursday, January 20th edition of the...
Back in the days when I had more energy and tons of time, I was very politically active.  Whenever possible, it is a great thing to voice your cares and concerns to your elected officials.  And if you live in Bristow's community of Braemar, you'll have that opportunity this Thursday.  See Chris ...
Looking for a great painter in Northern Virginia?  Noel Huston of Huston Painting does a fantastic job.  He realizes it's more than putting color on the wall. I am fortunate to know many great professionals in various lines of work.  One such professional is a long time friend by the name of Noe...
Being honest from the very beginning can save a lot of hassle when it comes to finding a rental.  There is not one landlord out there that likes it when skeletons start falling out of your closet.  Be honest from the start. You'll get a lot farther. In today’s market a lot of families have hit o...

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