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Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate information including houses for sale, rent and home buyer/seller tips. Also includes wisdom and insights from Lola Audu, CRS Associate Broker. The information provided on this blog belong to Audu Real Estate. Audu Real Estate is not responsible for the opinions, thoughts or ideas expressed by visitors.



 Grand Rapids, Mi  1996.  You could sense the tension in the classroom.  We had been informed that we were going to be discussing It after the break.  An uncomfortable atmosphere hovered over the participants in the smallish classroom in which a group of real estate agents had gathered to continu...
 "We Googled You."  This was the response to my question to out of state clients who unnerved me by how much they seemed to know about me prior to our first meeting with them six years ago. We were riding together to see homes in a mini-van.  At the  time, I didn't even know what Google was.  But...
  "Beyond the Open Door" An open door speaks of an invitation to enter, an opportunity to explore.The expectancy of discovery always carries a risk that the adventure may entail morethan we bargained for.A shut door on the other hand speaks of barred access, denied entry, and limited opportunity....
 Bloggers Choice Selections Group Purpose:  Blogger's Choice Selections has been formed to highlight Blog Posts that are NOT Featured but which You feel are Significant, Important, Interesting, Well Written & an Example of A Good Blog Post.As the Active Rain Network experiences continued phenomen...
Serious chocolate lovers have a way of finding each other.  Until I met Kathy, I thought I was a serious chocolate lover, but as she began to describe a velvet, delectable, svelte quality of a brand of chocolates that I had no familiarity with, I knew that her love affair was in an entirely diffe...
  I signed up for a subscription to  Real Estate Shows in March & posted my first video montage soon thereafter.  My first creative effort was a mailing to inform clients & friends about our new office location.  I thought that utilizing a promotional video  might make the e-card more interesting...
  Many of you in Grand Rapids, MI & other areas of Michigan have been asking about when we are going to do Part 2 of the Blogging Seminar that was held on April 11th, 2007 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  (Click here to read & view video of the event)  Well, the good NEWS is the Sponsors are going to ...
Going, Going, Going....GONE!    AUCTION JUNE 26, 2007  2728 SHIRE SW,  GR, MI  49534                                 One of a Kind...Click Picture to View Real Estate Show2728 Shire SW, Grand Rapids, Mi  49534  Real Estate AUCTION HELD:  June 26, 2007 @ 6:00 p.m.  PREVIEWS:  Sun. 6/3/ & 7/17 1-3 ...
Earlier this year, Grand Rapids, Mi was in the national spotlight.  A native son, the former President of the United States, Gerald Ford came home to rest.  The harsh cold wintry conditions were no deterrent for thousands who waited patiently in line for up to 8 hours to pay their respects.  The ...
You know what, I really, really, really miss my former travel agent!   My favorite travel agency had to close down many years ago. My last visit to the shopping center where the travel office was located is now the setting for  a specialty food & party store. Barely anyone remembers that a travel...

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