searcy ar: Searcy AR has an improved building on Main, across from the old Rendezvous. - 04/21/13 03:05 AM
Mr. Google, who must be a big procrastinator, and that works in our favor, still has this image of the old filling station located on Main Street in Searcy AR, right across the street from the old Rendezvous.

I looked at it often and wondered what it originally looked like but no post cards or pictures ever showed up.  I liked the little column things.  Now when you drive by, it has a new look.  Look at this picture.

It has been made to look nice and they kept the columns and adorned them.  I tried a closeup … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Save your gas. Don't drive by. It's gone. Another big house in Searcy AR had to go. - 04/11/13 10:14 PM
A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a once-grand house having a fire and that it was probably beyond saving.
I was right.  It is gone.  Remember this one.

Here is the Mr. Google view.....bless him for saving some of these old pictures for years.  It takes him a good while to do a follow-up drive by so if we go by and do a double-take because a house is gone, just visit him and take a last look.

This house was uniquely grand from the Spring Street front or the Moore Street side.  Our sleuths did … (6 comments)

searcy ar: 1908 view of Searcy Arkansas's historic court house on the square. - 04/08/13 10:46 AM

This card shows the White County court house in 1908 before the wings were added and before the trees were big and before the street was paved and before horseless carriages were parked all the way around it.
It shows old buildings on the West side of the square and a little iron fence around the square.  It also shows two chimney's on the roof.  I gotta drive by and see if those are still up there!
Here's the back side of the card.

They were mailing from Higginson.  Sending post cards must have been as fashionable then as … (13 comments)

searcy ar: A glimpse of the past on Foster Chapel Road, Searcy AR. - 04/02/13 12:20 AM
Don't get me wrong!
I am not pleading for saving a historic home or feeling nostalgic remembering days long gone.
But while driving in the country, this house had to catch my eye.  It is so simple, so worn out, so forlorn sitting out in the middle of a cowpasture.  It reminds me so much of houses that I used to see in South Georgia where I grew up.
There's an old barn-type structure behind this house and a huge tree in the back yard. 
It is truly a glimpse of a past but probably best saved with … (11 comments)

searcy ar: Luxurious living for some pet in Searcy Arkansas. Pet step and separate entrance. - 03/27/13 11:55 PM

Viewed at a big and luxurious house that is for sale.
Entrance steps for a pet.  It can't be a Great Dane, which we also saw as we toured new listings in Searcy AR, because the entrance appears too little.
We were impressed by the corner steps which were wrap around and led to the entrance of a separate room inside that was designed for the pet's comfort.  That appears to be a light above the entrance.
Impressed?  Yes, we were.  It displayed how important pets are to the American family of today.  I'm wondering if it is for a … (10 comments)

searcy ar: White County Packing Company, Searcy AR. An old picture when it was for sale. - 03/20/13 11:42 AM
I had a few free minutes and looked back at some old advertisements.
I have been in the real estate business for over 30 years!  Geesh!  The old ads that we used to run are now possibly becoming precious.
Look at this one.  Who would have thought we'd ever find it interesting to look at this old building again.
Sleuths!  A question to test your memory.....
Where was it?  And you may need to explain to the new generation what a packing house was.
They called it a high traffic area then.  What would they call it now?
I like … (18 comments)

searcy ar: One of the twin tins is getting a face lift. They didn't tear it down!! - 03/14/13 12:17 AM
A few months ago I wrote a blog when I suddenly noticed that buildings that I had driven by hundreds of times were alike!  They were on opposite sides of the road (once the tracks) and looked as if they'd had the same designer.
One of them recently sold and I watched as the wrecking ball got closer and closer to it.  I thought it was a goner for sure.
But look!  Here's what is going on.

The new owner decided that he would like to keep the character of the old building and is saving it.
Here's the other … (6 comments)

searcy ar: To be auctioned this weekend. 211 W Woodruff in Searcy AR. Built in mid 1800's. - 03/11/13 10:51 PM

This home has character you just don't find much any more! Built in the mid 1800's this stately old home was once part of a 40 acre plantation which is now just 1.73 acres 3 blocks from downtown Searcy. It has 2 bedrooms, one with a large sitting area, and 2 baths, A formal dining room and living room as well as a hobby room that once was an open air breeze way. A full basement that once was the kitchen in the early days is now only accessible from an outside entrance. This house has seen a lot … (15 comments)

searcy ar: Police Chief snow person! Made in 1961 on West Arch Street, Searcy AR. - 03/07/13 10:15 AM

You can't help but LOVE this picture!  It was provided by Bridget Hart and here is what she said about the picture.
It's my two kids, Charlie and Ann Hart, in 1961 in front of 1310 W. Arch.
Their grandfather, Dick, was on the Searcy Police Department then. The
mustache is a leaf they found in the snow. Notice the tiny snowman on the
porch. Their baby brother, Cliff, was inside the house. Of course,
everyone on the street knew who lived there. We lived in Des Arc at the
time, and were there visiting the kids' grandparents, Dick and Tete Hart.
The mustache is … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Sleuths love puzzles. So who is this young man from Searcy Arkansas? - 03/06/13 08:54 AM
Bridget Hart, who was the daughter-in-law of Dick Hart, well known former Chief of Police in Searcy Arkansas has supplied another picture.
Knowing how the Searcy Sleuths love a puzzle and they actually get peeved if I put the puzzle on facebook before they see it, I'm putting this up for them on Activerain before putting on facebook.  Those facebook folks are quick!
Who is this handsome young person from Searcy AR? (The young man, not the baby.)  Any clues that you see in the photograph are fair play.


searcy ar: Tina Daniel. Searcy AR. A tribute to someone who has been in my life for over 30 years. - 03/04/13 07:31 AM
Tina Daniel was special.  I say "was" because she has passed away completely unexpectedly and her friends, including myself, start thinking of how we loved and respected her.  She was a tireless worker and she loved being in front of a group and teaching that group with grace and humor. 

We started out together.  My career and hers started in the very late 70's and very early 80's.  We went to classes together to learn more.  GRI, Graduate REALTORS Institute was our first accomplishment together. Note in one of the pictures she was noted for the highest score.  She was … (7 comments)

searcy ar: For Searcy Sleuths....where was this house? 1310 W Arch and it still stands. - 02/21/13 09:35 AM
The Searcy Sleuths love a challenge.  They can find anything.  One of them ropes Mr. Google and forces him to go up and down streets of any town to find the treasure.
So I have great pictures of a house in Searcy that dates way back.  It is actually sort of historic and I have learned a lot about it in the last week or two.
But let's begin with the old pictures of it.

These are wonderful old pictures.  The third picture shows where a porch used to be and it had a dug well.  Look at those beautiful flowers....and the lady!
 So, go, … (18 comments)

searcy ar: Police Chief Dick Hart with fire prevention posters a long time ago. Searcy AR. - 02/18/13 09:33 AM

Bridget Hart from Wynne AR found our blog that had an old picture of Searcy's Police Chief of long ago.  She was married to J. C. Rankin "Dick" Hart's son.  She said the J and C didn't stand for anything. This picture shows Dick Hart on the right and she does not know who the other men are.  They are displaying posters turned in for a fire prevention poster contest.
Let me quote what she tells about the Hart family.
"His dad was a Methodist Circuit Rider through Texas settling around Lubbock and Colorado City. That family had about … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Bradford old Esso filling station. Old card provided by James Whitlow. - 02/15/13 05:31 AM
James Whitlow, blog friend, knew where the filling station that we posted a few days ago was located. He researched and came up with another one made of rock.  This one is at Bradford, he says, and it is a post card.  I asked him it the picture was squeezed to make that building look so small and I have not had a response.  I like the Coke signs that evidently match on each end of the canopy.  
Now I need to plan a trip to Bradford (or Don and Mr. Google can go on my behalf) and see if … (7 comments)

searcy ar: Let's look at Art for a blog. Who painted this picture? White County artist. - 02/13/13 11:41 PM
Anita has told me to get off the bridges.  On this blog, we have worked on filling stations and tornadoes and railroads and a little bit of everything except possibly ART!
And in case you don't remember I am an old teacher of Art.  So naturally I love and respect good art work.  Soooo...
Who can tell me which artist did this lovely sketch?  The brush stroks are masterful and the color selections are excellent.  It is quite old and the artist has become prominent.

Here's a closeup so you can better see the brush strokes.  It is an oil … (24 comments)

searcy ar: Beebe AR close-up pictures of long ago. James Whitlow enlarged pictures. - 02/05/13 04:23 AM
We put Beebe Arkansas on this blog a few days ago and this particular photo was placed on the blog.

Our blog friend James Whitlow has the same card and he enlarged some areas.  See them below.

And he included a look at the street more like now, modern Beebe Arkansas!

Here are other Beebe AR blogs if you are interested.

searcy ar: Yarnell Ice Cream Co old billfold. What approximate date was it, Sleuths? - 01/21/13 11:28 PM
I have too much stuff?  Not expensive stuff but just stuff that the family has stuck back over the years.
One of these things is this billfold given away by Yarnell Ice Cream.  It has a neat picture on the front and it has the info saying that it has a secret compartment for hiding really good stuff.  I didn't unfold that secret compartment so I may be missing something.
The picture on the front looks good and is encased with plastic.  I'd like to know what the approximate date of this billfold was.  It was actually a nice giveaway at … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Moving on from one big house to another....608 N Spring Searcy AR had a fire. - 01/21/13 02:29 AM
This big old house on the corner has always interested me.  For as long as I have known it, it has been cut up into apartments.  It is just a couple of blocks from the one we were just discussing on North Main Street.
Surely it was at one time a showy house with proud owners who sat on the porch? 
The newspaper reported that the fire department had to put out a fire inside the house a few days ago.  Suspecting that a fire may lead to a tear-down, I drove by and snapped a memory picture.  Here it … (7 comments)

searcy ar: This historic home is for sale! Better grab it! Knox kindergarten house on N Main in Searcy AR. - 01/18/13 06:09 AM
Let's review a blog that I did quite a while back.
It had lots of beautiful kids posing on the front porch.
It has Mrs.Klyster Knox standing with them.  Here's the house today.

And, yes, we'd better show the kids!

So this house at 510 N Main in Searcy AR is available right now if you'd like a house full of memories!  Listing agent is Lee Teed with our RE/MAX office. Price is $145,000.  I look forward to touring it and possibly helping find a new owner for it.

searcy ar: Here is a good example of why going to the grocery store now is SO painful. Person Store Searcy AR. - 01/16/13 12:02 AM
Do you ever feel a lot of pain at the grocery store?  Especially if you take kids with you.  There are so many things to choose from!  Sooo many selections in every category. 
And the prices for groceries have gone sky it seems.  Hubby and I have to report that we are home from the grocery store with with one small bag and we are out $26.  Folks on limited incomes must be in terrible pain as they walk through the aisles of the store and have to choose how far their grocery budget will go.
This picture from old … (28 comments)

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