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Greater Baton Rouge 2016 Home Sales Charts - An INTERACTIVE Visual Page by Bill Cobb Appraiser 225-293-1500 ***** THIS PAGE MAY TAKE A LITTLE WHILE TO FULLY LOAD WITH 5 CHARTS ***** Greater Baton Rouge includes the Parishes or Counties of: East Baton Rouge Parish Ascension Parish Livingston Paris...
Bill Cobb Appraiser, of Greater Baton Rouge, recently attended the 7 hour continuing education "Common Appraisal Errors" taught by Appraiser and Educator, Melissa Bond of  I always highly recommend taking CE from Melissa because she's still a "boots on the ground App...
City of Central's Monhegan Subdivision Home Sales Report 70714.  Bill Cobb Appraiser is performing a City of Central home purchase appraisal. Comment on Monhegan: Monhegan itself has Stable Prices (is not increasing and does not generally share in Central's overall increasing prices). This is why...
How Baton Rouge Home Appraisers Choose Comparable Sales? Home Appraisers in Baton Rouge Are Required To Choose Comps Which “Bracket” Or Sandwich Several Features.  When I speak of "subject", the "subject" references the home being appraised. Sales Price Example: if sales price is $250,000, then w...
Baton Rouge Home Appraisers 225-293-1500  ACCURATE VALUATIONS GROUP is a leading provider of residential real estate valuations for the mortgage lending marketplace. With 24 years of experience in the appraisal business and a 3rd generation appraiser in the Baton Rouge area, we have a proven trac...
How to Find the Market Value of Your Baton Rouge Home?A recent article "How to Find the Fair Market Value of Your House" agrees with what local Greater Baton Rouge Home Appraisers recommend: Obtain A Home Appraisal!  Most importantly, Home Appraisers will actually physically measure your home to ...
Reader Question: For someone to convert their garage to "living area" square footage, what all would be required to be done? Baton Rouge Home Appraiser Answer:In order for a garage to be converted into legal “living area”, the homeowner probably won’t like the answer or process. What I typically ...
Bedroom adjustments - is 4 Bedroom ALWAYS worth more? by Dave TowneSEE MY COMMENT below Dave Towne's comment. For the past 30 days, I've certainly been reconsidering adjustments for 3 vs 4 bedroom homes and have been less likely to apply an adjustment. It's all situational based on that immediate...
QUESTION: Would You As A Baton Rouge area Home Buyer Expect To Pay LESS For A 3 Bedroom vs 4 Bedroom IF Both Homes Were 2,500sf Living Area, Same Size in the same Subdivision?IF SO, HOW MUCH LESS? Please leave your comment below . Thank you for your time and help!Why am I asking?I'm appraising a ...
I recently connected online with Ken Taylor of  901-337-5468 and wanted to make an online introduction.  Here's a little about his North Mississippi house measurement services below. Price It Right Home Measuring Service by Appraiser Ken Taylor Covers in Olive Branch Mississipp...

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