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The Dutcher House - 702 W AcademyThe Bloom House - 708 W AcademyA new property has come on the market and it is right beside one that is also for sale.  Both are historic treasures in Searcy AR.  The listing agent provided information about this newest property on the market and it is worth shari...
I do think that I have become too interested in old yearbooks and the history that they hold.  Looking through this 1948 Harding University (then College) Petit Jean I found 4 people of interest on just one page.  Look at these professors at Harding at the time.Let's take them from the top.  Dr. ...
We see these things all the time now at the county fairs and other places where kids are expected to have fun but to really appreciate them, we need to read about how the first one was designed and when it was built.  This article is in the June 2015 issue of Smithsonian magazine.  The fine print...
We clipped this because a family member was in the picture but a date was not included with the picture.  So putting our thinking caps on we need to establish a time frame.  Note all the curly hair and especially the long, curly hair.  This style came after the beehive but before the long straigh...
Wigs were in fashion in 1968.  This photo from a yearbook advertisement section shows Jeffrey Lovell's mother, Heidi Lovell, working on one.  I am doing this blog especially for  Jeffrey for a special day coming up.  I doubt that he has seen this photo of his mother before.I call myself Jeff's se...
This picture of the Rialto in Searcy AR has to bring back of memories.  Look at the dressed up couple going in to see what looks like GI Blues.  The girls are off to the right while the guys fumble in their pockets for the money for tickets. (Wonder how guys afford the price of tickets today and ...
 If you were a fashionable person in 1968 you wore a beehive hairdo.  They just suddenly, it seemed, evolved.  Looking at old movies and magazines, you didn't see anything like these hairstyles.  I admit that I thought it was the best looking hairdo and I wanted  the look for myself.  Alas, the m...
Memories!How they come flowing back from time to time!  And the name Lightle Dobbins & Lightle has always been an important one in Searcy AR.  When I decided to obtain training regarding real estate (not to be an agent but just to learn) I was contacted by the broker at the firm to consider signi...
Well, folks, how'd you like to visit this lovely area?  Looks as if you'd be going way up North, doesn't it?But this is Searcy AR and the buildings are new and more are being built by Harding University.  Driving East on Pleasure Street or Park Street will lead you right into these buildings with...
 He sought adventure.Flying jets was his dream that came true.This was William Ward Smith from Searcy AR posing beside the plane that he loved.  He was the father of Valerie Dawn Smith Canepa, now a permanent resident of Searcy, and Michael Paul Smith.  She inherited his courageous and adventurou...

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