searcy ar: New business on Main Street, Searcy AR. Different, open and lovely. - 10/28/13 11:05 AM

Do you recognize this location in Searcy Arkansas?
We did a blog about the new look of this building a few weeks ago.  Refresh your memory about this building by clicking HERE.  It is located at 101 S Main across from the old Rendezvous that we've featured many times.
This building was going down, down rapidly.  Then we noticed work being done on it and it started becoming attractive again.  It is owned by Kelly and Beth Ledbetter and was built in 1938.  They have done the restoration that looks so good.
NOW look at it!  It has … (1 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR loses another old home. East Market Street house comes down. - 10/16/13 11:06 AM

Here is one last look at the old historic home on East Market Street.  It is going down and will be a memory by the end of the week. It was definitely tired and worn out.....kinda like we humans we are not losing a treasure.  But we sometimes think that anything that reminds of the early days of Searcy Ar becomes a treasure.  It was featured in another blog. Old blog on Market Street house
Here is the house in 1987 when it was for sale in one of our advertisements.

It did have some charm with … (4 comments)

searcy ar: Do they still do this? Decorate for the dances? Old picture from Searcy High School. - 10/07/13 11:57 PM
This photo could be from anywhere U.S.A in the 50's.
Moonlight and Roses must have been the theme for high school proms all over the country.
I came from Georgia and seems to me I remember having the same theme and the same decorations as found in this picture at our little tiny school.
So what do the kids do now? 

And Searcy Sleuths, do you know who these dapper young men were?  Wonder if the one at the top was a person who dared to be different because he had on a bow tie?

searcy ar: Twin trees located in Letona Arkansas. Very attractive. - 10/06/13 06:50 AM
While checking out houses in the small town of Letona Arkansas I turned around and was stunned to see these twin trees!
I don't believe I have even seen two trees that lean this way and lean in the same direction.  In fact, trees are so fascinating that I think a file with interesting tree shapes would be fun to maintain. 


searcy ar: Probably unchanged old home in Searcy AR. Sleuths, can you find it? - 09/15/13 03:18 AM
Several of the Searcy Sleuths no longer live in Searcy but are proud of the town where they grew up.
I'm thinking that this house dates back to their youth in Searcy and has probably had no changes since that time.  It has been on this big pretty lot since I have been in Searcy.  I once wrote a blog about the bigger the tree, the older the house.  Go review it if you'd like.  The tree was at the old home of Wilbur Mills in Kensett.
Now look at the size of the tree in this front yard!
Each time … (15 comments)

searcy ar: Crum's Pet Shop. It was mighty popular a long time ago. Searcy AR. - 09/09/13 11:39 AM

Bet you didn't recognize this picture of a house!  I just had to stop and take a picture of it because it will soon be gone.  The new by-pass will be taking it down as it comes along Honeyhill Road toward Hwy 36 West.
I almost took a picture a few months ago when some vehicle traveling west on Booth Road failed to stop until it smashed into the front of the house.  It left bruises that you can see around the front door.
No one has lived here for years but I remember when it was a pet … (10 comments)

searcy ar: 1944 black and white photo of White County Court House. Nice old cars, too! - 08/27/13 05:44 AM

This is a nice old post card showing the White County Court House in Searcy AR.  It was posted 1944 and had this writing on the back. 
"Dearest, Been thinking of you even if I have not had time to express it.  Meeting old friends and going places has occupied my first wk.  Believe I told you about my sister Mrs. Yarnell falling down her front porch steps in early fall.  She is about over it & is looking young and pretty like you do.  Love, Jessie Ponder."
It is addressed to  Mrs. Susie Sheldon, Kansas City (3) Mo.  Lucern … (15 comments)

searcy ar: He either stayed up too late or got up too early. Armadillo done gone. - 08/26/13 11:38 PM

While taking an early morning walk, I met a strange little critter.  I was making noise by talking on the phone but he either didn't hear me or couldn't see me because he showed no fear and just kept on rootin' in my neighbor's yards.
I took pictures and got closer and closer.  He got tired of one neighbor's yard and decided the grass was greener across the driveway.

Unfortunately for this armadillo a neighbor who keeps a perfect yard has a deep grudge against these critters who can ruin a yard overnight.  He also spotted the little guy … (4 comments)

searcy ar: The new look of Harding University, Searcy AR. Rock and frame apartments are history. - 08/21/13 11:21 AM
Harding University, Searcy AR, is changing and changing rapidly.  A few months ago I wrote a blog about houses that were already history.
Today, I snapped a picture  of a few of the new buildings that have taken the old houses's places.  In case you haven't noticed, the rock and frame apartments that used to line E. Pleasure Avenue are now gone with nothing remaining but a few piles of the native rock that was so popular with building styles in the 60's.

Just to keep the memories straight, here is the Google view (remember they are a bit … (7 comments)

searcy ar: It must have been a custom built house.....back in 1964. Why else would it have pink? - 08/01/13 11:35 AM
In all my 30 plus years in real estate I have not seen a wall oven like this.
I tried to figure out how to open it.  You grab hold handles with both hands and Presto!  It opens.

Did I mention that it is pink?  I can't imagine a spec house having a pink oven or a pink stovetop. So my thinking is that this was a custom built house in 1964 and it still has the original appliances.  I'd be willing to bet that those cabinets are knotty pine painted over!  And the white does match the pink … (18 comments)

searcy ar: Good cartoon from 1976 advertising Newman Real Estate at the corner of Race and Main Searcy AR. Fred Stewart, artist. - 07/20/13 10:47 PM
Looking through an old stack of newspapers is always interesting if you are in the real estate business and you are an old art instructor.
Look what I found!  This cartoon was signed by Fred Stewart '76.  Since the item had been clipped there was no other way to date it but the artist had done it!  We have featured this building before on this blog.  Check this old blog.  
The Newman team redid this little building that had been a filling station (I think) and turned it into a real estate office and considered it as being on … (1 comments)

searcy ar: Yes, Ma, you CAN make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Proof attached. Tin building at corner of Oak and Pleasure, Searcy AR. - 07/04/13 12:27 PM
Those old sayings never meant much to me but one comes to mind when I drive by this building at the corner of Pleasure and Oak in Searcy AR.
My mother and others during her day used to say, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!"
She should see what has been done to this building!

Look Ma!!

Prestige Homes took this old tin building and kept the best parts and made it different and beautiful!  I love the looks of it now and appreciate their using something of Searcy's history and revising but keeping!

searcy ar: There's a new "old" front porch at 601 E Race. A newly opened restaurant called The White House Cafe. - 06/28/13 10:48 AM
This historic home at 601 E Race held happy families during the early days of Searcy AR.
Lately, however, it seemed to be coming closer to its demise.  It's a big lot and it is highly commercial land.
It has found a new owner!  That owner has turned it into a restaurant and the restaurant has been open only a few days.

Isn't this a charming new look for the house?  I like the comfortable looking front porch which is reminiscent of the days when folks actually sat on the front porch!  I also like the decorative trim over the … (8 comments)

searcy ar: 1700 W. Pleasure, Searcy AR. Soon to be gone? Torn down? I hope not. - 06/05/13 11:15 AM

You are driving into Searcy from Hwy 36 West and you can take Pleasure Street or Beebe Capps Expressway.  Choose W Pleasure Street and you'll promptly see this lovely ranch house.
It has been meticulously maintained since it was built in 1960.  And it was built with wood....lots of wood.  Wood floors, wood walls, wood ceilings.  Wood that came from Doniphan Mills.  It has as much  class and beauty as any of the original ranch style homes in Searcy Arkansas.  It should be put on some kind of protective pedestal.
BUT......there was a hearing this week to try to get … (12 comments)

searcy ar: Fair Parade in Searcy AR along about the 70's? Curly hair was in style. - 06/01/13 12:29 AM

Here is an old picture taken on East Race Street (you can tell me where) and I am wondering about the date. There are several interesting things in the picture.
The girls are most likely fair queen entries and the sign if it were readable would tell us who they were.
I also like the hippy-type van in the background with a boy sitting on the top of it for a good view.
Girls wore lots of curly hair during this period.  All four in the car are all curled up! 
Brings back a lot of memories, … (4 comments)

searcy ar: The T. A. Yarnell house that was once in Searcy AR....and Mr. Yarnell in the yard. - 05/12/13 06:55 AM
We have featured an old house on this blog before and a former Searcian commented about the house.  Thomas Headlee wrote this comment.
Thomas Headlee I was told many nice architectural pieces were saved from this house....staircase for one. I think some of the iron fencing was moved to 400 block of W. Arch...Mr Petty's office. I could be mistaken. My great grandfather's house was just east of here....T. A. Yarnell.

    So we begged him for a picture of the T. A. Yarnell house.  He has sent this one and wrote a nice note for history.   This … (17 comments)

searcy ar: Go shopping on ebay right now. Here's a picture of Searcy folks and there are lots more on ebay. - 05/09/13 01:53 AM


Look at these wonderful old pictures of folks from Searcy AR!
I found them by browsing Searcy AR on ebay and you can find them too.  The first one is called West Race Baptist Church and the second has Lucille Hollman named. 
The ebay site has lots and lots of old pictures that you'll love browsing through.  You might find your own relatives somewhere on the site.  The site is disfarmer2 on ebay.  Plan to spend some time because the pictures, although not all from Searcy, are really a look back in time.  For example, I … (23 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy Arkansas was once home to the mother of a now-famous star called Cher.....Repeat blog - 05/05/13 12:47 AM

I repeat this blog because there is going to be a special on LIFE channel on Monday night at 9:00 pm.  They mention Kensett and our good state of Arkansas where she grew up.  LET'S TUNE IN!!
This photo was loaned to me by my friend Sherry, whose mother was Frances Hall Quattlebaum.  Frances was a colorful lady who was admired by the folks who lived in Searcy.  Frances passed away on Sept 15, 1999 and upon hearing of her death the newspaper editor received a call from a lady who called herself Georgia Holt.
She was calling … (12 comments)

searcy ar: Searcy AR has an improved building on Main, across from the old Rendezvous. - 04/21/13 03:05 AM
Mr. Google, who must be a big procrastinator, and that works in our favor, still has this image of the old filling station located on Main Street in Searcy AR, right across the street from the old Rendezvous.

I looked at it often and wondered what it originally looked like but no post cards or pictures ever showed up.  I liked the little column things.  Now when you drive by, it has a new look.  Look at this picture.

It has been made to look nice and they kept the columns and adorned them.  I tried a closeup … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Save your gas. Don't drive by. It's gone. Another big house in Searcy AR had to go. - 04/11/13 10:14 PM
A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a once-grand house having a fire and that it was probably beyond saving.
I was right.  It is gone.  Remember this one.

Here is the Mr. Google view.....bless him for saving some of these old pictures for years.  It takes him a good while to do a follow-up drive by so if we go by and do a double-take because a house is gone, just visit him and take a last look.

This house was uniquely grand from the Spring Street front or the Moore Street side.  Our sleuths did … (6 comments)

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