tornado: Crazy Alabama and Oklahoma, tornadoes and great folks - 05/21/13 12:03 PM
Crazy Alabama and Oklahoma, tornadoes and great folks

Crazy Alabama and Oklahoma, tornadoes and great folks
     As many know, I hail from Sweet Home, Alabama- where the skies are so blue.  There are far too many times, of course, when the skies are grey, brown, black or any color one might envision other than blue.  Those are the days when a tornado might come over the horizon without notice- and leave a concrete slab where your home just stood.  Oklahoma also knows this much too well.
     One of my best buddies … (2 comments)

tornado: Alabama Remembers 4/27/11 - 04/26/12 03:11 PM
Alabama Remembers 4/27/11
As most who have followed this space for any amount of time are well aware, I hail from what is still the great State of Alabama.  God let fly with a powerful set of storms a year ago today, and I know my life- and that of many, many more in my Sweet Home, Alabama will never be the same.
For the families of those whom God called home a year ago, Alabama remembers today.
To those from around the state, nation and world who have contributed to the rebuilding efforts, Alabama says thank you … (2 comments)

tornado: Alabama Fights On- 3 Months Down - 07/27/11 10:21 AM
Alabama Fights On- 3 Months Down
The author of the following essay "The Real Estate Commission Will Always Remember" is D. Philip Lasater, Executive Director of the Alabama Real Estate Commission.
I thank God that my Real Estate Commission remembers.  Though a Florida resident for 4 years as of next week, I remain an Alabama licensee as well- and a proud one.
To all who have answered the calls for relief thus far, and those that will answer the continuing needs of my brothers and sisters back in my Sweet Home Alabama as the days go by and other anniversaries pass- … (0 comments)

tornado: Prayers for Joplin- and we're not talking about Janis - 05/30/11 06:00 AM
Joplin, Joplin, Joplin...I pray for Joplin today- and for a few reasons...
I pray for Joplin's survivors...that as they mourn their losses of both loved ones and possessions, they'll be cognizant of the Almighty responsible for both good and bad. I pray Joplin prays today.
I pray for Joplin's missing...praying that their numbers of "unaccounted for" will dwindle and that heavy Joplin hearts may at last rest in being able to lay their loved ones to rest.
I pray that a tornado won't define Joplin. I pray that Joplin's people will only allow their responseto a tornado to be a lasting testament to their … (2 comments)

tornado: "Florida people" helping "my people" - 05/06/11 09:18 PM
Maybe it's a good thing...maybe it's a bad thing. Maybe it's both, maybe it's neither. Call it what you will, but "home" is where the heart is- and "my people" are "my people". I've been around the world (both literally and figuratively) and lived in a number of places. My physical home's changed a good number of times- and I've even grown so attached to some communities that I've thrown caution into the wind and called them home. But in the nearly 24 years since I left Alabama for the Navy on May 18th, 1987, Alabama people have remaned (and will … (4 comments)

tornado: Sweet Home, Alabama- survivors, not victims. Pay it forward. - 05/04/11 02:09 PM
Today's Alabama is a lot different from last week's Alabama- but in many ways it's exactly the same: Alabama's full of survivors- not victims.The homeland took a beating- in case the news reports and never-ending stream of pictures have left any doubts in one's mind. Possessions were lost, homes destroyed- and yes, far too many loved ones lost. Words don't feelings any justice when I call back home and hear of this, that and whatever else has been wiped clean off the map.The American Heritage Dictionary defines a victim as "One who is harmed by or made to suffer from an … (4 comments)

tornado: Pay it forward: Project 1000- How YOU can help our tornado survivors - 05/03/11 07:32 AM
Have you ever gone through a vacant home and wondered "How could they have forgotten this picture?"- or maybe lost some of your photos over time? A lot of folks lost their family's treasured memories last week- and although one can't simply snap their fingers to reproduce everything that's lost, a few folks have stepped up to offer what could be the next best thing.
Project 1000 is a way we can all help provide a bit of comfort for the minds and hearts of folks in great need of it. The following is taken directly from Wesley Roberts Photography, with … (6 comments)

tornado: Alabama's down, but getting up- "The scab's starting to itch" - 05/02/11 05:07 PM
"The scab's starting to itch a little bit". That's the word from The Birmingham News' photojournalists a bit earlier today. Things are by no means "normal" (whatever that's meant), but there are surely signs of healing.I called up to speak with a buddy of mine that's been with their staff since '89, and he was out hustling and taking more photos. Frank Couch and the rest of the folks there have dedicated an untold number of hours towards taking photos of last week's devastation. Now, more photos of recovery, togetherness and the human spirit.
Yes, the scab appears to be healing. … (2 comments)

tornado: Just another Alabama Sunday... - 05/01/11 01:26 PM
Well, not really. But the home of "Roll Tide, Roll!" and 13 National Championships, and the cry of "War Eagle!" from the 3-time (and defending) National Champion Auburn Tigers will show the world it knows how to come back again. When you take big hit, though, it takes a little longer to get back up- and it takes a bit more help. And Alabama took a big hit. Here's another thing to remember when watching the evening news and reports that may be to the contrary: Folks in Alabama are survivors- not victims. Alabama folks were out today and praying under … (0 comments)

tornado: Dateline Alabama...bowed, but strong - 04/30/11 07:16 AM
In some ways and in some times, having a good memory can be a bad thing. That's a memory of places and things, mind you- not of people. It's always great to look back on the places of your younger days...nice to stroll down Memory Lane whether with others or alone. Who doesn't remember a certain store where their parents used to take them? Or the towering pine or cedar tree on the corner? Or that off-ramp motel that's gone by far too many names to keep track of? Surely everyone can relate.
Those places are gone for many in Alabama and … (4 comments)

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