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Virtual communication is a great way to communicate in today's fast food society.  When everyone wants information now, the latest technology makes that possible. From Internet phone services like Skype that allows you to click & call from your computer to Internet faxing with services from compa...
Here are some useful tips for staging a home to sell faster. Remember first impressions are everything! 1) It's All About Curb Appeal  Try fresh landscaping, a manicured lawn, clean exterior & walkways, a fresh coat of paint on the front door, replace faded shutters. Just remember that the curb a...
From NAR Residential Sold ReportBaldwin County-All AreasReport Generated For: 10/01/2007 - 10/18/2007 New Listings   577 Total Homes Sold   109 Total Condos Sold    23 Median Sold Price    $187,500 Average Sold Price   $226,104 Average Days on Market   168 Total Sold Dollar Volume Residential    ...
Announcing a new blog devoted to Baldwin County Real Estate. The new ultimate source for tips, trends, & more. I invite you to visit the blog at! I extend my welcome to the Real Estate Professionals across Baldwin County & Alabama to join and make c...
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term that describes a process to increase your rankings in search engines on-line such as Google, etc. SEO is important to any agent with a web site. More & more people are using the Internet to search for real estate everyday. The problem is that if you can...
Increase your volume! Isn't that what all agents strive to do-more volume equals more commissions. The only problem is a single agent can only handle a limited number of transactions or listings at a time. A single agent is limited to the amount of work they alone can produce and that hinders vol...
Many agents get leads in various ways. From a call by driving by and seeing a sign, a web site, an ad, a flyer, or referral from a friend. However most agents have trouble securing those leads and making them prospects. Of course you will never keep all your leads, but tracking them and keeping i...
When you think of Nike, you think of the swoosh. This is a form of branding. They use the logo to sell the product and set it apart from the competition. This type of individualization is a must for Realtors. In an industry of thousands, people need to know you. As a Realtor you not only sell hou...
What is a virtual assistant? Well that depends on who you ask. Basically a virtual assistant is an independent contractor who works remotely or virtually rather than in the office. Virtual Assistants are really entrepreneurs who work with a group of clients to support them as needed with various ...
Most Agents work from home & are on the go all the time. Dashing in for sales meetings or caravans at the office. Also most agents are wonderful with customer service & sales but not so much with technical ability. This is why virtual assistants work for agents. Many VA's will work on retainer pl...

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