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Where Can You Find 2010 Open Houses? Pennsylvania New York West Virgina Ohio  Join Howard Hanna at over 2010 Open Houses on Sunday April 18th and take advantage of the tax credit before it expires at the end of April    For all your Real Estate needs in Erie, Pennsylvania call Howard Hanna Real E...
Yes, the sun sets every day throughout the year, but the longer days of spring and summer seem to bring the best sunsets especially near the shore of Lake Erie where I live.  Either a quick walk or ride usually means a wonderful display by Mother Nature.  Let me share with you tonight's sunset. J...
Your Presence Is Requested April 18, 2010 Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia including Erie, PA  Howard Hanna Open House Extravaganza April 18   For Addresses in Erie, PA You don't need to wait until April 18th to see these home, call now for an appointment.  Perhaps you are considering ...
Stuffed Peppers with Mary's Special Sauce Join the Yonkers for one of our favorite Homestyle meals Stuffed Peppers.  Oh yes, with my Special Sauce, too.  A few years ago I took a pot of stuffed peppers to my daughter's house for family get-together.  After dinner she thanked me for bringing the p...
Homestyle Cooking with Mary:  Seafood Pasta with Alfredo Sauce     Seafood options:  shrimp, scallops, clam, mussels, lobster Optional:  mushrooms, green onions, red or green peppers Veggie:  baby spinach, pea pods, asparagus Season with minced garlic, sea salt and fresh ground pepper Saute seafo...
While taking photos of the sunrise this morning I thought of Debi Boucher's post suggesting that we get Up Close & Personal with the photography.        I thought about trying to position the sunrise in the 'V' of this huge grouping of tree trunks and realized that execution of my bright idea was...
Welcome to a New Day   Getting up early is not usually a problem for me most of the year when the days are longer and a  little warmer.  I go out to get the newspaper and feed the birds every morning whether it is raining, snowing or just a calm start to the day.  Sometimes I remember to take my ...

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