searcy ar: Ghostly apparitions? Folks on a rock at Judsonia AR in stereoscopic view. - 10/02/12 07:34 AM

The last blog with all that scientific information about dams and things has made me long for something simple that I can almost ghosts!
This half of the stereoscopic view provided to us by Melanie Murphy from Judsonia is full of mystery.  Look at those folks in the side grounds.  They sure have a ghostly look, don't they.  At first I thought there were four pieople in the picture and then I started seeing more. Are there three ladies on the side...or four...or more?
It makes me wonder if the images would show up clearer if viewed through the … (5 comments)

searcy ar: First Christian Church once in Searcy AR. Now gone but remembered. - 09/26/12 05:58 PM

Card on ebay!
Slightly ragged and wrinkled and very old.
And no, I was NOT talking about myself!  I was referring to the condition of this card.  But the condition of the card is better than the condition of the church.  It has been torn down and replaced by buildings owned and operated by United Methodist Church. 
It appears to have a basement.  Wonder if it was a successful basement or did it have a tendency to hold water. Surely some of our sleuths will know the answers to questions about this old First Christian Church.  And … (22 comments)

searcy ar: Where was this house? Sleuths, do you remember it? Searcy AR rock house. - 09/25/12 10:32 AM

I ran across this old rock house that once lived on a busy street in Searcy and we had it for sale.  One thing about those old listings that were put out by my former company was that they never gave the entire information about a house or property.
The ad was supposed to get the phone to ring.
At that time, no one could go online to find out the "rest of the story."
Now we are prone to just put the entire info in the ad because there are no secrets anymore.
So, Sleuths, test your memory … (7 comments)

searcy ar: True Americana picture. A D and Frances Dale from Searcy AR. Frances's Antiques on W Race Street. - 09/20/12 06:35 PM

I went into what used to be Frances's Antiques at 701 W Race today.  It is now called Dale's Collectables Antiques and Flea Market.  It is now operated by A D and Frances Dale's children.  Frances has passed on and A D closed the antique shop.
On the wall was this picture of A D and Frances.  I fell in love.  I begged to be able to put this picture on this blog. Not only is it a great picture of A D and Frances but it is telling a story.
Look at the table on the right filled … (15 comments)

searcy ar: Mushrooms! How I wish I knew which ones are not poisonous! - 09/19/12 02:03 PM
Taking a walk can be rather boring.  But while I was walking this morning I got all excited about the crop of mushrooms that had just popped up.
These are giant mushrooms!  One of them would fill your plate!  They looked like the ones in the grocery store that cost major dollars.

So can someone give us a few lessons on how to harvest a mushroom or toadstool as they are sometimes called in the South?  I have only known one person in my life who felt confident about gathering fresh mushrooms and safely eating them.  She no longer lives … (6 comments)

searcy ar: A great old yearbook ad from Searcy AR and a good advertising sign for Cloverdale. - 08/31/12 05:50 AM

Take a look at this old advertisement that was posted on facebook by Charles Lovell, Jr., who came from a "builder family" himself.  I love the sign.
First of all, it tells who owned the house!  B. R. Fudge.
It brags about who built it, B. F. Oliver, builder.
And it tells who provided materials, Wood-Freeman.  I'm just guessing but I'll bet this material supplier supplied the sign.
The truth is, really, that I love the old ad that was placed in the yearbook.  Cloverdale was one of Searcy's first planned subdivisions.....along with Lambert Terrace.  The girl in this … (12 comments)

searcy ar: Baptist Church Searcy AR. First Baptist? 1910 old postcard from James Whitlow. - 08/27/12 12:12 PM
Remember when we used to communicate by mail?  Postcards?  Letters?
It seems that it was appropriate to start out the mail with something that looked like this:
Dear Bob,How are you today?  As for me, I am fine.  The weather is clear here today....
Note this card with the note on the mail side.  This man had a sense of humor, I guess. It reads:
Well Bald headed sam how are you it has turned off cold up here the Argenta Carnival Co is up here now  I am going out to the old place this morn.  Walter
Will send … (12 comments)

searcy ar: Judsonia AR Exchange Land Office and Post Office. Historic photograph. - 08/23/12 11:28 AM

I wish I could read what the sign says.  I can read Public sale but below that I can make out only a few words.
This is another picture from the stereoscopic views of Judsonia that was scanned and loaned to me for this blog by Melanie Murphy from Judsonia.
It is a great one showing a Land Office and the Post Office.  Perhaps some of our readers can explain what is going on in the picture.


searcy ar: Bill's Grill to Bill's Restaurant? Question for the Searcy AR Sleuths..... - 08/21/12 12:26 PM

Our newfound friend, James Whitlow, poses the question of when did Bill's Grill become Bill's Restaurant after he studied his historic post card as shown above.
He points out that the back of the card calls it Bill's Restaurant and the front of the card shows the "Grill" either removed or unlighted.  I probably would not have noticed such a thing.
This card does appear newer than the ones we have had on this blog earlier.
What do you think, Sleuths?  Older version appears here.

searcy ar: Time for a review. Noble's Motel in Searcy AR in its early days. About 1951. - 08/18/12 01:24 PM

This card is on ebay right now and is for sale.  I did a blog about the early days of this motel about two years ago.  The picture that was provided to me by the family is so much like this one that I thought it would be nice to review.  If you drive out East Race Street in Searcy AR right now it will be hard to spot the location of Noble's Courts.
Review the other blog by clicking right here.
Compare the photos.  This is the one Mike Noble loaned me for the blog.  The card on ebay … (2 comments)

searcy ar: Great find! Old pictures of First Methodist Church and White County Courthouse Searcy AR. - 08/16/12 06:57 AM
We have a new friend!  Melanie Murphy from Judsonia shared some great pictures with me to share with you.  They are stereoscopic views of mostly Judsonia but perhaps a few from Searcy Arkansas.  She does not have the viewer and we do have a question for the sleuths here because we need an explanation of how the stereoscopic viewers worked.  The pictures scanned nicely, however, and we share two of them here.
First we will do the First United Methodist Church of Searcy with the two views that are used for the viewer....if we had it.

Next let's do a … (25 comments)

searcy ar: Surprise!! Great old card picture from Bald Knob AR that I had never seen! 300 Block Center St. historic homes. - 08/05/12 08:40 AM
We have made a great new friend in James Whitlow, who does not even live in our area but collects cards from lots of areas and shares with us!
Here's the latest.  He sent me this one from Bald Knob AR.  Probably Bald Knob had not named streets then but I recognized the tall two story house as one that has just sold and is now up for resale. It's number is 301 Center Street and the court house says it was built in 1917.
I love the picket fences and the wood sidewalks.  At first I thought I'd have … (20 comments)

searcy ar: Three faces of 219 Market St., Searcy AR. Historic downtown building. - 08/03/12 05:04 AM
219 Market Street in Searcy Arkansas sold a few months ago.
  It sold to the folks who own Salon Bliss and Boutique and they have made it beautiful.  I like the fact that they appreciate history and have actually saved a building from Searcy's past and made it the location of a successful business location again.
So it is time for a review.  First is a picture taken in by Paula Windsor when she was a child and assigned a photography project.  She took lots of downtown pictures and we have had them on this blog.

Next we have … (8 comments)

searcy ar: They are not historic now but soon will be so save these pictures. Going down on E. Pleasure St. in Searcy AR. - 08/01/12 11:47 AM
 I remember.
I remember when this style construction was so popular.  I loved the look of native rock and frame combined.
I especially liked ranch houses built with this combination.  Evidently Harding University in Searcy Arkansas also liked the look because there are several apartment complexes built along E. Pleasure as you approach Harding that were probably built back then.
They are going down!

 Your roving blogster took these pictures.  I like best the rock walls.


They are being replaced with some gorgeous buildings that I blogged about a few weeks ago.  See that blog here.   … (7 comments)

searcy ar: G B Farris Transportation May 9 1908 in Judsonia Arkansas. - 07/31/12 05:10 AM
James Whitlow has sent us another picture for this blog.  It is one that I have never seen and indicates that in 1908 a Mr. Farris had a transportation company.  Perhaps he transported folks up or down river by boat?  Or he transported freight.  Writing on the front says it is in Judsonia ARK.  Thanks, James.
Wonder where this was in Judsonia?


searcy ar: Two great Searcy Arkansas cards for sale on ebay. May day Celebration. - 07/27/12 10:32 AM
Remember when we used to drive around and stop at antique shops and search for things we collected?  It was a difficult process but we really appreciated finding some old collectible out in the middle of nowhere.
Things have changed.  Just put a search on ebay and let the treasure-oppportunity be emailed to you.  Right now there are two great old Searcy AR cards on there.  See here and then go bid if you'd like.  Here's the first one.

And here's another.  Wonder if they were the same day?

Tom Keene cigar!  Our friend James Whitlow could do some … (9 comments)

searcy ar: One happy hubby with lots of tomatoes.....home him! - 07/25/12 06:02 PM
I'm guilty!
I confess!  I did it!
I poked fun at my husband's tomato-growing prowess in past blogs.
The laugh is on me.  LOOK!

He was SO successful this year with tomato growing that his friends run in the other direction when he starts toward them with another bag of tomatoes to give them.  He had to leave our little backyard to grow them.  He begged a row from his friend who has a horse in the perimeter so that the horse may have scared off the @#$%^ deer (his usual description of them) and may have also provided a … (10 comments)

searcy ar: The difference in black and white and color photos. Galloway College Searcy AR - 07/24/12 12:05 PM

I bought another card on ebay.  I already had the black and white one shown above but decided to take a chance and buy the one in color, shown below.  It is obvious.  The top one is more charming and shows more detail.  Look at the dog and the gentlemen and the fountain.  It is dated 1908 and has a 1 cent stamp. It was mailed from Kensett to Philadelphia.  The colored one has had time for trees to grow so it has to have a later date but the card is not dated.

Looking at either one, however, … (6 comments)

searcy ar: Closeup photos of the old People's Bank Searcy AR, now First Security Bank. - 07/14/12 03:10 PM
Our newfound blog friend, James Whitlow, who bought the old postcard of People's Bank in Searcy Arkansas from ebay has very thoughtfully sent us scans of the card.  The scans are SO clear.  This bank became First Security Bank and we have had other blogs about it.  Super Sleuth Anita has lots of pictures of her mother, who actually selected the name Security Bank, at this bank.  We have to review. 

Now let's see the close-up scans.


Were those not great closeups!!  James was in town and took a current picture but Activerain got mad … (7 comments)

searcy ar: The brand new 1600 W Pleasure building and the old 1600 W Pleasure look. - 07/13/12 12:26 PM
I did a blog a few months ago with a picture of a house that gave the Sleuths a fit because they couldn't find it.  They just didn't remember it.  It was located at 1600 W Pleasure and was torn down several years ago.  To refresh your memory, here is the house.

After being just two vacant lots for many years, it was sold and now we have this new look at the location.

Patrick Connell did it up right with landscaping, driveways, and a lovely building.  I also like the big 1600 on the front of the … (15 comments)

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