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Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate information including houses for sale, rent and home buyer/seller tips. Also includes wisdom and insights from Lola Audu, CRS Associate Broker. The information provided on this blog belong to Audu Real Estate. Audu Real Estate is not responsible for the opinions, thoughts or ideas expressed by visitors.



This post was inspired by Rich Jacobson's blog post of February 27, 2007 "Blogging for Hire", Paying For Someone Else's Voice.I just got back from one of my favorite luncheon spots, Marie Catrib's restaurant & bakery . This eclectic diner had a very unassuming entry into the crowded Grand Rapids,...
It's funny how the minds work.  We all form mental pictures of what we think someone will look like.  That's why a movie of a good book rarely meets our expectations.  I had spoken to her on the phone several times.  We had established a good raport.  She had contacted me via an on-line real esta...
Read Part 1 of Living Outside the Box I entered the Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate market just before the markets began its remarkable upswing.  In 1995, faxes and e-mail scans were not the primary means of delivering an offer.  Face to face negotiations required patience, persistance, and a ...
Approximately two years after I was born, in June of 1967, the Beatles released their famous song, "All You Need is Love".  This was the context; racial tensions were super heating in the United State and the Vietnam War was creating a quagmire with fading hopes for  a peaceful resolution.  A nas...
I just finished watching the New Season opening for American Idol with my kids.  (We taped it)  Minniapolis was the setting for future idol hopefuls to preen their skills before the judges.  As a converted Idol fan, courtesy of my teenagers, we were all in stitches with some of the contestants de...
Have you ever received a backhanded compliment and wondered how to respond?  You're not sure whether to say thank you or bug off.  Well, in the Blogosphere, Hijacking a Blog Post is rapidly becoming an issue that every Blogger must be aware of.  When search engine results for Grand Rapids, Michig...
Today, I witnessed a revealing interview on CNN with Richard Barton & Lloyd Frink, the brains behind the successful Travel site and more recently   Barton referred to Zillows entry into the real estate market with it's on-line home evalutations, Zestimates and Make me a Mo...
This past week, I was talking to a real estate broker about the Open House he had scheduled.  After comparing notes about local market conditions, our discussion  focused on an article that had been recently published in the Grand Rapids Press about sellers in Grand Rapids, Michigan renting their...
To read part 1 of The Tipping Point...When Poverty Moves to the Burbs...In 2002, Malcolm Gladwell published a bestselling book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Gladwell's book popularized this term into a oft repeated cliche.  However, the original term was coined ...
Approximately 12 years ago, I began my real estate career.  In short order, I became the owner of a computer, bought a separate Compaq notebook, purchased a cell phone which took up 25% of my purse space, carried a beeper which was perpetually on, and uploaded my first website.  The website proje...

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