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Gold Canyon and the East Phoenix Arizona Valley info. Home of the Superstition Mountains, golf, hiking, desert wildlife and year round great sunny weather. Gold Canyon is only 45 minutes east of the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.



In Arizona it is often joked that a person either has a home with termites, or one that has had termites, or a home that will get them. Termites in Arizona – not a matter of “if”, but “when”. Having termites is not a stigma on a home, they just need to be dealt with. That said, its being reported...
Are you interested in the average price per square foot for homes sold during September 2010 across the entire Phoenix Valley? Generally speaking there are only minor variations from prior months sales – a few areas up a dollar or so, some areas down a dollar or so – no major changes from prior m...
Gold Canyon Arizona real estate stats for month ending September 2010 show a continuing market downturn. Fewer Gold Canyon homes were sold during the month than past months. The homes selling were at a lower average sales price. The average price per square foot of homes sold was also less. Both ...

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