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I am in the middle of a massive reorganization of Best Agent Business. We have over 150 people on the payroll, part-time, all around the world. Some of what I write in this blog may shock you a bit... I wanted to share with you some Leadership Lessons and my experiences while in the middle of thi...
Last week we were imagining that you were being interviewed by a Billion Dollar Agent for a job running part of their business. We wanted to know what is your unique talent? What are you the best at doing? Here are a few possible areas:       ·         Client Marketing       ·         Expired Mar...
Dear Billion Dollar Agent, Congratulations! Your business is off to a great start and you have achieved over $1,000,000 in GCI in your most recent year. Very few real estate businesses reach over $1,000,000 revenue. In fact, of over 1,000,000 real estate agents, less than 1,000 agents have create...
Lifebushido, Best Agent Business and Billion Dollar Agent are an evolving vision and secret plan, except for those who can read between the lines. Can you read between the lines? Are you currently a Billion Dollar Agent who earned over $1,000,000 in GCI last year? Do you plan to grow to become a ...
Keep Your Private Life Private How often do you Google search yourself? If the answer is less than every 6 months, or worse, NEVER, you need to make it a habit of doing it regularly to see what your clients see. Is your personal Facebook page coming up with pictures from that crazy party last wee...
  Expired marketing can be the second  most profitable marketing after Client Marketing. Less than 10% of agents have what it takes to try it, and less than 1% do it right. After years of research we released our first Billion Dollar Agent: Expired Marketing Plan. At each new edition it gets twea...
  We recommend that you send monthly emails and monthly mailings to the majority of your database. We can get that done for you. Here are suggestions and steps:  * Budget $10 per year per person for mailings. So 500 people = $5,000.  * Send monthly email and letter to all or some of Clients/SOI/B...
I've gotten the comment often that some marketing efforts are not worthwhile anymore because they are immediately deleted or pitched in the trash if they don't stand out. Here are a few ideas on how to make your marketing efforts unique and effective without breaking the bank. If you are working ...
I have found it is far easier to determine what kinds of time, effort and money you should be spending on Farm Marketing if you spend a little time answering the following questions about your farm first. In fact, there are plenty of agents who start Farm Marketing when they really should be focu...
The old school method of farm marketing involved choosing a neighborhood without analyzing turnover or market share by agent or ability of agent to fund the marketing for one year or more. The agent would then start to mail monthly postcards, of the same type of content and size each month, and d...

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