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King County Home prices in 2010 will have to escape two mega foreseeable dip factors, in order to keep in the 2005 – 2006 price range. Earlier this year I called bottom and the end of the downward spiral, when median home price for King County was at $362,700. The year ended at at a median price...
Five to one, more people are asking me if they should sell their home vs. if they should buy one. That said, I have more buyer clients than seller clients. Those buyers are simply not asking IF they SHOULD buy. The most difficult scenarios are those who need to do both at the same time, who cann...
Home Warranty: I just sent a text message to one of my clients who bought a new construction home almost a year ago regarding their “Builder Warranty”. A new home will have its fair share of minor settlement cracks and“nail pops” and many quality builders will come back at the end of the 1st yea...
(I wrote this post back in April of 2008. I recently had a request from a Reserve Study Company who wanted to use it in all of their Reserve Studies. Portions of it, rather than the whole thing I expect. I decided to repost it here as if it is THAT useful to a Reserve Study might be...
When my clients send me a home they want to see and ask for my thoughts, I often respond “nice house; seems a little over-priced to me”. Sometimes they wonder how I know that before seeing the house. Using general statistics to establish an immediate reaction to price, gives you a good starting ...

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