city cabins in seattle: A lighting assemblage in a new hi-performance Seattle home - 02/24/12 03:56 AM
A lighting assemblage in a new hi-performance Seattle home
The benefits of natural daylighting in a home or office can’t be over expressed.  Aside from the obvious energy-savings daylighting can offer a bit of drama, energy and add to ones cheerful disposition. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has documented increased worker productivity and a reduction in employee absenteeism in it’s LEED Certified buildings that has enhanced daylighting features.
Seattle home builder Martha Rose takes daylighting and interior lighting to a whole new level in her latest new homes in Seattle, City Cabins.  Maximizing daylighting with strategic placement of windows to allow the … (4 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Not your grandfather’s City Cabins - 02/23/12 03:30 AM
Not your grandfather’s City Cabins
Martha Rose’s newest hi-performance homes on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill have borrowed old school cabin design elements; building techniques, craftsmanship, attitudes that form follows function mixed with an abundance of natural materials.  The energy-efficient homes are an inspiring look into the next-gen of homes, built with modern hi-tech construction techniques and hi-performance equipment and appliances.
Borrowing from the Arts and Crafts movement Rose has wisely integrating bits and pieces of the pre-industrial faction into City Cabins.  Blending natural materials into finished products, recycled tongue and groove wood plank flooring becomes part of the structure; large Douglas Fir … (0 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Stainless in Seattle - 02/22/12 03:34 AM

The idea behind using a one piece kitchen counter, back-splash and sink made out of stainless steel was” an easy decision when taking into account all of the other finish elements that have gone into City Cabins,” mentions builder Martha Rose.
The stainless steel counters and sink turns out to be the perfect integral accent to the high end stainless appliances in the hybrid homes.  Understated and seamless, they don’t immediately jump out at you, after looking and touching and perhaps asking what these are you are drawn –in.
Rose was targeting a pool of buyers looking for quality, durability and a sense … (4 comments)

city cabins in seattle: The Great Wall of Queen Anne - 02/10/12 06:35 AM
The Great Wall of Queen Anne
Actually the phrase is the “great green wall” of Queen Anne.   The green wall is the creation of award winning Seattle Green Builder Martha Rose.  “The great green wall” is actually the wall system designed for her latest hi-performance homes City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill.
The overall goal of the homes was to get to or near net-zero as possible without adding active solar equipment.  The active solar equipment would help off-set the paid-for electricity needed for its occupants.
A major part of using less electricity is in the design and building of the homes. … (1 comments)

city cabins in seattle: New Homes with Juice on Queen Anne Hill - 10/27/11 06:12 AM

New Homes with Juice on Queen Anne Hill
According to a recent report by Pike Research by 2015 automakers worldwide are expecting to sell more than 3 million electric vehicles.  Forward thinking builder Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, is making it easy for home buyers to have an electric vehicle by pre-wiring their new City Cabin homes for Electric-Vehicle (EV) charging stations.
Going a bit further Rose has installed a 2KW photo-voltaic system on one of the two homes, the other is pre-wired for solar and an EV station, the solar array will produce enough electricity … (5 comments)

city cabins in seattle: City Cabins Will Shine Brighter - 10/24/11 05:48 AM

City Cabins to Shine Brighter
Home builder Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction in Seattle, is adding arrays of LED lighting to her latest project in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood.  The projects, City Cabins, are all-electric powered homes.
More lumens equals more light
Rose mentions “sustainable building is all about doing more using less.” This type of think has influential in their selection of light bulbs for the “Cabins.”  It just makes sense to use more efficient bulbs that use less wattage even though the cost is greater but once you look at the whole profile or … (3 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Green Steps on Queen Anne Hill - 10/19/11 04:34 AM

Green Steps on Queen Anne Hill
Award winning green home builder Martha Rose, president ofMartha Rose Construction in Seattle, believes building a high-performance home you really have to pay attention to the small details.
At her current project, City Cabins in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, prior to installing the drywall Rose has a thermographic inspection by building performance consultant Tom Balderson.
Using an infrared camera they look check for cool spots in the exterior walls.  This helps Rose determine if there is any air infiltration that needs to be sealed prior to drywalling and also as a quality control measure to make … (0 comments)

city cabins in seattle: City Cabins –The Urban Hybrid - 10/09/11 05:17 AM

City Cabins –The Urban Hybrid
By merging the world of traditional architecture with leading-edge building science and hi-performance construction you get the new “urban hybrid” City Cabins in Seattle’s Queen Neighborhood.  The unique design building combination is a pure comingling of the best of the past and the optimum of the next-gen building movement.

The “Cabins” are packed with smart design features that could easily go-unnoticed, yet these features are perfect solutions to enhance the occupant’s creature comforts and reduce yearly utility costs.  The super-insulated well sealed homes our partnered with a high-efficient heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) that supplies … (0 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Is A Queen Anne Hill Condo Life What I Really Want? - 10/06/11 03:09 AM

Is A Queen Anne Hill Condo Life What I Really Want?
It can be tricky trying to imagine yourself in a condo setting if you have never have the chance to experience it for yourself. If you have been a homeowner for years or are considering your future options for retirement, here is a glimpse into the life of a condo owner.
Watch the work get done As a Queen Anne condo owner you won't have many responsibilities. You'll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself a lot more since the gardening, lawn and general maintenance will be … (2 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Electrified Green Building in Seattle - 10/05/11 04:29 AM

Electrified Green Building in Seattle
Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, continues to push the energy envelope living up to her industry leading standards for sustainable development and green building.  Martha Rose is the first builder in the area to include wiring for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.
Rose’s multi-certified green homes, City Cabins, on Seattle’s Queen Ann Hill will be hard wired for plumbed for charging stations, the stations can be added as add on option.  One of the new City Cabins has a 1.97KW Solar rooftop array which will be could produce enough electrical power to … (3 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Heating and Cooling is The New “SEXY” in New Homes - 09/29/11 11:45 AM
Heating and Cooling is The New “SEXY” in New Homes

City Cabins the latest high-tech high-performance homes being built in Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill neighborhood by award winning green builder Martha Rose are “totally electrifying”.  The all electric homes will be introducing several systems and appliances that will help lower the owners cost of ownership by reducing utility costs while improving comfort and overall livability.  
One of the most exciting systems to be added to the City Cabins is Mitsubishi Mr. Slim a split-ductless A/C and Heat Pump by Mitsubishi Electric. One of its newest features is the intergraded … (0 comments)

city cabins in seattle: City Cabin Kitchens: Color, textures, shapes and energy saving appliances - 09/09/11 11:29 AM

Seattle, Wa.-September 9, 2011
The new 2011 City Cabin kitchens will be a blending of under cabinet LED lighting, revitalized style ceiling lights, natural wood tones incorporated with stainless steel creating a feeling of confidence, simplicity, energy efficiency and visual appeal.
A moveable island will add to the flexibility and overall appearance of the fresh kitchen design, adding overall depth as well as a staging area for wine and food service.  A slight urban-industrial theme is tempered by a unique lighting package, stainless steel counters, vibrant backsplashes and a custom designed lighting feature that is suspended from the 9’ ceiling … (4 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Queen Anne Hill New Home Project Chooses A & R Solar - 08/15/11 05:28 AM

Seattle’s newest high-performance homes, City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill, selects A & R Solar to install photovoltaic (PV) for one of their new homes.

Reeves Clippard of A & R Solar did a roof take off to determine how much of the available sun light could be utilized by an array of roof panels.  It was determined that 93% of the available sun light could be used and converted into electricity.

Builder Martha Rose is wiring the garages of the two new homes for electric power converters.  The 2 kilowatt PV system installed on the northern … (2 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Energy-Efficient Green Homes in Seattle with Views - 07/26/11 09:46 AM

Seattle green builder Martha Rose, owner of Martha Rose Construction,  is testing the market to see if potential buyers are willing to choose location, more energy efficient homes over larger homes.
Rose’s new homes, City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill, will be about 1900-2000 square feet, packed with energy-efficiency and westerly views of Salmon Bay and the Olympic Mountains.
The new homes will be the most energy-efficient homes Rose has built.  An award winning Green builder Rose has stayed out ahead of the rapidly changing building codes for a decade and is pushing the envelope with their latest collection.

city cabins in seattle: The 8th annual Northwest SolarFest - 07/11/11 04:21 AM

The annual SolarFest in the City of Shoreline is the longest renewable energy and sustainability event in the region. Starting in 2004 the event has grown in attendance and exhibitors each year.
The clean technology’s one-day venue is filled with presentations, exhibits, entertainment and food. Exhibitors at SolarFest will demonstrate a wide range of responsible choices including alternative energy, transportation, home building, food and sustainability.
Home builder Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, will be an exhibitor and will talking about her newest project City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. Martha will be on hand … (2 comments)

city cabins in seattle: City Cabins in Seattle are Designed for both Passive and Active Solar Heating - 06/21/11 02:25 AM
There are two different systems for solar heating in Seattle.  The first one is the passive type of heating system and the second is the active type. Here is a brief explanation of both kinds of systems.

Passive solar systems
Heating your home with a passive solar system involves capturing the warmth of the sun and then keeping this heat inside the house. This system can reduce or even eliminate the need for gas, electric or oil heating, depending on the structure of the house and the insulation used. The architectural design of City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill is intended  to … (0 comments)

city cabins in seattle: New Green Homes on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill - 05/18/11 11:53 AM

A new segment of the home buying population that has become increasingly frustrated with maintaining an older home are looking to re-establish themselves within an amenity rich urban neighborhood, wanting, still, to be close to libraries, markets, churches, parks and fee from week-end home repair projects.
Developers and builders are starting to see this trend happening throughout the country, causing many to re-think their approach to building. One developer-builder Martha Rose, of Martha Rose Construction, Inc., has figured it out. It’s critical “that I build something that fits into the neighborhood” mentions Rose when asked about her newest infill project … (1 comments)

city cabins in seattle: The Anatomy of a High-Performance Home - 03/23/11 01:21 PM

                                                        MR/Graphic/Adrian Willanger
Once a house is finished it's extremely difficult to know the DNA of the house, how is it built?  What makes it different?  
The illustration is of a typically wall section that will go into the making of City Cabins, Martha Rose's newest green high-performance homes located on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle Washington.
Several key items to notice: the framing is double 2X4s, with 1" of rigid foam board on the exterior side, followed by ½" inch of plywood , and two layers of sixty minute paper and then covered with the siding.
The … (1 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Major Connectivity for Seattle's City Cabins - 03/22/11 12:57 PM

Seattle's walking neighborhoods have experienced an early spring home selling rush. Two of Seattle's older neighborhoods, Ballard and West Seattle have seen the buying pace pick up prior to what can be considered the "spring buying" season. Talking to agents who work in these areas mention they are experiencing some multiple offers, particularly homes listed under $400,000.

This has been part of the new trend in Seattle, buyers wanted to be wired and live in a walkable neighborhood. Both Ballard and West Seattle have areas that have unique venues that buyers are looking for.
City Cabins located on … (0 comments)

city cabins in seattle: Comparing Residential Heating Systems - 03/18/11 06:59 AM

Architects, builders, contractors and homeowners are faced with countless options for home heating systems.  Listed below are some of the current trends and equipment and installation considerations:
•·         Types of systems
•·         First cost comparison
•·         Operating cost
•·         Carbon emissions
•·         Paybacks
At one time we were only concerned with a reliable heating source. Today we want energy efficiency and are concerned about carbon emissions.  Seattle home builder Martha Rose chooses to go with high-efficiency electric mini-splits for her new homes, City Cabins, in part because the Pacific Northwest electricity is made with hydro-power which produces smaller … (0 comments)

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