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    What an amazing change of events for Chicago's Lincoln Square Neighborhood for the Month of July 2011 from a year ago!   We have been hearing grim news, more layoffs, but one of the things I have seen with Chicago's Lincoln Square Neighborhood is the balance of housing, the awesome parks, th...
  Chicago's Weekend Roundup for July 30th and 31st, 2011:   Taste of Lincoln Avenue this Saturday and Sunday, July 30th and 31st is located at North Lincoln Avenue between Fullerton and Wrigleyville Avenues.  The beneficiary is Wrightwood Neighbors Association.   Randolph Street Market located at...
  COURAGE ... is the ability to face challenges, difficulties, uncertainty that may cause pain in a world of what appears to be confusion fueled by fear that determines a path arrived from that decision or action taken.   Courage should never be a reaction but an action taken to express ones sel...
Focusing on What's Important is harder then it seems yet, when one stops talking about their problems and focuses on the issues, they tend to be resolved.  Lou Ludwig has written an awesome Motivational Power Quote about Focus on What's Important. Last night a sweet senior citizen came to me and ...
Chicago's recent massive record breaking rain fall has left some homeowners here in Chicago with "wet mechancials and/or appliances".  I have seen hot water tanks turned off because of the water flooding and extinquishing the flame that fuels the heat for the tanks.  I am also hearing that consum...
This past weekend Chicago got "slapped" with a really bad rain storm.  I had showing appointments cancel left and right because basements had flooded.  I was annoyed about the cancellations until I realized exactly how much rain Chicago did receive and then my attitude went into a "quick reverse"...
    Chicago breaks the 1871 Rain Fall Record at 10:30 a.m. today.  We had 6.86" at that point of serious rain. The expressways were shut down due to 10' height of flooding (deeper than a swimming pool). It was reported that a truck driver was stranded with two other drivers but got tired of the ...
      Well, Chicago Lincoln Square received some more damage from last night's rain storm.  Branches came down and trees bent in all directions.   Today, I was to do showings but most of the agents called or texted me telling me to cancel as the homes in the neighborhoods that I was showing in, ...
    With the Chicago Market Place at a Price and Beauty War Contest, when one has a home that they have rehabbed and want the consumer to have confidence in buying your rehabbed home, let alone paying you the value for the quality and contribution that it lends, isn't as easy as it used to be. Pr...
As most of you are fully aware, Chicago is at 95 degrees right now and its 6:00 p.m..  It almost sounds like that commercial "Do you know where your children area?".  However, it's about survival in this heat and checking in on our seniors.  Most of us think that Senior Citizens will have their w...

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