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Candid comments and education to help today's home buyer or home owner make a sound decision today and in the future about their home financing options in today's rapidly changing market.
When buying investment real estate properties leverage is key.  The more cash you use the lower your leverage and experience a lower return on investment.  Fannie Mae has introduced the HomeStyle Mortgage to help you with that.  With the HomeStyle Investor loan, you can buy properties with less c...
What if your home appraisal comes in Low?  Here are 4 Steps that can help you get the value revisedWhen you are selling your home one of the worst deal-killing things that can happen is that the appraisal comes in low stating that your home is worth much less than your asking price.  Since May 1,...
When looking to purchase a home you will see a lot of articles that focus on interest rate as the only factor in determining how affordable a home is for you.  What you're really looking for is "How much down payment for a house?" A recent Federal Reserve Board study on the factors that impact yo...
Whether you are a first time home buyer or a a move up home buyer the 1st question you ask yourself is can I afford a house or more specifically can you afford that house.  When deciding to purchase a home it good to know how House prices are determined so you can make your best offer.  There are...
Many people buy their homes in the spring and summer. However is a fantastic time to buy a home with 3 distinct advantages.  Less Competition: One reason that people wait until spring of summer to buy a house is because they don't want to move their kids to a new school district in the middle of ...
There are two types of Custom Home Construction Loans Available in the Houston Metro area. You've decided to build your own custom home because the cookie cutter tract homes that you've seen are just not what you and your family are looking for.   Now comes the part when you are looking for finan...
It's something that is more common than you may think with home sales.  The Buyer makes an offer, the seller accepts, real estate agents blast out on social media SOLD 123 Elm Street!  Then everyone starts packing.  Something comes along that feels like getting Checked from behind in a hockey gam...
New FHA Collections guidance that set new guidelines for dealing with collections, judgments & disputed credit accounts First a Few definitions are in order Automated Underwriting System (AUS) - This is where the loan is approved by any ofseveral automated loan risk systems from Fannie Mae, Fredd...
A home Construction loan otherwise known as an Interim home Construction Loan is an easy way to get the home of your dreams.  No more are you stuck in a cookie cutter tract home subdivision that has as much personality as a cardboard box.  Instead you can start with the blank sheet of paper and ...
Refinancing Your Home Mortgage in the Woodlands Texas... timing is everything Rates took a major tumble earlier this week.   Now you start seeing every day the sales pitches from the Mortgage Industry of "refinance now", "new lower rates can save you thousands" or even ones that say "If I could p...

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