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I joined the official Active Rain Bronze Star Hall of Fame and then removed my name when I read the directions.  When all else fails read the directions.  I had to be invited to join the Active Rain Bronze Star Hall of Fame.  I felt like the disciples when Jesus warned them not to take a seat of ...
Groups come in all shapes and sizes.  Inanimate objects sometimes are grouped.  Animals sometimes are grouped.  People sometimes are grouped. Grouping is the basis for many sciences including math, biology, medicine, physics, and others.  Actually, grouping is so common, we often don't realize we...
OFF MARKET This lovely St. Paul home is centrally located near Hamline University, but easily accessible to many other St. Paul colleges including St. Thomas, St. Catherine's, Augsburg, the University of Minnesota, Macalaster and others. Public transportation and shopping are only two blocks away...
Once upon a time there was a lovely townhouse sitting amongst the green of its grassy slice of pie. The lovely Maple Grove townhouse was filled with memories of happy family days having sheltered only one owner through times of joy and times of sadness, infancies and graduations, comings and goi...
Teresa, Teri Eckholm (why do they spell Theresa with an "h" and the nickname Teri without?), and I joined a few hundred other St. Paul real estate agents in continuing education classes for four hours this afternoon.  Teresa thought she'd be funny and get a picture of me sleeping!  It didn't work...
It's been over a week and my domain mapping has not happened.  My DNS Control on GoDaddy looks just like others who have successfully mapped, so it's not there. I now get to spend a few long minutes/hours on the phone with the blog platform technicians to find out what I have done wrong!  If I di...
A funny thing happened on my way to "domain mapping" my Real Estate Snippets blog. I've been putting it off and putting it off, but decided yesterday that I had to do it.  The domain mapping will change my "other" blog's URL so the "typepad" word will be removed.  Instead of http://realestatesnip...
The Bloggodessbroker herself did it.  Others have done it.  I guess I can do it, too.  So here goes . . .   Sunday, momentous day that it was, was devoted to slothdom on my other blog.  It talked about resting and visiting one of St. Paul's great parks, Como Park.  What the readers of my other bl...
Not many of us have skeleton keys for our main entry door anymore.  My key ring has one which fits my office door.  A young whipper snapper might not recognize this funny contraption as a key were it not for cartoons.The joke among my clients is that gaining access to the house is the hardest par...
Last weekend I drove across the Mississippi and looked upstream.  The bridges were so beautiful I thought I should take a picture.  The light was right and the weather perfect for a stroll across the bridge.  My schedule, however, was packed and I chose to come back another day.  That day will no...

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