searcy ar: It's gone. Sears Roebuck Searcy AR house is gone. Lightle house? - 01/06/13 01:46 AM
I drove by and the wrecker was there.
The bright light on the right seems to indicate a new dawning for the lot but for the house not!

Today I read in the newspaper that it is gone, torn down, an empty lot.  It really was in bad shape and probably couldn't be saved.  I did a blog on it once.
Sears Roebuck Houses in Searcy AR.
Our historical oracle, Dorothy Warden, called it the Lightle family house in her Local Views column.  She said she had promised to sit on the doorstep and protest the tear down but they … (21 comments)

searcy ar: A guessing game for Christmas. School class picture? What year? - 12/23/12 01:11 AM
My favorite flea market, Green Alley Antiques, is closing.  They have been on Hwy 16 North in Searcy AR for several years and I hate that they are closing.  I found this picture there yesterday and they just loaned it to me for this blog.  It provides a great guessing game for us for the Christmas holidays.  Look it over.

We don't know who they were or where they were but we can wonder....or guess.
Why is the boy in the middle wearing a tie and nice shirt while the others wear overalls?
Look at the girl's hair styles, … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Truman Baker Chevrolet Never-Go-Broke Penny from Searcy AR 1948 - 12/16/12 08:52 AM
Recently there was a penny for sale on ebay.  That's a penny.  One cent.  And it sold for $58.99.  Here is the penny.

I saw this on ebay and started watching it.  Truman Baker Chevrolet is no longer in existence but it was for a long long time.  Even the building where the dealership was located is gone.  But Searcy folks loved that man, Truman Baker, and his dealership.  He must have passed out these little coins and someone held on to theirs.  I was tempted to bid on it myself!  $58.99.  Better check your change drawer and see … (11 comments)

searcy ar: Sewing Club Searcy AR 1941. What was a sewing club? Another question for the Sleuths? - 11/22/12 12:24 AM
Thanksgiving is a perfect time to prowl around the house and look at old pictures and other memorabilia and find lots of memories to give thanks for.  I have done that for the last day or two and I found another treasure.
This picture was saved by my mother-in-law Wyndelene Holmes Duncan, who saved everything and actually labeled lots of the pictures.  This one does have some names on the back.  But she didn't name herself and I think she is the one at the very bottom in the middle.  And right behind her is the little boy named Rodger and … (21 comments)

searcy ar: Across the street from the Dictionary House in Searcy AR. Duncan's Used Cars. - 11/19/12 06:08 AM
We've had quite a conversation about the Dictionary House on East Park Avenue and how the house housed the Words, who invited folks to come up and explore words in the dictionary. 
Across the street was the first V. W. Duncan used car lot.  He'd opened up, built a little office and was very proud. Several pictures were made, including the one that accidently took a picture of the Dictionary house.
Here are two others taken on that day.  V. W. and Wyndelene Duncan.

There was a really big house beside this little car lot building.  Perhaps the … (13 comments)

searcy ar: Headlee's Drug Company, Grand Theatre, Smith-Davis Mercantile, Searcy AR old businesses - 11/15/12 01:40 AM
Ok, more ads!
These are from the old Woman's Missionary Society Cook Book that I discovered.  It was in terrible condition and is in worse now because I tore out the ads for scanning.  The cook book is for Searcy Arkansas and dates back to the 20's we think.

Head in at Headlee's!  I came here while Headlee's was still operating.  I understand it may have changed corners.  It was beside Van Atkins when I arrived.  It was the gathering place for all the people who liked to visit and find out what was going on in the town.

searcy ar: Did barber's give baths? Leslie's Barber Shop and Baths. Searcy AR. Patterson Cleaning Company - 11/11/12 06:28 AM
Here are two more ads from the old Woman's Missionary Society Cook Book that must date back to around the 20's.
I actually remember Patterson Cleaners.  They operated up until not too many years ago.  (How's that for an indefinite date?)
I like the way they said they return everything but the dirt.  I guess that means no buttons missing?
Leslie's Barber Shop and Baths is more intriguing.  They mention baths.  Did you go to the barber shop for a bath back then?  And I assumed that it was a men's shop but they say they specialize in ladies' and children's … (14 comments)

searcy ar: Remember the Dictionary House? Named that because the Word's lived there? Let's relook. - 11/08/12 09:05 AM
I wrote a blog that was actually supposed to feature the V. W. Duncan car lot in Searcy AR when it was first beginning and there was ole Po Dunk, as he called himself and as others called him, strolling across the car lot with a cigar in his mouth and a cocked hat on his head looking just like a car dealer who'd just made a deal!  Refer back to this blog right now by clicking here.
The comments started coming in about the house in the background.  Comments said they remembered it as the Dictionary House because the Words … (21 comments)

searcy ar: Morris School for boys. Closed now but once very active on Morris School Road in Searcy AR. - 11/07/12 08:32 AM
I don't believe we have talked about Morris School for boys.  It was a Catholic school for boys who were boarded there.  It was located on Morris School Road and had nice buildings and lots of land.  It was probably about 6 miles from town.
The thing that I remember the most about it was the presence of the boys on Saturday afternoon in downtown Searcy.  They were almost like an original "gang."  My kids would see the boys and immediately recognize them as being from the school.  Young girls, my daughter included, looked them over very carefully and may have … (66 comments)

searcy ar: Black Cat Found!! Our blog has had a response and we know more about Word's Grocery and Bakery in Searcy AR. - 11/06/12 12:24 AM
Below is the blog that I put up just a few days ago.
No one seemed to know the meaning of the black cat.  But a call from Benson Robbins, Searcy scion, gave me the information we lacked.  His grandfather was a partner with Mr. Word and they owned the store. It was the grandfather on his mother's side....Benson.  They used the black cat as a logo because of the fact that "a black cat always returns" just as they wanted their customers to do.  He has the black cat that sat at the store.  Here he still lives. Benson said … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Important people in Searcy AR in 1949. Can you name them? - 11/03/12 07:45 AM
 I love the way these guys are posed with so much confidence.  The tilt of the hat back then must have been a portrayal of personality.  Each man wore his hat differently.
These were on the Searcy AR School Board, I believe.  See if you can name them before I give you the names.  This picture was loaned to me by Benson and Betty Robbins and it is a great contribution to our Searcy historic blog.


searcy ar: A Halloween Cat and a Ricktum Diddy to all from Searcy AR. - 10/23/12 11:04 AM
Here's another ad from our found Woman's Missionary Society Cook Book from Searcy AR. 
I like the cat that illustrates the ad for Word's Grocery and Bakery.  The ad says they can furnish every item needed in the recipes found in this book.
Okay, then.  Supply the supplies for Rinktum Diddy.  And I am not placing an order. I'd like to know if the Sleuths know what Rinktum Diddy is and what it is made of.
I did a memory search when I saw this recipe.  Seems as if I have heard of it but was it in a swearing … (9 comments)

searcy ar: Robbins - Sanford Merc. Co. Searcy AR old advertisement Woman's Missionary Society Cookbook - 10/20/12 12:44 AM
Studying the ads in an old Woman's Missionary Society cook book reminds me that Searcy has not forgotten her history.
Robbins-Sanford exists again in the form of a grand hall for holding get-togethers of all kinds.  It is located in the same spot downtown and all of Searcy loves it.
Here is the ad from the old cookbook that dates back to the 20's.

I left the recipes on this page for folks who like to cook.  Read the "Crackers and Cheese" one.  Today's cook would go to the cupboard (pantry now) and take out the can of Kraft's Easy … (16 comments)

searcy ar: Old Searcy advertisement for Bethells No. 5, M. C. Johnson, Mgr. Phone 410 - 10/18/12 10:06 AM
Here is another ad from our old Woman's Missionary Society Cook Book.  The book is old but interesting.  It seems to date back to perhaps the 1920's. 
I have no knowledge of a Bethells in Searcy AR.  I checked Dr. Muncy's history book and found nothing.  I even Googled and found nothing.  Perhaps some of our readers will have heard of it.
Piece Goods is probably a term that is no longer used.  Evidently it meant, "Everything for the family in dry goods, shoes, clothing and ready-to-wear."  Dry goods?  Another obsolete term?
No. 5?  Was that a department in the store?  … (9 comments)

searcy ar: A. B. Coffman,W.L. Ragsdale,Searcy Arkansas business owners a long time ago. - 10/12/12 12:44 AM

Here are two more ads from the Women's Missionary Society Cook Book that we think may date back to the 20's in Searcy Arkansas. 
Read about the handmade clothes.  What's a bushelman?  What is Glover continuous flow?
At least we have the location of one of the businesses.  600 South Spring Street, Searcy AR.  I tried to find what is at 600 S Spring now and was unsuccessful.  Don can do it!
Just for Ms Debbie, I left a recipe on the page.  That is the entire recipe, not just a part of it.  Sounds pretty easy.

searcy ar: The Star car. Was this a brand? Just a dealership? Star Cars Moye-Davis Motor Co. Searcy AR - 10/08/12 07:36 AM
This full page ad came from an old cook book that is so worn I can find no date.
Women's Missionary Society Cook Book is at the tops of pages.
Moye-Davis Motor Company was at Searcy AR with Phone 296.
I love the way the description reads,  "ability to climb hills in high gear that most cars crawl up in second......enables it to pull through mud and sand that stall most cars."
But to tell the truth, I've never heard of a Star Car.

This book may even predate some of the Sleuths!

searcy ar: Ghostly apparitions? Folks on a rock at Judsonia AR in stereoscopic view. - 10/02/12 12:34 AM

The last blog with all that scientific information about dams and things has made me long for something simple that I can almost ghosts!
This half of the stereoscopic view provided to us by Melanie Murphy from Judsonia is full of mystery.  Look at those folks in the side grounds.  They sure have a ghostly look, don't they.  At first I thought there were four pieople in the picture and then I started seeing more. Are there three ladies on the side...or four...or more?
It makes me wonder if the images would show up clearer if viewed through the … (5 comments)

searcy ar: First Christian Church once in Searcy AR. Now gone but remembered. - 09/26/12 10:58 AM

Card on ebay!
Slightly ragged and wrinkled and very old.
And no, I was NOT talking about myself!  I was referring to the condition of this card.  But the condition of the card is better than the condition of the church.  It has been torn down and replaced by buildings owned and operated by United Methodist Church. 
It appears to have a basement.  Wonder if it was a successful basement or did it have a tendency to hold water. Surely some of our sleuths will know the answers to questions about this old First Christian Church.  And … (22 comments)

searcy ar: Where was this house? Sleuths, do you remember it? Searcy AR rock house. - 09/25/12 03:32 AM

I ran across this old rock house that once lived on a busy street in Searcy and we had it for sale.  One thing about those old listings that were put out by my former company was that they never gave the entire information about a house or property.
The ad was supposed to get the phone to ring.
At that time, no one could go online to find out the "rest of the story."
Now we are prone to just put the entire info in the ad because there are no secrets anymore.
So, Sleuths, test your memory … (7 comments)

searcy ar: True Americana picture. A D and Frances Dale from Searcy AR. Frances's Antiques on W Race Street. - 09/20/12 11:35 AM

I went into what used to be Frances's Antiques at 701 W Race today.  It is now called Dale's Collectables Antiques and Flea Market.  It is now operated by A D and Frances Dale's children.  Frances has passed on and A D closed the antique shop.
On the wall was this picture of A D and Frances.  I fell in love.  I begged to be able to put this picture on this blog. Not only is it a great picture of A D and Frances but it is telling a story.
Look at the table on the right filled … (15 comments)

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