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 He sought adventure.Flying jets was his dream that came true.This was William Ward Smith from Searcy AR posing beside the plane that he loved.  He was the father of Valerie Dawn Smith Canepa, now a permanent resident of Searcy, and Michael Paul Smith.  She inherited his courageous and adventurou...
New cars!Who does not love one?This old picture is labeled on the back and that's the reason I know what year and model it was.  The people in the picture are never forgotten.  This photo was probably made for a Searcy AR High School yearbook.  Car dealers were always called on to do a nice ad fo...
   So what was this advertising?  This advertisement was in the 1970 Searcy High School yearbook.  Typical at the time was putting no address, no phone number or other information because everyone knew everyone else and everyone knew what and where everything was.But memory fades and even though ...
We have had folks ask when it went away.  When did they tear down Rodgers Hospital which was located on W Woodruff Street in Searcy AR?This picture was in a 1970 yearbook so it was still around at that time.  Searcy loved Dr. Porter Rodgers.  Even I, having to visit one snowy winter and having a ...
The year was 1995.The ad was for a little flyer that I believe came through the mail.It was such a delight that I saved it and while rummaging through old memories I came across it again.  This agent is still in real estate and does a lot of auctions now.  He is the agent who brought the RE/MAX f...
Fashions come and fashions go and then they come again.  Look at this choral group taken from the 1930 Gallowegian, a yearbook for Galloway girl's college in Searcy Arkansas.  The dress skirts are up and down and reminds me of the droopy tops and bottoms that are today's fashion.  Hair styles are...
I had a gift given to me.  A 1930 Galloway College Searcy AR yearbook called the Gallowegian.How very interesting to see how things have changed.  For instance, what happened to May Day?  Seems Harding used to have a May Day festival and girls danced around a May pole.  There was a May Day Queen ...
What do we do now?  Pay our bills online?  What a convenience but what did folks in 1930 find very convenient?  This old ad from the 1930 Gallowegian yearbook shows the newest and best.  Look at this ad.  The big deal was Bank By Mail!  Send your checks by mail and we will credit them to your acc...
We see lots of pictures of the old Galloway College building in Searcy AR.  It was one impressive building as you can see below.  Galloway was reported to be the finest cultural opportunity college for girls in the country.  The depression in the 30's contributed to its being forced to close in 1...
What a lovely picture.  This is a 1937 five-year diary that was started by my now-deceased mother-in-law.  She added things to it everyday.  She probably also kept it hidden so that little brothers or nosy sisters couldn't find it and read the private notations. The picture is taken on an aged oa...

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