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IE6NoMore.com is attempting to organize a movement to finally kill Internet Explorer 6 (which was released in 2001). IE6NoMore is asking sites to include code that detects the use of IE6 from visitors and encourages them to upgrade to Firefox 3.5, IE8, Safari 4, or Google Chrome. On Tues the mov...
Are you actively promoting your listings online? We are looking for Beta testers of a new product! What you will receive? Only a limited number of people will receive access this new and exciting tool so you will be one of a few marketing your listings in a unique way on a very popular platform....
Firefox 3.5 was officially released this morning. New and improved features include: Awesome Bar - Improved - Find the sites you love in seconds and without having to remember URLs. One-Click Bookmarking - Bookmark, search and organize Web sites quickly and easily. Super Speed - New Feature - Vew...
Medialets released statistics regarding the Palm Pre showing that the Pre racked up an impressive 700,000 application downloads it's initial week of release. This may not appear many when compared to the Apple Store but when the Pre only had a mere 30 applications it becomes a much more impressiv...
Palm isn't wasting any time and backed up their promise in "aggressively updating" WebOS by pushing it's first update since launch. The update promises the follow updates: Version information New applications No new applications in update 1.0.3 Feature changes to existing applications Calendar Ev...
As many of the iPhone users probably already know Apple should be releasing the big iPhone 3.0 software update today. Some of the more worthwhile feature updates include: MMS coming to AT&T later this summer. Tethering which will also come to AT&T user after launch. Safari is new and improved run...
The browser credited for many of the innovations we now take for granted within Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari (tabs anyone?) has surprised everyone this morning by announcing Opera Unite. Opera Unite is a cloud based promise to "reinvent the web". The browser based application is now ava...
Microsoft broke it's own record which stood since  August of 2008 when it patched 26 vulnerabilities on Windows. Tuesdays patch took care of 31 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Exporer, Excel, Word, Windows Search and other programs. Many of the updates are considered critical and should be a...
Apple made some big announcements yesterday during the WWDC Keynote some of the more notable would be: Laptop specs have been beefed up with price cuts across the product line Apple's new Operating System Snow Leopard will be available in September and will be a $29 upgrade for current Leopard us...
The Palm Pre will finally be unleashed to the world on Saturday and many reviews are coming in with a fairly wide range of opinions. For the most part the reviews seem to agree that the new WebOS (Operating System) is very strong and rivals or exceeds the iPhone in many ways. Some of the reviews ...

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