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Lincoln Square:  I was there when the fire took most of the insides of that two unit out.  I was there when they took the lady, who had burns over her body from the fire.  The Building was on the market back in 2006 and late 2007 for $540,000.  The comments were:  "Great investment opportunity on...
This photo has stirred my heart up just a tad.  Before you say anything, you better know that one of these men could have been killed for being a traitor against the colonies for his belief by being involved in the freedoms, liberties, our rights to live and be represented.  What a slap in the fa...
Well, corporate America will be getting their money but America's middle man, the one who has been identified as the core of America - just lost a tax break when buying a home.  Read on from a post from Mirela Monta .....  Minutes ago an agreement was announced on a $790 Billion stimulus plan.  U...
Today the people in the Lincoln Square Neighborhood in Chicago will be celebrating Abraham Lincoln's Birthday tonight in "the Square" here in Chicago.  Granted the celebration of Lincoln's birthday is early as his birthday actually falls on February the 12th, but you know how things go ...... peo...
  It has been reported that this 46 story skyscraper building owned by a New York based firm - Broadway Partners Fund Managers, LLC. has to come up with $48,000,000 on this building or RISK FORECLOSURE! Originally named the Heller International Building, this building is the tallest skyscraper w...
  Well, if you haven't heard it yet, Kevin Costner, who is an investor for a minor league baseball team is bringing them to Zion, Illinois!  Zion, Illinois will now be the home of a new minor league baseball team!  The logic:  good location, not overpriced and it would create 300 new jobs in Zio...
  First and foremost, LINCOLN SQUARE is celebrating President Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday this Thursday, February 5, 2009 right in the heart of Lincoln Square.  So Happy Birthday and have fun at Lincoln Square with all their activities. NEXT: TOBOGGANS ARE ON SALE!  I was floored when I saw...

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