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 'Private Beach'Hey!  Stay off my lakefront property!  Didn't you see the 'Private Beach' sign?  Lake Erie Posting 'No trespassing'  or 'Private Beach'  signage has been a controversial issue for private property owners along the Pennsylvania Lake Erie shoreline.   Presque Isle Peninsula Property...
Improve your home's curb appeal with new entry door.  Keep in mind 'First Impressions' only happen once. According to the " 2015 Cost vs Value Report, produced by Remodeling magazine in cooperation with the National Association of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Magazine" entry door replacement is number ...
How often do we say that we are just too busy to take time off?  Oh my, how often I have said those very words.   How long does the sunset last?Miles to go and so many things to do before I sleep.  So glad I took this picture of Mother's rose garden just before . . .  Summer is quickly fading awa...
Have you registered for Fundamentals Class? Erie/PA The Real Estate market in Erie PA is hot.  Homes for sale in Erie PA are selling quickly.  Have you been thinking about a career in Real Estate?  Few careers offer the flexibility that a career in Real Estate does.  Few careers have the 'sky is ...
Are you ready for Fall?  Here are 10 Fall maintenance tips to prepare for that other season that follows.  (Notice I didn't say the name of that other season!) Don't forget to keep the bird feeders full as many birds will begin their southern migration soon.  Since I live near Lake Erie I took do...
If a resident committed suicide, do I have to tell the buyers?Suicide, Do I Have to Tell?Recently I received a text message from a former student: "When you know that someone committed suicide in a property are you legally obligated to tell someone that is looking at that home or apartment?  I co...
Erie, PA  Yes, it is a great time to sell real estate. Are you a  goal-oriented person?Every day is same as yesterday??? Are you self-motivated?Tired of 9-5 or 7-3 schedule??? Do you enjoy working with people?Need a raise??? Does unlimited earning potential get you excited?Bored to death with you...
Ditto! The Ups and Downs of a Real Estate Career Yesterday I was down a bit:  Challenges with a short sale and representing the most wonderful 87 year old man, finding out some awesome prospects of mine will no longer be relocating to Tucson, getting the news another closing got pushed out 6 more...
 Soar Above the Crowd Are you ready to take your career to a new level?  The Real Estate market in Erie, PA is strong and needs agents who want soar above the crowd.  Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is #1 in Erie market and 3rd largest Real Estate company in United States.  Come see why Howard ...
What a sense of humor!    Driving up to Estes Park, Colo. yesterday, we came across this big boy.  He was in someone backyard and no one was around.  So other then the tree leaves being in the way, I got some pictures of him.  I would of scratch his tummy but he did not roll over.   No I did not ...

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