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It's Football season!  Middleton High School has some of the best athletic facilities in the state.                All MHS sports schedules are posted at This site will give you the most current information  as well as any last minute changes. Driving directions to the venue...
The FHA is making changes to their mortgage insurance by the beginning of October.  Of course, it is a rate increase of a substantive amount but it is being offset somewhat by a 1.25% reduction of the upfront costs.  You should discuss in detail with your lender if you need to lock in now if you ...
 Toilet Toshiba                   I now have my new Toshiba Satellite Laptop and as I looked up the exact  model on the Web, this other Satellite popped up:The Satellite Portable Toilet.  You know, there are quite a few similarities, other than the obvious bright blue hue of the illustrations her...
Unbelievable! I did it! I survived flood, famine, pestilence-OK, that is a bit of a hyperbole BUT, I have been sitting here, in the wee hours of the morning as many AR members do-not in my jammies and robe-but appropriately attired in my Real Estate office because my laptop died. It was unexpecte...
The following post from Dagny Eason is so timely, well presented and very attractive too, with analogies that hit home.  Yes-let's all hit more homes this spring and following Dagny's advice, we will!Are You Planting Your Seeds for Your Spring Business Now? Are you doing all you can do and being ...
I love fall colors and they are not always just found on the trees.  A  heavy morning fog is mysterious and intriguing and covers up a lot, yet, on the other hand, reveals bright reds standing out in striking contrast, with no horizon line to get in the way or distract.  This is "Toy Boat"  in H...
The Food and Drug Administration  Nationally  Associated Realtors Organization * (or NARO)  is starting two days of hearings on whether genetically engineered salmon  listings should be sold in a store neighborhood near you. If the answer is yes, this type of salmon listing could become the first...
What??  You mean that is all you think I can get for my house?   But it has the special imported tile back-splash in the kitchen and a much bigger yard and the landscaping is so professional and artistic and it is far better that the house that sold down the street. And besides, I NEED more out o...
    Jay Shafer does not like vacuuming or dusting or, probably more importantly, having a big footprint and using up too many non- renewable resources. Here is is in front of one of his homes (this photo may be copywrited). His video is rather fascinating as you tour one of his houses. It include...
Madison drinking water, as is true for much of the Midwest,  comes from a deep sandstone aquifer, an underground rock formation where water collects in small spaces among the rocks.  Groundwater (originating  as rain or snow), soaks into the ground, and is  filtered naturally through the layers o...

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