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      Let's admit it, most everybody has cut back on their Starbuck's consumption and I did some research and found that there are some pretty creative ways to cut back on your spending and ways to increase your savings at the same time: - a pretty interesting site that is free and w...
Dear Barb:  I received a letter from the bank saying that I was behind in my mortgage payments, but I am not.  They are saying in this letter that a deficiency judgment may be obtained from me to collect the balance of the loan.  What is going on?   Signed, Stressed Out Dear Stressed Out, The fi...
When's the last time you ventured out to the Serengeti?  Stefan Swanepoel's book "Surviving your Serengeti" reflects in a non-traditional way about the 7 Skills to Master Business and Life.  While most would think it is another self-help book it actually is a creative and genius way for one to lo...
Today is President's Day.  While it is not a designated "name" for this holiday, President's Day represents to me, respect for those men who helped found and shaped America. We used to celebrate President Abraham's Birthday and George Washington's birthday separately.  But over the course of the ...
      News, news, news.  Good, bad and the ugly it seems at times but this chart was brought to my attention by a friend and I think we need to take a closer look at what the census is saying about Chicago vs what is happening with pricing/values. How do we do this? Well, lets compare what the ce...
BOWMANVILLE COMMUNITY NEWS: If you are not familiar with this small quaint community, Bowmanville which is north of Foster and whose boundaries are Western on the west, Ravenswood to the East and Berwyn and Bowmanville Avenues to the north.      Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 24th at 7 p...
    Well, I find that we are seeing some activity in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.  Some shadow inventory has been removed, new fresh properties are popping up on the market.  Pricing in general is around the $400's for single family homes with some reasonably priced upper bracket homes.  The...
            Pretend this is your home.  You want to sell it.  What would you do to enhance it's appeal?  Does anything need to be done to improve it's appeal - really? Who do you want to attract? What type of price do you want for this home, in its current condition? What return do you desire for...
Listed below are the Market Stats for 2011 for the Chicago Association of Realtors Area 8004 (Lincoln Square): Please note that there are more foreclosures closing and short sales especially in the condominium market.  Currently there are active short sales and foreclosures on the market for Sing...
        Today, Abe Lincoln would be celebrating his 202nd birthday.   In 1951, a statute of President Abraham Lincoln was commissioned to watch over the intersections of Lincoln Avenue, Lawrence Avenue and Western Avenue here in Chicago - Lincoln Square neighborhood.  Not a day goes by that I do...

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