bloodhoundblog: Divestiture Is The Answer To A Healthy Banking System - 03/07/09 01:43 PM
Wanna have some fun?  I have an idea about how to “save” the banking industry.  Through mergers and acquisitions, the banking cartel grew to become infallible.  Dave Shafer pins the tipping point of this crisis to the repeal of The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.  I’m not so certain he’s incorrect.
The intention of The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was to avoid this:
Commercial banks were accused of being too speculative in the pre-Depression era, not only because they were investing their assets but also because they were buying new issues for resale to the public. Thus, banks became greedy, taking on … (3 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Why Loan Originators Are Getting It All Wrong - 01/22/09 05:45 PM
Two excerpts from the "right" way to originate loans today:
David Bartels impressed me with his definition of our job as a “borrower’s advocate”.  He suggested that we would do well to align ourselves squarely with the borrowers.  While he never suggested that our lender partners are the enemies, his message was quite clear.  Originators need to help borrowers FIRST.  Banks are so puckered today that borrowers need a guide to help them interpret loan offerings, argue their case for approval, and secure the best terms possible.  When mortgage brokers fully embrace that concept, we will have earned the public’s trust.

bloodhoundblog: Bloodhound Unchained Seattle: A Prequel to RE BarCamp - 01/06/09 03:47 PM
RE BarCamp Seattle has a time and a date.  From Todd Carpenter:
Rich Jacobson and Brad Andersohn from Active Rain, along with Drew Meyers from Zillow have established the basics. A date and venue. February 13 at Zillow Headquarters.  This happens to follow a Bloodhound Unchained preview event held the day before, also at Zillow headquarters, and also free!
Greg Swann and I are pretty stoked about heading to the Emerald City.   Scott Cowan signed up for Bloodhound Unchained Phoenix ‘O8 but had to decline participation to tend to familial duties.  Since then,  Scott’s been lobbying us to head up to … (9 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Ever Wondered About WordPress? - 11/17/08 09:37 AM
Have you ever wondered hoew to set up "an outside blog" on a Wordpress platform?  Greg Swann makes it really easy with a free wordpress blog (hosted on a really strong platform):
Say hello to, free WordPress Multi-user weblogs for real estate professionals.
We talked about doing this in Orlando, at The scenius on Swallow Hill Road. Where we started was with the idea of WordPress blogs for the CyberProfessionals to practice on.
We saw that the right system could serve the same function for any novice bloggers — including all of the folks on Active Rain looking to make … (21 comments)

bloodhoundblog: NAR Orlando: All Work and No Play Makes Brian A... - 11/10/08 02:11 PM
...well, you know the rest of the story.
I missed the hijinks at the Active Rain Party in Orlando and that was a bummer.  I so wished to meet Broker Bryant and TLW among many other AR members.  If you've met me at any social function, you know that I"m more inclined to howl at the moon rather than to prepare to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed but this NAR Orlando weekend was a working trip for me.
We held the Bloodhound Blog Unchained Online Marketing Conference on Friday.  Our line up was astounding:
Greg Swann - The Unchained Epiphany Brian … (22 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Bloodhound Blog Radio Hosts Matt Padilla, author of Chain of Blame - 09/22/08 01:33 PM
From Bloodhound Blog:
We interviewed Matt Padilla, author of Chain of Blame- How Wall Street Caused the Mortgage and Credit Crisis.  This book, released in May, 2008, details a history of non-prime lending, the S&L crisis, securitization of mortgages, and what went wrong.
Download and Listen to the 45 minute interview here
An excerpt from the book, by co-author Paul Muolo:
He had made this argument before subprime lending began to boom in 2003. He believed it down to his toes — that Wall Street (despite his contempt for it) would keep the housing market honest because the Street controlled the … (4 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Matt Padilla Scheduled For Radio Mortgage - 09/17/08 01:57 PM
Have you been listening to, or participating in Radio Mortgage ?  Each Monday afternoon, at 4PM, we invite California REALTORs to listen to and participate in our 40-60 minute "radio broadcast".  Of course, we welcome ALL REALTORs but the show is focused on helping California REALTORs thrive in this market.
Our first show discussed the Fannie/Freddie Bailout.  Last week, we hosted Ronda Green from the Nehemiah Down Payment Assistance Program.
Our guest this Monday (September 22) is Matt Padilla.  Matt is a regular business and finance columnist with OC Register.  He co-authored a book about the mortgage crisis, Chain of Blame- … (4 comments)

bloodhoundblog: BloodhoundBlog Radio: Fannie/Freddie Seized- What Now? - 09/08/08 04:49 PM
Sean Purcell and I recorded a teleconference for California REALTORS about the Treasury bailout of the GSEs.
We talk about what exactly happened and what the near-term (3-4 month) effects and medium-term (12-18 month) effects on underwriting guidelines and rates.  We also guessed at what the long-term (2-10 years) effect on conforming loans will be, in light of the mandate for the GSEs to reduce their portfolios.
Click here for the Fannie/Freddie Teleconference podcast.

bloodhoundblog: Look Who's Talking- It's Jessica Horton ! - 08/12/08 03:50 PM
Here's Greg Swann, introducing new BHB contributor, Jessica Horton:
What do you do when you’re selling a thick slice of a billion dollars’ worth of real estate every year, when you’ve built your own RE/Max franchise from scratch, when you’ve hit the “30 Under 30″ target at Realtor magazine?
Start over in another town, of course, and do it all again.
Today we add once and future mega-producer Jessica Wynn Horton to our roster of contributors. Jessica is designated broker for Brio Realty in Bellevue, WA, a Microsoft suburb of Seattle.
In addition to her duties as broker, Jessica is hoping … (9 comments)

bloodhoundblog: ActiveRainers Ribak and Brady to Speak Tuesday, August 12, 2008 on HomeGain "Ask the Experts" - 08/11/08 05:37 PM
Mitch Ribak spoke to the Barrys on Real Estate Radio USA last Friday.  Mitch started as an agent in 2001, opened Tropical Realty in 2005, and has grown his business to close 180 transactions, during the first six months of 2008,  in a down real estate market.
Mitch looks for newer real estate agents, who are personable, with a strong work ethic for his team.  He plugs them into his 100mphmarketing software after driving prospective buyers to his website from various pay-per-click campaigns. 100% of his buyer leads come from the internet (his referrals come from original internet leads).
Mitch will … (2 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Localism. com Explained On BloodhoundBlog Radio: Brian Brady Interviews Jonathan Washburn and Bob Stewart - 07/30/08 05:39 AM
Jonathan Washburn and Bob Stewart were my guests on a 45 minute interview about the new
Bob Stewart gave us an overview of the new Localism site and described its stated purpose.
Jon Washburn explained the history of the Localism portal and how polling the Active Rain community led to the decision to repurpose the portal as a hyper-local community interest site.
Opportunities for community evangelism were discussed along with practical ideas about how existing Active Rain members might benefit.
The sponsored community issue as well as “Top Neighbors” placement were explained.Jon Washburn explained basic SEO strategy.
Bob Stewart discussed … (56 comments)

bloodhoundblog: I Want YOU To Declare Your Independence...THIS Weekend - 07/03/08 02:33 PM
“It’s deja-vu all over again,” said Yogi Berra.
Yogi was referring to the multiple World Series rings he collected as a Yankee. For me, deja-vu is the grassroots campaign to kick-off the next BloodhoundBlog Unchained Social Media Marketing Conference, on November 7, 2008, in Orlando, FL.
Like Yogi, I take particular delight in this challenge. Unchained Phoenix was our first World Series victory. Many Unchained graduates tell us it was a four-game sweep.   Our challenge now is to RETAIN the championship.   The road to victory starts tonight.
What might you expect from the BloodhoundBlog Unchained Social Media Marketing Conference in … (0 comments)

bloodhoundblog: You're BUYING in Phoenix? Are You Nuts? - 06/07/08 03:05 PM
Every day is a great day to buy a single family home, even in Phoenix. That ought to rile up the analytical types here. Of course, that same principle applies to the stock market, as well.
I started my career as a “Financial Consultant” but was mentored by some fellas who preferred to be called “Customer’s Man” (title preserved with apologies to the fairer gender). My tutors would buy me a scotch in Penn Central Station, then ride the Paoli local home with me. I’d receive a 70-minute lesson about how and when to buy stocks for clients. The first lesson … (0 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Guess Who's Going To Be in Orlando For the NAR Convention (but not AT the NAR Convention)? - 06/05/08 02:20 PM
Here's a wrap up video from an interview I did with Mark from
The important announcemnet comes from the transcript:
BrokerIPTV: So rumor has it there is a BloodHound 2 Unchained too in the works?
Brian Brady: Absolutely, by popular demand, BloodHound will be in Florida, in Orlando in November.
BrokerIPTV: Conveniently around the same time say as NAR.
Brian Brady: Exactly planned to be around the same time as NAR. It will either be the day before or the first day of, we will be putting on Unchained 2 in Orlando, Florida at the same time … (12 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Da BlogMother At Unchained (No Cartoon Avatar) - 05/22/08 04:59 PM
Cheryl Johnson, aka "Da Blogmother", came to the Bloodhound Blog UNCHAINED Social Media Marketing Conference to "see the great ones" up close. Of course, what she doesn't tell you is that she is one of the "great ones". Cheryl hosts and The second blog is a compendium of tutorials and informational posts about the neat little design tricks CJ uses on her blogs. Cheryl is a Bloodhound contributor. … (7 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Connect Consumers With REALTORs? Guess What? That's What HomeGain Does. - 05/22/08 12:58 PM
"What Web 2.0 is about is connecting consumers directly with REALTORs. Guess what? That's what Home Gain does" said Louis Cammarosano, General Manager of at the Bloodhound Blog UNCHAINED Social Media Marketing Conference, sponsored by Louis was challenged by Greg Swann about the price of the "leads" and held up well under fire. Louis quoted me by saying Home Gain is "another arrow in your quiver" … (11 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Comment Marketing- Inflammatory Posts Give A Commenter An Opportunity to Sell - 05/21/08 12:51 PM
David Gibbons of at BloodhoundBlog UNCHAINED Social Media Marketing Conference, brought to you by Commenting on an inflammatory post gives you an opportunity to sell your proposition. David Gibbons, Rudy Bachraty, and Jeff Brown, all remarked that the comment you give is everlasting; a 24/7 "sales pitch". The audio is difficult but listen carefully to what David tells us: … (0 comments)

bloodhoundblog: If Your Clients Are On Zillow, They're Not On Your Website - 05/19/08 08:23 PM
Why is it important to have a ROBUST profile on, or
Greg Swann tells us why it's important to have a presence on all the social media in the real estate space.  Get on those networks and build a robust profile so that you won't be caught by surprise.
BloodhoundBlog Social Media Marketing Conference brought to you by


bloodhoundblog: The Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing at Bloodhound Blog Social Media Marketing Conference, brought to you by - 05/19/08 08:10 PM
I was talking about the Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing at the Bloodhound Blog Social Media Marketing Conference, brought to you by 1- Declaration of Identity- Here I Am 2- Identity of Association- Tell everyone who your posse is 3- User generated conversation- Getting the consumer to talk to you 4- Provider generated conversation- pushing relevant content to your network 5- In-person conversation- THE GOAL … (0 comments)

bloodhoundblog: Twitter is "Accelerated Serendipidty" - 05/19/08 07:57 PM
Twiitter is the "biggest bullhorn you ever had" or you can just listen and act. @BradCoy and @AndyKaufman deliver a poignant punch at the BloodhoundBlog Unchained Social Media Marketing Conference, brought to you by Do you understand how to use Twitter in your real estate practice? Watch this video and learn how to tweet or watch and wait for opportunities to act. … (2 comments)

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