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My friend and local photographer, Alfredo Lopez, has generously let me share this photo image of the Madison Wisconsin Skyline.  I love the outline of the Capitol and the way he captured the sunset is stunning, don't you agree?  It is digitally enhanced, of course, but the composition is so drama...
"Just Like Maggots When You Fry Them in Hot Grease":   Metaphors Taken from High School Essays Thanksgiving is such a delightful holiday!  But perhaps you have too much "company" and you  just can't take a minute more of Uncle Hector and his terrible jokes, your nephew is wrecking the house and b...
No Time to Make a Pie?  How About a 4 Ingredient Pumpkin Cake?   Four Ingedient Pumpkin Cake. Now that's my kind of cake! Are you running around crazily, already cooking up a storm but thinking you need one more dessert?  I am missing my children and dear sweet grandchildren and grand-dogs this T...
 "I can't find Willy Street on the map of Madison Wisconsin." "Oh yeah.  That's because it is a street with a nickname.  The street is Williamson Street, but everyone calls it Willy Street." And nearly everyone, unless they live down a rabbit hole,  knows Willy Street Co-op. Anya Firszt, General...
  My Photograph of AFTER Thanksgiving Dinner Before the Pie is Served                 Support the bottom" is a warning embossed on my E-Z foil turkey pan. I love just going about doing my Thanksgivng planning and organizing and reading a message that makes me chuckle and imagine all the possibili...
Recently I came accross a theory that Google Images can pick up a link watermarked onto a photo.  As far as I know, this hypothesis has not been tested.  I have inserted a photo which  I took, with a url of my website on the top right hand corner of this photo.  I would normally make a hot link ...
The emphasis is on people, small town life and a strong sense of Community in  Middleton Hills, a unique neighborhood located in the City of Middleton. Front porches are featured as well as smaller friendlier streets, walking paths and plenty of Greenspace.  You have to walk to get your mail, and...
If you have not already read this superb post by Eric Kodner, you should!  In July. I had barely any Internet presence, and by implementing many of the things which Eric outlines here, I am showing up now all over Google.  Embeding listings, listing by address-these are all very important points ...
  Are You Being A Mugwump In Middleton Wisconsin?            provides this definition: "Sitting on the fence" is "mugwump" - someone who sits uselessly "on the fence" of indecision, with their "mug" on one side and their "wump" on the other side.  Do you find yourself in need...
Random acts of culture have always delighted me because I consider it "Art In Your Face".  If you never go to an art museum, never considered attending a symphony but you are just going along doing those things you normally do, when all of a sudden, without warning, your are confronted with CULTU...

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