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Spring has finally sprung on Chicago’s North Shore. The sun is out. It’s warm (for Chicago). Trees are in bloom. Buyer activity has increased dramatically.  But it’s still a buyer’s market and there are lots of houses to choose from. What’s a seller to do? Right now you have a narrow window of op...
There isn’t anything our three labs love better than the dog beach, so when we mentioned the possibility of going for our first outing of the spring, we nearly had a riot on our hands. The dogs go berserk when we say the words “dog beach”, so now we use “DB” as our code word. Of course, now they’...
It's been so beautiful and warm the last couple days (atypical for spring in Chicago) that I have been out and about shooting pix in Wilmette. When the weather's like this I remember why I love living on the North Shore.        
This past Sunday was a beautiful spring day here in Wilmette and the open houses were hopping. I held two houses open and the one that is listed for $690,000 had a lot of interest from buyers looking to cash in on the tax credit before the April 30 deadline. Most of them were young families from ...
Hallelujah! Things are looking up for the Wilmette real estate market and the news is positive across all the key measures. Wilmette Home Sales Sales of single family homes (including houses, condos and town homes) were up significantly in March, both vs. February (+65%) and vs. March of last yea...
Ravinia Nursery School 686 Red Oak Lane, Highland Park, IL 60035 (847) 831-3700 Ravinia Nursery School is a developmental preschool where children are encouraged to learn through play. Children learn at their own pace and in their own direction. Programs include a cla...
My, how things have changed. A lot of those things that were all the rage just a few short years ago have fallen out of favor, thanks to the convergence of three major trends: the recession, the green movement and the aging of the baby boomers (and coming of age of the echo boomers).  Like Hummer...
I love the way this house looks against the blue sky (something we haven’t seen much around here for awhile). If you don’t recognize it, it’s on Elmwood Avenue in the Cage. I drive by it often and finally stopped to take a picture today.This beautiful example of Victorian Italianate architecture ...
The North Shore housing market looks a whole lot better in 2010 than it did at this time last year. Driven by low interest rates, the home buyer tax credit, plentiful supply of homes to choose from and attractive prices, buyers have returned to the market. Prices are still soft but the rate of de...

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