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You may not be familiar with Lori Ballen, Ballen Brands, or The Ballen Method - but I’m almost certain one of your respected professional peers is. Someone you know likely knows my name. Talk to your associates, your friends in real estate, and ask what they know about the Ballen name. I’m confident you’ll be intrigued. My reputation wasn’t crafted by accident, irony, chance, or luck. I earned respect (and rewards!) the hard way. Using the stepping stones I’ve spent more than a decade constructing, you, too, can build your success story in business. I share my failures (and my win/wins!) to help you succeed.
How do you price real estate? Do you use nines in place of zeroes in your asking price? Why or why not?Way back yonder in the 19th century or so, businessmen determined that a .99 in monetary terms would garner more sales than a .00.The thinking behind that shift in pricing was that bargain shopp...
There are two times of year when its most popular for real estate agents celebrate Pie Day.The first is in March when clever marketers capitalize on Pi Day, 3/14. More common, however, is the Great Real Estate Pie Day celebrations in November.Pie Day is when real estate agents celebrate past and ...
Click Here for Your Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Keywords Real estate lead generation with video allows you to nurture relationships and improve search engine rankings. People do business with people they know - or think they know. Video gives people the impression that they know you. In v...
 Real estate lead generation is the pillar of your business.Without leads, your business dwindles.Quite frankly, many real estate agents fall short in the lead gen department. But why?What is it that some other agents have that you might be missing? Here's the deal: Time for Real Estate Lead Gene...
Your real estate website is your digital calling card. What do visitors see when they land on your home page? More importantly, what do they see when they view your website from a mobile device? First impressions are powerful. Your website is your opportunity to make a stellar first impression. B...
Real estate leads are what drive your business. Without leads, your sales will tank. But you already knew this, right? However, what you might not know are the most effective ways to generate leads online.Sure, you could throw some money at buying leads that may equate to a whole bunch of Fred Fl...
You can pull your hair out spinning quality content all day every day, but if you're missing the critical keyword elements, your content will crash. How frustrating is it to work so hard just to have your hard work slip away into the content graveyard, never read by your intended audience? Real e...
Lori Ballen, a Las Vegas real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty and owner of Ballen Brands, is scheduled to present her class, Limitless Leads, at Keller Williams Realty Santa Clarita, Valencia, Calif. September 28-29, 2016. Attendees have the option of single day or two-day class.The Limi...
Keller Williams Technology is Here, For You.  To succeed in today’s global real estate market; you have to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Keller Williams does that with websites that are responsive, SEO friendly, and integrated with their MLS listings. Agents also get their own branded m...
Getting More Real Estate Referrals   On: September 7, 2016 By: ballen Listen to Rachel Adams share how to get More Real Estate Referrals by playing in your passion place. Rachel is a top 1000 agent as listed in the Wall Street Journal and is a top real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty. R...

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