inspections: Why one Association over another? - 05/01/08 07:14 AM
Below are the most recognized Home Inspector associations in no particular order: 
INACHI – International Association of Certified Home InspectorsASHI- American Society of Home InspectorsNAHI – National Association of Home InspectorsHIF – Housing Inspection Foundation   There are many inspectors that belong to one or multiple associations. Is one association better than the other? The short answer is yes and no. It’s not about membership numbers, or who had the best media exposure, it’s about what it provides to the members. Not in just benefits, but most importantly education and member support.
As an inspector it’s extremely important to continually educate … (1 comments)

inspections: The importance of proper deck construction - 04/13/08 12:13 AM
The importance of proper deck construction
Recent TN deck collapse - Link
Recent SC deck accident - Link
Many consumers and home owners don't think it will ever happen to them. When you think about it, most decks aren't used on an everyday basis. But it only takes that one 4th of July gathering of friends and family to have the unfortunate happen to you. Deck construction is an extremely serious issue. Most decks aren't built to the local building codes, but they certainly should be.
 This attachment is not adequate.
The most important is how the deck is attached to … (2 comments)

inspections: Are your neighbors cooking Meth? - 03/30/08 09:21 AM
Unfortunately meth is an increasing problem across the US. Here in Atlanta the trend continues to go up, it's the fastest growing drug problem in Atlanta. But on the upside, the "cooking" of meth locally is decreasing. You might think that most meth "labs" are in the inner city, nothing could be further from the truth. When in fact most labs are out in rural areas and yes in densely populated suburbs. In most cases meth labs are not producing large quantities for distribution, but for personal use. Don't let that fool you, it can still be just as dangerous in … (9 comments)

inspections: Electrical Wiring Tips at Home - 03/30/08 09:15 AM
Electrical safety is many times overlooked. When in fact it's one of the most important safety hazards in your home. With todays technology it seems as though everything needs power. If you own a computer you know what I'm talking about. Go ahead take a peak behind your computer desk and count the number of plugs. Chances are you've got about 6-10 plugs. That's a lot of juice!
Below are some good tips and guidelines to consider for electrical wiring.
Make sure outlets are not overloaded; don't keep adding more extension cords.Look for the UL mark on the extension cords your … (0 comments)

inspections: Dewinterizing a Home - 02/14/08 02:49 AM
Dewinterizing Your Home Guide By Brian K Doles of Colby Handyman Services & Inspections
Winterize – To prepare a homes plumbing system for colder winter months.
De-Winterize – To “charge” the plumbing system for everyday use.
Charge – To fill piping with water.
Many foreclosed homes that remain vacant will be most likely be “winterized”. This is to prevent damage due to freezing pipes in colder months. When the plumbing system is winterized it’s main purpose is to drain all the water from the system including the hot water heater. When you’re purchasing a foreclosed home or a home that … (15 comments)

inspections: Before or After - 05/27/07 08:54 AM
I'm very interested in knowing how realtors, appraisers, inspectors, lending agents, etc. feel about the comment below.
Our industry standards now warrant an inspection within weeks of the closing. Talk about a few stress filled weeks! I mean you'll need to bite nails till you get the report, then you have to bite them till the buyers make a decision based on the report. Then to top it off you're going to have to either make some negotiations for $$ off the asking price, or wait on the repairs to be made by a tradesmen within a few weeks. Now that's stressful alone!
Well … (7 comments)

inspections: Digital Photos & Home Inspections - 04/09/07 06:56 AM
In todays world, technology plays a very important role in the home inspection industry. A digital camera is my most important source for capturing defects in a home. Often my clients ask "why do you take so many pictures?". My answer is for reference and of course "evidence". Not all the pictures make it into the report, usually just the ones that are in direct relation to the defect found.   As the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words". A picture can help me describe a defect to a client especially when it's in a location that they cannot … (4 comments)

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